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  1. Valve clearances on the Uncle's Kwaka KLX250
  2. Pygmygod

    Offroad Register

    Seems to me like it's only useful for MX'ers who only ride at MX tracks. Any other bike gets registered and then the PPSR register would show that you're about to buy a stolen bike and that only costs ~$4 as a one-off cost before you pass over your cash (if you're wise enough to check). Even in VIC a bunch of MX bikes end up rec registered at some point anyways. Most of their partners down the bottom of their webpage are in Perth, they mustn't have rec rego over there, resulting in a higher chance of unknown stolen MX bike trading.
  3. Pygmygod

    Address, Times, Cost

    It's just an awesome place for awesome people to talk bikes (& other stuff) and join & meet fellow riders. The Best!
  4. Council's do the same. Wasteful pack of pricks.
  5. Good thread - I snap off the 'spear' type sticks where we stop for a rest or help a rider, but don't go out of my way to jam on the brakes, turn around, find the spear and snap it off.
  6. Pygmygod

    Wiring removal and now bike won't start

    I would also be checking the obvious first - blown fuse in case your wire chopping shorted something out. Did you un-plug stuff or just cut it? If it was cut, did you tape them up so the bare wire can't touch the frame? How big is this airbox tube? Is it just some batteries in order to power the lights for inspection purposes only?
  7. Pygmygod

    2630 ADV - "the Heatwave"

    Looks like you had fun! On our way home from Wollongong to Sunbury today we saw a guy with an Adv bike with panniers and a spare tyre on both sides of his fuel tank. Yes, both sides, 2 spare tyres! He had a Tazzie Devil backpack on too, so not sure if he was heading down to the Spirit of Tas...
  8. Pygmygod

    riding bush unlicensed

    Need to be 18 to get motorcycle L's eagle. Doesn't make much sense to me, but those are the current rules imposed upon us plebs. Step 1: Check your eligibility you're 18 years or older a Victorian resident
  9. Pygmygod


    Too true. So many people only look a couple of years behind & ahead and buy the biggest, best & most expensive house up to the maximum loan amount the banks will give them. When the interest rate goes back up they are stuffed and have to sell everything.
  10. Wife and I are going along. She enjoys taking photos and I enjoy watching
  11. Pygmygod

    Where can I buy genuine Honda parts?

    and yes, OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer which is the same as genuine Honda parts. Careful of descriptions, some sellers say "EVEN BETTER THAN OEM" but they are just saying that....$10 brake pads surely can't be better than OEM, but they will still work. What bike do you have?
  12. Pygmygod

    Nose n face protection..?(Under goggles)

    May have to wear this from now on Pepper
  13. Can you substitute whatever Maverick instructions are with these Honda generic wire colour chart? Something like this help? (I haven't watched it, it may be useless)
  14. Agree with coggs. If you already have a DRZ then ride that for a year until you've learnt a lot of the basics and starting to ride harder terrain before bothering swapping to a new, old bike. My Dad and Uncle learnt on a KLX250S which is basically the same as the DRZ. They tractor through most things, only downside is they are heavy But they do have shorter seat heights, good fuel range, low maintenance intervals.