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  1. More interested just because he ask only 7 k
  2. Yeah the 300 can't been beaten in tight track but as over all kind of riding I prefer a 4t I find the 2T are aim at hard enduro and find that only 20% of the track I do are hard enduro where I'm more of a third gear trail guy that love the engine control of a efi 4t but if I only did hard enduro I would be on a 2t
  3. Yeah that why I'm asking as a mate that does desert races has a 500 in the box that never been use and sale it cheap because of cancel event
  4. Has someone tested the sherco 2020 500cc and how did it compares to a ktm 450/500
  5. I'm waiting for Electric to become bit better
  6. My ktm350exc 14 did well it done 390 hour a only had it fail me three times on a ride but haven't had that much good luck with the newer model but it does come down to what people think is a good bike as hear people talk how good there bike is and you look at it and it missing bolt, the chain and sprocket missing teeth,the plastic are crack and holding on by cable tie and has a small oil leak
  7. Good to see a ktm do that well
  8. Well I haven't kill the wr in the 6month of own it and haven't traded it so must be ok. i see if it last a year
  9. It come from not lube and adjusting spoke regularly see it happen a lot with bike sitting around for long time then break the first minute it need to flex you should adjust or losing and tight it ever 20hour or 6 month to stop this problem
  10. High country there all way a good adventures
  11. After coping it for my over all view I decided to keep to my self it not worth saiding nothing on here as someone going to take it the wrong way
  12. If i olny did hard L4 it would probably be at the high end but i enjoy gncc kind of ride and a bit of ever thing like motocross ,enduro , adventure riding so for me i lucky to do 5% hard enduro so not for me as i like a bike in the middle of most riding style and a good alround Sorry te not fe my bad
  13. Yes it was but not a fan of the 14 and 15 fe range
  14. 12 300exc not happy 15 fe300 worst bike ever own 17 250exc not happy
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