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  1. RIDER

    Fuel range

    Looking to up date mid next year and fuel range is something I'm looking at so I'm suck between the KTM 350 or 500 but want to know how good the fuel range is on the 19 model .I want the 500 but feel the 350 better but how much better and want to hear from people who have new model what been there worst range on new model as I'm heavy on the gas and normal the one to ran out of fuel
  2. RIDER

    Own a 17-18 tpi bike?

    Well don't know if I'm picking on husky .Yamaha or KTM as I'm running kyb fork and husky protection part on a KTM that gone to the dark side that black out as I feel like the olny way to put it is a transgender farm bike
  3. RIDER

    Own a 17-18 tpi bike?

    That kid thread where beta are but still convinced KTM 2t are farm bike
  4. RIDER

    Own a 17-18 tpi bike?

    It because there farm bike
  5. RIDER

    Knee braces

    I running pod and can said there good but I am going to upgrade to the CTI custom as there the best on the market and had mate go CTI and said it well Worth it
  6. RIDER

    Tallarook Cup Day Tuesday

    Top day out on the bike thank for coming and who does look at the weather as I never look at the weather as there build them strong in the north
  7. RIDER

    Where can I buy genuine Honda parts?

    Team moto a dealer in Epping
  8. Just another way to to get us
  9. RIDER

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Easy way to fix this topic is if you fit go the MX if not go enduro as I had MX and enduro in the bush and got to said had a 450 yz in the bush is great fun and probably the best bike I've own but been unfit now find it hell so gone with the enduro but it not as fun
  10. RIDER

    Easy, flat beginner places to ride?

    Tallarook would of to been hard to in the wet but as your learning I would pick only dry whether conditions to ride mate and once you learn a bit more than try wet weather
  11. RIDER

    Found it Cobaw 3+ with Marko

    Top ride guy really love it must get out more on your rides marko
  12. RIDER

    Air filter oiling.. enough?

    K and n have a spay on oil that work good with little mess
  13. RIDER

    Can I ride in reserves?

    Reserves are class as state forset
  14. My old man had one and can said it was a good bike I like it I've even been thinking about getting one for hardcore adventure riding
  15. The 2t are lighter but handling and ergo where not so refined back then so unless you look at new model I would stay with the drz and save your money as there not much gain buying a old bike