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  1. I know if a permanent magnet is not stored correctly in its keeper ( in this case the flywheel rotor and it's stator) for an extended period of time it can loose some of its magnetic strength to the point of failure. Perhaps this is the case in this instance if the bike was in bits for years and the rotor was not kept sitting on the stator . My suggestion would be to put a voltmeter and amp meter on the output of the stator when its not working ( kicking and looking at voltage peak- you will need a analog meter ) , juicing it up , resting the bike again for a very short period then doing it again comparing the voltages Sounds like your exciting the magnetic into working but then after a good rest it's lost most of magnetism again. Another way would be to measure the magnetic field strength with a Steel ruler ( at what distance does it get sucked in ) when bad and when good. Food for thought anyway
  2. You cant let out air to resolve a no grip situation.
  3. I might of dropped a cylinder head bolt washer down the timing case on a rebuild and just grabbed another after looking for ages in a messy shed. It ran fine for a few hours till the washer got caught in the timing gear and then the timing chain skipped a beat or three and then the valves lunched on the piston destroying cylinder , head, valves and piston and rings. To be towed back to cars on DRZ ride. Do I win?
  4. No one uses moose where I ride. Is there a reason?
  5. I think it would be a pretty safe bet to think your clutch would get a bit more than normal use. Did you have the adjustable via Wi-Fi Athena ignition and did it make usable differences? The ability to be able to find someone if not oneself, that can tune a carby to a riders desired requirements virtually anywhere isnt something a preset computer with no options will replace anytime soon.
  6. Good report Buzz, My mate ran in his new 300 in today . The bike got a little bit Tallarised, Before leaving the car park we found 1 loose barkbuster nut which was tightened on the spot Then on the ride 2 bash plate nut and spacer fell off. 3 headlight switch destroyed in a off, 4 fell out of gear once ( might of been foot or branch as it didn't do it again) , 5 foam on handle bar pad ripped and fell off , 6 dropped six times, 7 new scratches, 8 stickers started falling off 9 half a tank of fuel at 28 km for the day in 6 hours .. 10 - 1 bruised leg. I think the bike survived perfectly well and it will be fine. New owner was grinning all day and that's all that matters. Maybe float height is a little to high or the bit in the middle of the tank is bigger than it looks or it layed down longer than it should of
  7. Welcome to the forum. Please read the link below and watch the rider grading vids then jump on a suitable ride when things settle ... You prob be fine for L2 cheers Pete
  8. My fuel tap leaks when I move it , but only when I move it and has done from the day I bought the bike.
  9. I started my bike , rode it round the back yard till the dog tired of chasing me then put it back in the shed and took the barrel off. I'm at 193 hours... First look inside.. Compression at 175 psi top ring at .5 lower at .44 at 10mm from the top of the bore . Next to no scuffing on the slug. Picked up a piston kit today and will put back together when i get a chsnce.
  10. Damn @Humdinger you beat me to it!
  11. Gembrook the power lines go out to Labertouche
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