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  1. I bought a bike recently and the air bleeder valve at the top of the fork wasn't air-tight. Could hear it letting air out when you pushed down on the forks. Either replace the little valve or open it up and replace the o-rings.
  2. I've been cleaning up my new-old bike. Been using steel-wool and kero, working wonders so far. Think it's the 0000 grade.
  3. Hey Jamie, try doing what the guys suggested above to your bike. Bound to fix it.
  4. Looks to me like you'll need a VPN and a t0rrent page (thanks to the Gubmint) to download a proper text version of the manual instead of the scanned pictures version.
  5. If it's a scan so that each page looks like an image then you'll need an "OCR" program, Optical Character Recognition. Maybe this? https://ocr.space/#searchablepdf
  6. 254hrs, you've done lots of riding fabs!
  7. That cafe husky link was useful. It showed that you can 'fix' it by buying a seal which has the same size spring thing in it. You pull that out and replace the mangled one inside the sprag clutch and it fixes the issue for a much cheaper price.
  8. So that was you blokes we saw at the carpark? I was the Yammy with the dirtriderz sticker with the 2 older gents unloading as you dropped off the guy with the sore foot.
  9. Seems to me like it's only useful for MX'ers who only ride at MX tracks. Any other bike gets registered and then the PPSR register would show that you're about to buy a stolen bike and that only costs ~$4 as a one-off cost before you pass over your cash (if you're wise enough to check). Even in VIC a bunch of MX bikes end up rec registered at some point anyways. Most of their partners down the bottom of their webpage are in Perth, they mustn't have rec rego over there, resulting in a higher chance of unknown stolen MX bike trading.
  10. It's just an awesome place for awesome people to talk bikes (& other stuff) and join & meet fellow riders. The Best!
  11. Good thread - I snap off the 'spear' type sticks where we stop for a rest or help a rider, but don't go out of my way to jam on the brakes, turn around, find the spear and snap it off.
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