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  1. High country there all way a good adventures
  2. After coping it for my over all view I decided to keep to my self it not worth saiding nothing on here as someone going to take it the wrong way
  3. If i olny did hard L4 it would probably be at the high end but i enjoy gncc kind of ride and a bit of ever thing like motocross ,enduro , adventure riding so for me i lucky to do 5% hard enduro so not for me as i like a bike in the middle of most riding style and a good alround Sorry te not fe my bad
  4. Yes it was but not a fan of the 14 and 15 fe range
  5. 12 300exc not happy 15 fe300 worst bike ever own 17 250exc not happy
  6. Think there room for improvement but tpi better than craby but still along way off efi 4t
  7. I've run a lot pack over the years as I normally buy a back pack every year and have just gone back to the flight vest and find it work really good and the best thing is you can run a back pack on top for the long weekend trip and it sit on your body really well if you like me and take the kitchen sink worth of gear
  8. I would map it if your running pipe or engine mid but wouldn't bother in a standard bike as I seen a big difference when I map my 350 14 because it had a heap of work to it but didn't feel that much different when I did the 18 350 same with the wr didn't feel much different the maping untill I did it with the pipe on it
  9. It worth it on a 4t but I found it doesn't do much on a 2t Unless you running a gets
  10. Day and night ride will be a full gohopefully riding Tuesday night
  11. Must be the ktm over 60 hour as there the worst people know ktm only have a 60 hour life and don't update lol
  12. Seat are not coated just valve are to my knowledge
  13. Na haven't heard of that to and I do a lot of gav weld but have heard of air way problem but cause from what you welding not the gas as use to repair chem I.c.o and it use to release chem absorption in the steel from year of hard work
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