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  1. antz

    Anglesea L1+ Monday 12/3

    Was a good day boyz.very dusty but still gpod 2 get it again 4sure good bunch of blokes[emoji106]
  2. antz

    Wr450 5Th Gear Gone. .

    yer little bit of road but not a lot.last few rides have had a bit of dirt roads that have been in top for a while...its 2005 model pete.thanks 4 info mate.where abouts are u from mate.?
  3. Ok so after 3 years of hardly any problems ive finally got 1..quick ride yesterday gave me 5th gear jump'n in an out only under pressure..any help or ideas of where to get this fixed around geelong area an a rough price would be appreciated.
  4. antz

    New Member

    Welcome aboard mate.awesome bunch of blokes on here u will love it
  5. antz

    Anglesea At Its Best With Mr Noodle (Zeus)

    thanks noodles for an awesome day.great bunch of blokes good tracks an great weather.hope every1 pulls up ok for those who had sum spills. (Including me) catch up again for another ride in future 4sure.thanks again fellas
  6. another awesome write up mate.good job[emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106]
  7. Ok so that would be scottland an dakota at 8pm second night lol
  8. must say little john's essays have summed up the best ride an week ive had for years.thanks again.
  9. awesome trip best ride ive ever been was great accommodation perfect.couldnt have asked for a better bunch of blokes.thanks dakota an dirttrax tassie an evey1 that made it a perfect experience.hope 2 catch up on future rides.cheers again guys
  10. Old fossil still try'n the hills
  11. Always a good write up dakota sounds like another awesome ride.sorry couldn't make it mate wwII goin on in my world atm.sorry again
  12. antz

    Anglsea 5/10/14

    awesome ride brucie thanks again sweeps . catch up again for another ride anytime.hope mates ok after shocker fall.cheers guys..