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  1. Please let us know what they find.
  2. Property Investment

    I’m patiently waiting for an International airport at Avalon
  3. Property Investment

    The idea is look for properties in areas where there is going to be positive growth. The possible closing of the toir in Noodles area one day in the future will boost prices further and he will win again!
  4. Axle bearing question

    I just put in new front bearings and seals from Chads .. I must admit with these I found one seal impossible to install the way it’s suggested . It simply would not locate correctly and would bind on the spacer. . Installing in the reverse to suggested it spins no problem . This has nothing to do with Chads . Maybe I m not holding my tongue correctly [emoji12] Any tips?
  5. Property Investment

    I would never suggest to anyone not to invest in property in fear of future development. Indeed it is a key elements to look for and investigate and consider the what if’s when buying which will almost always enhance value. Unless of course it’s a tip or a abattoir etc.
  6. Yes I need to replace the packing also.
  7. I was talking with a crf rider on the weekend who said he liked a certain front and rear sprocket combo but couldn't use it because it put the rear wheel too far back in the slots which made the bike more likely to slide out when putting the power on. He said it was because of the large angle of the front forks ( rake) on the crf. He also said on some bikes the difference wasn't noticeable at all.
  8. The Perfect Bike trailer

    I made this one for about $200 it's perfect for me .. nice and light to push down the driveway after a long day of riding.
  9. Yes about the same . It's been doing it for a long time . And yes I was thinking perhaps coinciding with a drowning in a paddy's swamp bog hole. It's probably a spec of sand just like a leaky fork seal.
  10. I ordered a rhs crank seal today. I and many others suspect I'm burning more oil than I should be.
  11. Axle bearing question

    I trust the idea that the engineers at every car, truck , bike and trailer manufacturer know what they are doing when they all put the spring on the insides of their stub or full axles that are lubricated with good old grease. Btw I read that literature over twenty years ago whilst working in a electric motor shop where would rebuild anything and everything that had a copper winding in it that consumed electricity. From a coffee grinder to a 1mw motor. Warman Submersible pumps heenan variable speed drives... All the fun stuff. If I recall correctly we would put radial lip seals in with spring outward facing on motors that were installed in corrosive atmospheres to prevent the corrosive gas entering the motor and eating the insulation on the windings . And yes coppercoat the spring.
  12. I can't recall exactly but Im pretty sure there is a torque limiting ratchet in the starter drive to prevent the armature being held stationary and drawing lots of current. This would no doubt burn out the starter motor very quickly if there wasn't . It's a centrifugal clutch that drives a chain or gear it's definitely not a traditional type bendix .
  13. It's a known nuance with the wr450 mine used to do it on ocassions . I googled it about a month after buying mine and found the good news. There's nothing wrong with your bike! When your valve clearances are out it seems to do it more . It's not actually true it just that you spend more time on the button trying to start it and this ends up with more situations with the engine "locked" on a compression stroke . All you do when it occurs is put it in gear. Roll back and forth till it's off the compression stroke and then kick it or button it . When it's on a conpression stroke the starter does not have enough torque to turn it over from a engine stationary start nor does your foot! Google it it's been spoken about quite a bit . I did 2500 k on my wr450. It's a non issue when your valve clearances are correct as it happens so rarely .
  14. Axle bearing question

    With the spring facing outwards it will get wet and rust loose it's springiness and then snap before your very eyes . In some applications in industry your engineer is correct - not on a axle on a bike . A bit of waterproof grease on the spring with it facing inwards will see the spring last longer than the rubber like it's supposed to.
  15. Ignition Diode Question

    I used to have a tf100 and it had the same component - and it was definitely a rectifier/regulator. They were used on lots of zooks... I believe the part you linked will work fine on your ag100. Go for it!