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  1. When do the 2021 KTM Enduro models come out also what do ppl think will be the difference between 20-21
  2. USWE great backpack highly recommend.
  3. Has anyone got the GPSMAP 66st Pros and Cons and thoughts please thanks
  4. The tip is to not drown any bike [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  5. Thanks Gypsy501 cheers
  6. What are people’s thoughts on the ktm300 tpi does anyone have one pros and cons or just stick with a 3002t carby thanks
  7. I’m thinking about it as well I have ridden the specialized Levo great bike but big price tag
  8. Rack n Roll are the way to go great quality
  9. Thanks eagle and gypsy501 cheers
  10. Hi all has anyone put in a ssb lithium battery lh5l bs in a KTM350 and how did you go with size and starting the bike it has 220 cca thanks
  11. Yes mate doing it with you and hopefully a few others [emoji3]
  12. Ok great thanks mate how does it go setting it up and only pulling down buy the pegs
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