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  1. Bigsy

    Neerim South 12/7 L2-3 Dtb

    C'mon Trento, where is this footage?
  2. Bigsy

    Neerim South 12/7 L2-3 Dtb

    Awesome ride, thanks Dave and everyone else who attended. Cornerman system worked a treat and the sweep was sensational. Dave, it was bloody funny when someone turned up in thongs. Looking forward to seeing some footage and the next ride. Cheers, Bigsy
  3. Bigsy


  4. Bigsy

    Starting Again

    Welcome Dave
  5. Bigsy

    New To Se Melb

    Thanks guys. Had my first ride with the club on Sunday in Gembrook and it was fantastic. It's great to be here.
  6. Bigsy

    New To Se Melb

    Before we moved to Qld, I used to ride mostly Kinglake, Yarra Glen, Nerrum South, Rawson/Woods Point. Generally stayed away from Gembrook as yet here used to be too many head ons. I understand that Yarra Glen is pretty much gone as the locals have barbed wired the place up... Went out a few weeks ago to Rawson with AMTRA. Was an awesome day with loads of steep hills. I used to ride a lot of single trail which is fine when your bike fit. Nowadays I'm not quite as agile on the bike.
  7. Bigsy

    New To Se Melb

    Hi, I'm new here. We have just relocated back to Melb after a 5 year stint in Brissy for work. I ride traIl and MX but by most accounts, not all that well. Typical clubman who will give most things a crack. Current ride is a 2014 450 six day. I try to get out on the trail as much as possible but find spending most of my time taking my two boys riding. See you on the trail