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  1. Pygmygod

    riding bush unlicensed

    Need to be 18 to get motorcycle L's eagle. Doesn't make much sense to me, but those are the current rules imposed upon us plebs. Step 1: Check your eligibility you're 18 years or older a Victorian resident
  2. Pygmygod

    Property Investment

    Too true. So many people only look a couple of years behind & ahead and buy the biggest, best & most expensive house up to the maximum loan amount the banks will give them. When the interest rate goes back up they are stuffed and have to sell everything.
  3. Wife and I are going along. She enjoys taking photos and I enjoy watching
  4. Pygmygod

    Where can I buy genuine Honda parts?

    and yes, OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer which is the same as genuine Honda parts. Careful of descriptions, some sellers say "EVEN BETTER THAN OEM" but they are just saying that....$10 brake pads surely can't be better than OEM, but they will still work. What bike do you have?
  5. Pygmygod

    Nose n face protection..?(Under goggles)

    May have to wear this from now on Pepper
  6. Can you substitute whatever Maverick instructions are with these Honda generic wire colour chart? Something like this help? (I haven't watched it, it may be useless)
  7. Agree with coggs. If you already have a DRZ then ride that for a year until you've learnt a lot of the basics and starting to ride harder terrain before bothering swapping to a new, old bike. My Dad and Uncle learnt on a KLX250S which is basically the same as the DRZ. They tractor through most things, only downside is they are heavy But they do have shorter seat heights, good fuel range, low maintenance intervals.
  8. Is there perhaps better instructions over at which you could follow the general gist of? Or tried searching on youtube?
  9. Pygmygod

    Peppa3009 loop

    Have you had some not nice guys? Always had fine ones that have checked us.
  10. If you have the original light I'd just put that back on, at least it would look like an enduro bike, even if the wiring doesn't work and it wouldn't look like a Motocrosser which is what the cops generally try and find cause of the higher chance of no rego/licence on a bunch of these guys. They've even asked us if we've seen any Motocrossers out there whilst we've been riding as they are checking our details. Safest option is to have it all working though. We got checked by the non-bike Police, they had a Prado or similar vehicle, and one officer asked the 2nd officer "what should we do about the no side mirrors?" we just said they snap off all the time when we fall over. They kind of agreed and didn't do anything about it. The Bike Police guys don't seem to worry about it.
  11. Pygmygod

    End of an era (for me)

    Explained in this thread
  12. You also need to send in a submission to the VEAC proposal advising that you reject any changes to the current State Forests: Need as many submissions as we can get.
  13. Pygmygod

    Wr 450 overheating

    Matt from The Workshop hates waterless coolant, he specifically tests/rants about the Evans product:
  14. Pygmygod

    Wombat Closure

    Go to here guys, this is the actual VEAC submission response page. The more responses opposing VEACs proposal the more chance it'll get knocked back. (I hope!) Unfortunately in today's political correctness society the loudest minorities make the most changes to suit their own agenda.
  15. Pygmygod

    Beta oil light

    Contact Jody at Euro Enduro, Beta Dealer in NSW who Barry from above videos met up with, see if you get a better answer out of him than your local dealer.