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  1. chewton fun 20th may

    thanks CV for the ride it was a good day and thanks to sweeps as well. next time i try go up steep hill hopefully i do it in one go next time but i've got to the top anyway i was surprised only four guys gave it a go thanks for great day
  2. Dusty's L3 Neerim Step up Ride

    Thanks for the ride Dusty and to the sweeper. I had lots of fun, much appreciated. It's a really good spot to ride, and thanks to all the helpers! Awesome day! 100% would recommend to anyone.
  3. Hi,

    I have just been talking to 2t4me about the ride tomorrow in Neerim and was Just wondering can I meet you at the Servo as I"m not to sure how to get to the meeting spot.

    My name is Glen W the car I drive is a white Subaru Wagon the bike is a burg 300.

  4. Murrindindi 5/3/16

    Hay guys, Just wanted to say thanks Nathan for a great day! One of the best rides I have done in a long time. Thanks to the guys that gave me the fuel I really appreciate it. Good to meet you all...see you next time!
  5. Two Times Tallrooking,,,,, Man V's Machine

    I wanna say THANKS to Daniel C and the other guys on the ride it was an awesome day. Highly recommend anyone else who wants a good rock challenge tallarook is the place. those hills are pretty bloody challenging it was a good experience for me thanks for GREAT DAY