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  1. I wouldn’t get too hung up on my comment re MX bike racing in enduro. I was chatting to Cam Taylor on the weekend and it was a comment he made to me. Ive just watched some vic enduro vids on YouTube and noticed a lot more headlights than I expected... The std gearing on my sxf is only a concern in transport sections when you want to do high speeds >130. Other than that, all great. Anyway, it’s not the perfect off-road bike but I love it for being good at MX and trail riding. It’s comfortable, easy to ride fast, easy to maintain and reliable (although I’ve put a larger batte
  2. Most of the enduro racers ride MX bikes. They are lighter, less complicated, better suspension and faster. In saying this, I ride a 17 450 sxf with rec reg. I’ve previousoy ridden a 15 450 exc which I found boring and hated the pds, a 10 CRF450R which I found flamed out easily however was a load of fun. Before that it was a 07 KTM300 exc. The new 450 sxf is a rocket ship and I love it. The suspension with the AER forks is unbelievable; can be plush for enduro and with some more air, tuned for the MX track, I find slow speed single a little taxing however that’s more to do wit