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  1. But would said if money not a problem I go shoei as there might be a bit heavy but work the best a don't feel the hit at all and just last where airoh thing do fall off but 400 vs 900 is the difference
  2. Airoh are great and not bad for the price can't said much for the other one as haven't try them but been runing the aircon for about 8 month with some big off and has done it job
  3. Tubeliss we give best grip but if inner tube go your in trouble and hd tube are good to and probably the easy to fix on the trail as it easy to carry a spare but if you want trouble free I go mossue but you lose a bit of grip but will never let you down but if your a aggressive rider go mossue or if your just trail riding around go tubeliss or tube . remember that tubeliss work off the tyre so I recommend new tyre at else once a year if you go tubeliss
  4. 525 in rear for sure does a great job I would only go a Mx tyre if I was only doing Mx but for bush it great
  5. Yes it is private property but 200m down from that spot is forset I had I chat with the guy years ago
  6. Na 50 /50 at the moment but might go to sherco with there factory 3002t or 450 I just need a good ride on them as I'm liking what I'm seeing as ktm with Yamaha part working atm
  7. Cti custom are the best by far as it will build them for your knee with 24 year warranty but if cost a thing try Mx pod their do probably 70% as good as cti and myself I been tuning pod for 4 year with out knee injury where did both knee twice before that
  8. Na ktm 4t really good I get 210km out of the 350 on 11.5 litre vs 98 on the tpi with the 11.5
  9. If you only do tight stuff go tpi but if you you do everything go the 350 imo the 350 the the best because it does everything good but a tpi is a little bit better in the really hard stuff but I have lot more fun on the 350 than the tpi as it feel boring and need to run tight gear on tpi as I hate tight gearing and the tpi the only bike I had than stop me from some ride because it suck on fuel and don't like to sit on 100km and feel very under power for my 130kg ass
  10. Talk to Vic road as I run a Bullard rack on the back of my 4wd and I got a second plate for the rack
  11. 14 to 18 are the same there only difference in engine mount
  12. polish it with a H B mop it will come up new
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