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  1. RIDER

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    That carzy I tell him to go f him self if there changes me that
  2. RIDER

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    it does depend on what he got as i see tyre like soft golden tire for 170 each and heavy uhd for 40 each or throw a set of mousse or tubeless in and your easy over 500 so it all come down to what he got as i look at it like normal. good mx tire 130 each so that 260 add 2 uhd you already 340 add 20 a tire to change 380 and normal there charge half an hour for brake at most shop at 100 to 110 an hour so we at 420 and a booking fee that 30 but think booking fee bs but you right on 450 if it was that. but than if it was just tire it it a rip off but still cheaper an road tire
  3. RIDER

    How many kms per tank? 350 Exc-f

    use to get 145 a tank if i was rider hard or easy on it .but was on a 14 350 with fmf pipe and a rich fuel map did a heap of longer run on it and got to said it was probably the easy bike to live with as it does ever thing so da good
  4. RIDER

    Anodizing front forks

    Talk to trac rite suspension he done hard anodising before he give you the in and outs
  5. RIDER

    Smokers Lounge

    Just ring it neck it work
  6. RIDER

    Throttle cams

    Like them as you can set up throttle better as I use a bigger cam to short the throttle on the old ktm so that I didn't need to move my hand a lot
  7. RIDER

    Smokers Lounge

    2t growing on me to
  8. RIDER

    Clutch recomendations?

    Does the plate from a 2014 ktm 350 fit in as I got a kit that you can have just got to find them
  9. RIDER


    I do night rides and find the ktm standard light work great and would Up grade if you do high speed stuff
  10. RIDER

    Macca's after rides..

    Pub are the go
  11. RIDER

    Fmf gnarly pipe

    We put it through cobaw and it was easy to get up the rock out hill climb easy than the 2t imo and did use more energy on it but was attack the hill a lot harder so would said there not much difference it you are hitting it hard but can't putt it around need to be push
  12. RIDER

    Fmf gnarly pipe

    had a go on a ktm xc450 17 and can said that it will convert you back to 4t as it so much fun and super light with monster power as i was look to up date to a 250 tpi or 350 but will get a xc450 once i sale the wr as it blow me away how good the ktm range are becoming
  13. got water in the top of the air box had it happen to me before the right way to fix it would be to put it part or when i did it i was in the bush so run start it and hold it flat for two min and blow it throu the system and was running find but was hard to start so i put it a part the whole efi system and clean it out and was good as gold but for some reason i found the yz 450 2012 easy suck in water from the front if you hit a big water hole it was a problem with the old air box design where there fix it in the 14
  14. RIDER

    Biggie had a birthday.

    see you in court lol