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  1. Thanks, just making sure I'm keeping up with the Jones's.
  2. Is that moving time or total ride time? I love stats ... Great reports everyone
  3. Running the bolt back and fwd like using at tap does the trick. Two turns out 1 back until its out - The first turn I did 1/8 in and out and then 1/4 in out and worked it ever so slowly till I was at full turns. If its stiff you have to take it real easy with Aluminium. Any tightness could be stripping threads.
  4. I had my bars off last week to do fork oil , I ran the bar riser bolts through a die to clean off the old loctite before reinstalling . I did this as they were a bit tight coming out. It being aluminium and so easy to strip I wasn't going to take any chances. When I took them out I ran them back and fwd like using a tap also as they were stiff and I used a torque wrench to tighten every bolt I'd undone. Id never used a torque wrench on my many zooks and hahas excluding cam caps and heads but on the ktms, they are made just strong enough and you must or risk breaking stuff. I'm very happy with my 18 exc. One fork seal leaked on purchase. Had it fixed, no issues after that ( excluding a lean idle) I'm at 160 hours. I dont think its any weaker than the 2012 berg I had , excluding the billet tripples which were a husaberg feature and stronger undoubtedly.
  5. I know of people that have seen these cameras in trees. If your reg and licensed and riding open tracks there is no problem. Authorities will always have a major issue with any vehicles in water catchment areas, which was the cause of a ongoing blitz. Iron Bark Spur is permanently closed to traffic as Pankalic creek crosses it , which feeds Pan kalic Reservoir which is Anglesea's town water supply. Fines exceeding $1000 are the norm even if your licensed and reg.
  6. Great report Stinky , Thanks for telling us all about it. Looking forward to doing a cool shed ride n sleepover one day , Maybe once the dust has settled and it's all damp out there.
  7. My filter looked identical to Miles23 and after only the one ride .
  8. I've seen the black panther a few times down there, Its very elusive, You need a video to catch it on film
  9. Theres quite a few one way and summer only tracks in the Otways. Never ride solo and three is a good number for dragging bikes. Unless your in the know, you probably shouldn't go. If you do though always keep two hours time up your sleeve to walk out.
  10. You might be happy , but I'm not and many others 1 The weekender I don't want to drive for six hours to ride fire trails for two hours (moving time) when some of the best riding we have in the state is on offer and I usually shoot for 4 hours (moving time) I get one chance a year to ride this area and I want to make the very most of it, and I'd so love to do it at the annual dirtriderz weekender ride with the rest of the L3 and above crew. It takes everything I love about Dirtriderz and turns it on its head. It eats at the very core of the Dirtriderz ethic of being free and easy going and relaxed and offering rides to suit all riders we display every other day of the year by mandating you must attend this particular ride on this day or come and dont ride and suffer in ya jocks. Plenty of L3 and above riders are always willing to lead, sweep and chop out and offer advise and demonstrate technique on any posted large number lower level drz ride. The annual events are no different. 2 A Ten year tradition does not make it right. 100 year don't make it right., Look at slavery, womens right to vote the list goes on and on endlessly. 3 I have attended a Weekender and a couple of L2 xmas rides . On all occasions I found myself going gaga, I get frustrated and then I loose my shit and start cutting though the pack, I am a danger to lesser skilled riders and probably terrify them. I should not ride with them. I then fall off and hurt myself. I then get my wits back and slow down and tell myself to not attend in the future. Next year comes round and I want to see everyone.... Its a viscous circle Im trapped in. Its simply not fair that L3 and above riders cant attend a major dirtriderz event and have lots of fun. Its serves no purpose other than imposing someones will over everybody else for the sake of a ten year bad tradition? No its not about numbers, Its about having fun in one spare time and if people are not having fun its not fun and people wont want to attend. I am one. I see you suggest that's fine as it less catering and organizing effort. This comment I do not understand . How about if the L3 and above crew do their own catering and organising so as not to impose? All I want to do is ride like I always do and then have a drink and snag with everyone else at the end of the day and then go to the pub and get loaded if its the weekender without being told where and with whom I must ride with during the day. Its a free world. I want to go to the weekender but i want to attend a L3 or above ride. L3 and L4 riders are the heart and soul of dirtriderz and lead and sweep all the major rides, offer step up rides , mentor and guide and offer tech advice endlessly on the forum and moderate the forum.. To suggest its a twice a year way of giving is wrong, unless its giving people the shits of frustration, You want to attend but dont want to ride, but you really want to ride but not on a L2 ride. I rode on Saturday , afterwards caught up with a few that attended the L2 ride and had a chat . I drove home happy and so did they,it was all good. I see it as the way forward. The GF rides were extremely well attended and everyone had a ball . Yes the all in rides are fun for some, But not fun for all and isnt that what we should be shooting for? Cheers Pete
  11. Thanks Toby for putting together a fun loop and leading us around your backyard. You definately know your way around very well. Was great to catch up with many a familiar face and have a chat and meet a few new to me members also. Thanks Gypsy for sweeping and Matt for kinda sweeping. As you can see here he is hard at it while others have gone back down the hill to rescue the fallen I had a fun day, got a bit cocky in the morning on a fire trail and my front wheel washed out from under me, I came off at speed but was lucky and survived relatively unjured. I jumped back on the horse and with my new found more realistic sense of safe continued on, my shoulder grazed a bit and what I thought at first may be a broken little finger , is no more than a little sprained. With no major swelling of it tonight my guess is its ok. We started with 19? and finished with 6. The ride went like clockwork without a hitch, with no lost time issues even worthy of a mention. With 19 bikes thats great and a testament to the respect we show for each other in turning up for a ride 100% ready, bike and rider. Pace was quite fast at times with quite a bit of the old 'I'll just make a new wee track just here to sneak past politely' going on mid pack. The winners on the day were Toby,Stef,Mevstar,Cluffie,Kmatt55 and myself by completing all assigned tracks and not heading off back to the cars at a given opportunity. The last track of the day was the icing on the cake. A 500 m altitude descent and then ascent and well worth the arm pump it created. I sincerely wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with lots of dirt bike riding in it! Cheers Pete
  12. Great documentation of your efforts! I actually enjoy google translate . It makes for a funny read. Thankyou for sharing with us your bike resto!
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