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  1. If you only do tight stuff go tpi but if you you do everything go the 350 imo the 350 the the best because it does everything good but a tpi is a little bit better in the really hard stuff but I have lot more fun on the 350 than the tpi as it feel boring and need to run tight gear on tpi as I hate tight gearing and the tpi the only bike I had than stop me from some ride because it suck on fuel and don't like to sit on 100km and feel very under power for my 130kg ass
  2. Talk to Vic road as I run a Bullard rack on the back of my 4wd and I got a second plate for the rack
  3. 14 to 18 are the same there only difference in engine mount
  4. polish it with a H B mop it will come up new
  5. Or look if he can get his old bike back
  6. Sound like a good ride mate and heal up quick would love to do a ride like that in near future
  7. The problem is that people don't realize that over time you become a better ride and you lv going up as we all see over the 5 or 6 year I been on dritriderz as most of the guy that I use to ride with are 2 all day long but ànow would easy be a 3+ as a nomral ride then would be 60k and would take 8 hour to do where now with the same people would do the ride in 2 hour and be unhappy how boring the ride is so remember where you started from and where you are now
  8. Because the new 350 has a lot more bottom end I'm running 14t as I feel it flow better on the trail and still has more than enough power where on the 15 350 I was running 13 50 because needed more bottom end where the new 350 has a good bottom end and find I get up hill Easy with the 14t as it carry more speed in the gears plus I like like lone gear of a Mx bike and for the tank I plan on doing longer trip and weekend trip as I putting together a loop that does my diss then tallarook then cobaw it around a 3 day 650km ride of best st and places it take a lot of setup to do I'm working on my camp set up off the bike atm as I'm look for small sleep bag and tent set up
  9. Ok add a fmf powercore. 14t front, light bar with cut down front number plate ,12L fuel tank and upgrade water hose it near finish just three more part to go and she be finish
  10. Thank for coming out had a blast and flow well and in love with the new 350 it hit everything I wanted in a bike and the one down is me being fat and unfit so need to cut down on junk and ride more
  11. Buy a top aftermarket chain and you will not have trouble
  12. Buy a Yamaha lol
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