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  1. 2shoes

    Mechanic Recommendation

    Thanks for the recommendations people. That should be plenty to get the Berg sorted. Cheers
  2. Hi All, Since my last major service, yet another moto shop closes (Allstar Ferntree Gully). I now need some recommendations for a decent mechanic somewhere near the Dandenongs. Purchased my Husaberg 350 from Valley Force Lilydale, was really happy with their services before they closed, then went to KTM Ferntree Gully, also no longer. I do all minor servicing myself so I just need the shop for more difficult maintenance and repairs. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Riderz. Nick
  3. 2shoes

    Strathbogies (Boho) To Jamieson & Return.

    The guys have already summed up the ride perfectly so I just want to add a big thanks to Arbo & CR Hill for organising everything. Had an absolute blast over the two days, thanks for putting up with my slower pace, on occasions, and for pushing me up a level. What a great way to see some magic countryside especially day 2 when we ate up the kms with some big fast stints. Still can't believe I got 174km out of the 9.5l tank on the 350, just needed to get 175 to make it to the refuel. Great to ride with you Arbo, CR & J-Man, look forward to the next one. I can highly recommend a two day ride to anyone who hasn't done one yet and might think they can't do it. It certainly got easier for me the further we went. Cheers
  4. Gday Riderz, New to the site, been looking at it for a while finally signed up. My name is Nick, 32, live in Cockatoo, been riding for about 4.5 years up until recently a WR250F, stepped it up to a 2013 Husaberg 350. I'd like to ride every weekend but family commitments mean I get out every 3 weeks or so. I ride with my Bro and a mate or two in Gembrook, Kinglake, Powelltown, Wombat but the favourite spot is Big River. Like to think I'm a level 2-2.5, except going downhills I'm a hack. I'll usually give anything a go. Look forward to getting out there with people who know where they're going, coz I get lost all the time. Cheers