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  1. We had about 8 bikes on the trip all running the same tires. We felt they had good predictable traction when on the gravel road sections and once hitting the sand hooked up really well. As previously mentioned they also wore really well
  2. I just did a trip up to the Simpson desert and put motoz tractionators desert on my ktm450. All up we did 1800km from maree to Mt dare, across the Simpson to Birdsville and then back to maree. Tire is not even half worn down and could easily complete the same trip again. I really liked the way the tire performed both on the open dirt roads and also the sand of the desert. Would highly recommend this tire! Here’s one of the dunes. (Yes we had spotters watching for oncoming traffic)
  3. Richie from Protune power sports in Coldstream. Fantastic mechanic and great bloke. Has worked on husabergs for years down at valley force in Lilydale when they were open
  4. Mark what a legend. All sorted for a charger to borrow. Cheers everyone
  5. Hey mate that would be fantastic. If you would prefer I can drop my radio off to you and then pick it up once it’s charged. If it works I can come tonight? My number is 0408 301 169 if you would like to send me your address. Also let me know what you drink and I’ll bring a 6 pack with me. Cheers
  6. Unfortunately not. It sits it a cradle to charge.
  7. This was his reply when I question how it wasn’t possible to get the item from NSW to melb in 3 days: Thanks, due to all parcel are delayed in recent, so need take 7-11 days in recent and you will not received by this weekend, so how about we just cancel order for you, is it ok? Waiting for your reply I then responded telling him he was full of it and the only reason it wouldn’t be possible would be if the item wasn’t in Australia as claimed on the eBay listing. I then get a message only a few mins later saying it’s been sent. So at this point I have no idea what’s going on. If there is anyone in the Lilydale area that can charge it for me I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers
  8. I may not be out of the woods yet. The bloody seller on eBay is telling me there usual shipping time is 7-11 days. This is even after I paid extra for express postage. Item is in NSW so not sure how they can’t get it to me overnight. Waiting for a reply now
  9. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions/help. I ended up biting the bullet and purchasing an extra radio of eBay and should have it by the weekend. Now to get forgiveness from the misses for the cost of the trip going up some more [emoji51]. Hopefully I will be back out on the trails with dirtriderz in the near future.
  10. Thanks for your input, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a charger by itself anywhere. Any advice on a supplier?
  11. I to work all over the place but I’m working down the valley for the rest off the week. Milgrove, gladysdale and Warburton. I really do appreciate the help your trying to offer just don’t have much spare time left and the bloody phone won’t stop ringing with more work (not a bad problem to have, just bad timing) Thanks again
  12. Hoping so as I’ve turned the house upside down and still no luck. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it charged but it would be good to have
  13. Thanks heaps for the offer I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I’m out near Lilydale and won’t have time to get out to narre before the weekend. I have to many loose ends to tie up with work before I go. Thanks again
  14. It been awhile since of been on the forum but thought this would be the best place as I bought the radio from here. I’ve lost my charger for my radio due to the fact you never have to charge this awesome radio. Does anyone have a spare that I can buy/use to charge my radio. I leave this weekend to do a 2 week Simpson desert ride and really need to bring my uhf. If anyone has one I would greatly appreciate it. The closer to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne the better as I’m fast running out of time and only realised over the weekend. Cheers
  15. Me too. Don't know what I did wrong Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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