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  1. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    I have been hoping to see one or both of you enter an international event seeing how you both train so hard. Fantastic news! Keep up the training and I wish you both well and every success!
  2. As Bearmx suggests it would only be the to assist in alignment as you put the axle in .
  3. Welcome Jim. Get a hydration back pack and get your bike ready to ride and jump on a ride !
  4. Moisture wicking undergear

    I lashed out on a $5 moisture wicking tee from Kmart. It’s working a lot better than a normal tee. [emoji4] Kmarts marketing jargon...,“Cut from moisture wicking fabric, this mesh tee will keep you comfortable and dry while working out.” My conclusion It still gets sweat logged in the lower back but its much cooler than a normal tee.
  5. Thanks Rus . I’m up to 48 with the squeeze tester on the right arm 54 on the left . I rode on the weekend and it didn’t aggravate the problem so that’s more than I can wish for right now. Things are progressing well.
  6. Road and River is a Dirtriderz sponsor also! Very helpful I’ve found.
  7. New brake lever

    Then once bent back put a lock wire loop on it to prevent it bending to much next time.
  8. Smokers Lounge

    I run the stock gearing whatever that is. I always forget.
  9. Out West Tech Sat Jan13

    I started my gps about 2 km after you left Noods so that would make for a 32 km total.
  10. Out West Tech Sat Jan13

    Challenging ride today. We started with five and in the second or third hour Noods tweaked his back coming out of a gully . He loaded up on pain killers before attempting another gully (video) where he decided to call it quits knowing a day of riding wouldn’t do him any favours. Centralvic thought it best he escort Noodle back to cars and called it quits also. That left three Bicey RichardG and myself. Richardg hung in there for another couple of hours then high tailed it for the cars knowing when to pull the pin. Bicey and I continued on for about another hour or so where I showed him a selection of the more challenging hills to finish off the day. There’s a few hills at Elaine I don’t attempt that often and today was no exception. Bicey made them all look easy peasy. Well done ! Thanks for coming everyone and I hope you all had fun . Cheers Pete Ps Heal fast Mr Noodle and l hope some rest will sort out the back .
  11. Petes Summer Elaine trails

    Awful even ! Bull ants [emoji220] and prickly moses often get you at out there! That cankle looks mighty swollen Blackers Take care and heal fast!
  12. Petes Summer Elaine trails

    In today’s weather with a hot donk his bike liked a bit of throttle with the button and with a kick . Coming off a injected 4 stroke this was very alien for Dan!
  13. Petes Summer Elaine trails

    Lots of this kind of stuff ...
  14. Petes Summer Elaine trails

    Thanks for coming today Dan. Was good to catch up and ride!
  15. Hi All

    Welcome Danny . There’s never lots of L1 rides going but my best advise is to post up a L1 EOI ( expression of interest ride) for the day and location of your choice . Post up as many these rides as you want and your bound to hit the jackpot on a few! Don’t be offended if it doesn’t happen straight away either - I’ve had rides with 20+ and others simply not happen. By doing this you will find a group of similar minded riders liking the same things as yourself . If you sit back waiting for a ride to suit you , you could be waiting a while. Posting more than a couple of days in advance will always help you cause also. Cheers Pete