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  1. I find people are getting smarter as i dont see alot of blown engine mid ride as people want maximum power as we all see that 300 hour old bike kick around from time to time that hard to start and low on power from taken a chance but for me i said 80 hour max if you dont want to see big lost in power as we buy high power bike for one reason and that performance as it amazing how much difference the power you get back at 80hour piston change and another thing is a fan as i wouldnt ever buy a bike with out it as it a game changer money well spent
  2. And leave your horn on because cruiser love that!!!
  3. Thank cluffie really like the look of the new yz and plus had the most fun on my 450 yz 15 even through it was a handful as every time I hop on it I had a smile ear to ear
  4. Look at a 19 model but want some feel back on someone that had ago on a 450yz or 250 yz or the wr I had a 17 and like it but want to know about the new models hear good thing from the yz 450
  5. Love every bit of the 3hour i was there and was really enjoy the challenge and was enjoy it and was take it easy so i could go all out on sawmp hill but didnt get there as bike engine light came on and was running hot so then went in to race mode just to get some cool air in it but no good so lefy the group to get this bike back to car before it die and would like to apologize to You buzz as that two ride we been on that i had to leave and im not happy
  6. Just done a pull down on a tpi and can said it was in a lot better shape than the carb model and think KTM has done there home work . where around same hour the carb was need a piston the tpi look good and said it would easy get the 80 hour out of it as normal for my self I said do a piston on a 2t every 50 but would be happy to do them at 80 hour on a tpi
  7. Top ride guy had a ball even throu when I got home found sand water behind air filter so did the right thing a pull the motor right down and found only two to there grain of sand that made it throu but no damage or wear to bottom or top end but bike at 40 hour so I put a new top end in but really can said that the piston still at 90% and don't need it but because I got it apart I do it and remember next time to not try to ride throu creek beds
  8. Top ride guys look forward to another one soon
  9. Thank mate but looking at the new engine 17. 18 19 and got lucky to try the 450 out last weekend and can said fell so good it not as good as the new 2t in the trees but really need to hop on the 500 and 350 back to back to work out what to do as I'm feel unsure what bike next
  10. Thank for a top day out guy sry I pull the pin but bike was feeling low on power then the brake start going and lucky I did as once I got home found a hole in brake line and found out why the power was down as I left a rag in behind the air fiter but hopefully get back out soon
  11. If you do bit of everything I said 250 f or if your interest in st only go 300 as I'm running the 250 2t and love it but when it come to big hill and high country I hate it and feel to 4t are better over all but it hard st your thing go 300
  12. Thank for all the reply think a 500 is looking good for next year
  13. If you do make cruiser ride I love to have a go and sound great on fuel as I be running the 12 L on it so should get 170 km out of her if I go this way
  14. Looking to up date mid next year and fuel range is something I'm looking at so I'm suck between the KTM 350 or 500 but want to know how good the fuel range is on the 19 model .I want the 500 but feel the 350 better but how much better and want to hear from people who have new model what been there worst range on new model as I'm heavy on the gas and normal the one to ran out of fuel
  15. Well don't know if I'm picking on husky .Yamaha or KTM as I'm running kyb fork and husky protection part on a KTM that gone to the dark side that black out as I feel like the olny way to put it is a transgender farm bike