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  1. The new 200 look really good but the 300 would be a more alrounder
  2. The ktm 500 sound what your looking for but would try a get a go on a new 350 exc there pretty much have everything you need power wise there feel low on power but really there as quick as a 450 in the right hand as me and a friend did a track day with a wr450 17 .kx450 08 and ktm 350 exc 18 and all change bike each lap and we all pull away on the 350 from the 450 and all said that it feel low on power but still kept with the 450
  3. 1x2xl and2x xl shirts in black plz
  4. Depend if andy350 is coming
  5. Normal put someone I don't like as sweep so if I lose him it no problem
  6. I know a exc is a better bike but it more of a fun kind of think as more than happy with the 350exc but want a mx kind of bike for club riding as it makes it fun and something different as the 350 does everyone perfect for me but it take out a little bit of fun to and get boring sometimes as the mx bike are just hard work but fun at the same time or i just like doing stuff the hard way
  7. What the difference between the xcf and sxf 450 2019 I know one got a 18 wheel and bigger tank but is that all or are there still a big difference as would love to hear from people that have one as look at a xcf 450 19 as a enduro bike for club rides
  8. But would said if money not a problem I go shoei as there might be a bit heavy but work the best a don't feel the hit at all and just last where airoh thing do fall off but 400 vs 900 is the difference
  9. Airoh are great and not bad for the price can't said much for the other one as haven't try them but been runing the aircon for about 8 month with some big off and has done it job
  10. Tubeliss we give best grip but if inner tube go your in trouble and hd tube are good to and probably the easy to fix on the trail as it easy to carry a spare but if you want trouble free I go mossue but you lose a bit of grip but will never let you down but if your a aggressive rider go mossue or if your just trail riding around go tubeliss or tube . remember that tubeliss work off the tyre so I recommend new tyre at else once a year if you go tubeliss
  11. Thank for top ride guys
  12. 525 in rear for sure does a great job I would only go a Mx tyre if I was only doing Mx but for bush it great
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