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  1. Finally (had to recover) Report from me Physio Friday night to try and free up sore back Got to servo for b/fest a bit early and pigged out then a pill for back. When out to car and found everyone waiting there (Hello all) (Was raining up until this point) Drove to carpark, unloaded and got ready to ride. Discus the route to take, I had some on my GPS but decided to follow another who new the area better. (this way i get some more tracks on my GPS) So off we all went, after all the rain you would think wet and slippery! But now, was just perfect!!! We all rode and all seem to have a great time. After a while is started to rain a little! (would never dare to rain much on me!) so didnt bother to put on wet cover. After it pissed and pissed thought maybe time for the wet gear. ( Was socked) From perfect to slippery as all F&&^!!!! got to a hill, with worn inta knobby pumped up for dry had a little stack on the hill, well just put the bike down nothing to it, but when i put my feet down i took off down the hill sliding at like 100kph!! then there was the ground. Back very sore and a very sore side and rib! Others went for a 5 minute ride to do one more hill i opted to wait under a tree (in the rain) What seemed like 1 hour due to a Yamaha (my old bike playing up) Everyone returned. Was very wet and cold by then lol. Trailtech reported 5 deg!, Thanks to Stephen who came back to keep me company. Last Facebook check in here lol From there me and a few went back to the cars and loaded up to go home. First police rego check at carpark. Went home - had a great time thanks to all that came, will do it again. Finally here is the video, I hope i got most on it. Note its full 360, pan and zoom @ full 5k. need fast connection and pc for full effect or put phone in VR viewer. Video here PS Feeling much better and riding this weekend with the dirtgirly @ Beethworth L8trs
  2. The US company, I went to them direct as nearly every dealer in AUS are hopeless.
  3. I cant speak for others but i can give my experience with em. I had the original Trail tech voyager on my WR for a few years and it was great, I sold the bike to a m8 and it is still going fine. As for Trail Tech service, I stuffed up the wiring on it and blew up the charging circuit in it, was long out of warranty. I called them they said send it to them so i did, they returned it in a week or so all fixed and at no cost and with a new battery. Only cost me the freight to get it to them.. I was very impressed. So far the new Voyager Pro seems great but will see how it go's. I also contacted them as i was after the older software that is unavailable anymore, then emailed me back the next date with a link to the old ver modified to work with windows 10.. was very happy. Oz
  4. Hi all, just wondering if there is any others using the Voyager Pro on there bikes? I got one and be cool to try the buddy tracking system. Oz
  5. Hi all Bit of an update on my mount. I got me a new Trail tech Voyager Pro and fitted it over the weekend. Was going to use the supplied mounting system but tried it on my Garmin mount i made, to my surprise and happiness it fitted perfectly! So happy days, dont have to use the plastic mount provided.
  6. There easy to get for bugger all from https://www.banggood.com/ Oz
  7. Few pics other then the boob pics.
  8. I only took 360deg pics, forum can't handle them.
  9. What the nipple not good enough for you?
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