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  1. I have one of the smaller units. Makes it easier to work on things. Once hooked up on the pegs it's suprisingly stable. The bike does move around a little but never looked like tipping over. Also makes it easier to move the bike around the shed.
  2. Just out of curiosity. What front tyre did you put on?
  3. Great ride. Thanks Pepperjack and Riles for leading and also to Britto for the sweep.
  4. Thaks for the advice. Anyone know a good fabricator for the swingarm repairs. Preferably north west. I'm in romsey.
  5. Upon futher inspection I found this. I'm hoping I can get it welded.
  6. Update. I repaced the chain and sprockets about 30 hrs ago along with sliders and guide. Went with supersprox. I replaced the front a few rides ago. Sprockets are still in good shape but the chain has developed flat spots on the links. Is this normal or does it need to be repaced?
  7. Great ride. Thanks for putting it on Pepperjack.
  8. About to pull the trigger on on front and rear supersprox stealth. Should i get 2 or 3 fronts and rotate them? Also, do i stick with DID o-ring or x-ring, or another brand?
  9. Thank Gypsy. The current setup is a renthal ultralight and did oring that came with the bike. I don't know how long they were on there when i got the bike but they looked pretty new. I've only put about 30 hours on the bike and am surprised it's shot so soon. I'm happy to pay a bit more for a good setup that will last.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. I thought the rear might still be ok but my experience with sprockets is very limited. I will replace the set. Looks like supersprox is the go. Has anyone tried the renthal twinring?
  11. I noticed my front sprocket look worn so I thought I'd change it. I measured the chain for stretch and it is within spec acording to the manual (YZ450FX). The chain is riveted so took the wheel off to get the front sprocket off. I know ideally I should change the whole lot as a set but i know a lot of people go through 2 or 3 fronts to 1 rear and chain. Now my questions are. 1. Should i replace the rear and chain also or does it still look ok to keep using. 2. If i repace what are your recomendations. 3. Rivet link or clip for joining the chain.
  12. Great day out. Thanks bear for putting the ride on, and Dazz for sweeping all day.