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  1. Welcome to the forum. Please read the link below and watch the rider grading vids then jump on a suitable ride when things settle ... You prob be fine for L2 cheers Pete
  2. Hmm, I do recall hearing " this best log on the mountain, on the "loggy log track" , the double off camber slippery log. But then we did the 4ft high stick nose diver heading towards Hickmans creek. I liked that one better.
  3. I rode 50 metres up a 2 km hill and I could of cut that 50 in half had i not been lazy and riidden back to the other bike. You did awesome!
  4. No apologies required. We had fun. If you ride at Mt Cole with me you will have fun and the fitness will come, We ride and I measure, and I adjust the loop to suit who I have on the day. That said its never perfect. Its all I can do. I dont lead struggling riders into the abyss so don't worry about your fitness. Ride fitness is a peculiar thing and is more about technique and it's assosiated energy savings I reckon.
  5. Nah the pic you quoted is a close up of rider 2 in my original pic, rider 3 is behind him.
  6. There is a third person in the pic but the upload didn't allow the res to find...
  7. On Sunday I arose and cooked brekky and coffee. I packed up a bit and started to prep my gear for the days ride. Lance ate half his brekky and a couple of panadol and then feeling weary advised he wasn't up for a ride. Moments later there was a bit of barfing and then he had dissapeared back to his swag. I geared up and rode off. I ate lunch atop a ridge. Was torn between naming a track Deadwood or Fungus. Admired the serenity Got back to the cars about 3 , Lance was gone. I packed up , did a thorough inspection of our campsite to ensure nothing was left behind
  8. I awoke to the sound of kookaburras kooking just before daylight, rolled over back to sleep, it was freezing ! I heard a car pull up, it was @Yammy2smoker.@farmerbrown was there also, I didnt hear him pull up. We all said hello and geared up . My bike seat was covered in ice, as was James seat and swag. I popped the kettle on thinking this is dual purpose water, de-ice the seats and coffee! Day 2 with 3 pornstars, we had four riders. I created , a less demanding loop, but still no walk in the park with more breaks than Friday. We did some great tracks and everyone smiled. Dizzy tested
  9. Bingo! I've got a pic with 3 but uploaded the wrong one ...
  10. Day 1 After a bit of prep earlier in the week, I was away at 630 Friday morning for a 830 meet, The sunrise was picture perfect As I headed out to Mt Cole, There wasn't a cloud in the sky which meant it would be cold, The 6 degrees in Lara dropped to 4 in Ballan and after passing Ballarat and approaching Beufort my cars external temp sensor hit a new low Luckily as I neared the unload spot it crept back up to 4 ... Five on day 1 , Ben and Gurney both requesting a more difficult ride to start them off on their long weekend adventure. The first hill boiling bikes. In
  11. I almost always cover more ground alone but I prefer not to. Some tracks are bit hairy and I do enjoy the company.
  12. We started with four, By 1130 I was solo after a injured wrist, A damaged/failed rear brake and he being the chauffeur for rider #4 left me hans solo. Next Time! We had a good ride while it lasted and covered a good bit of dirt in the time... about 15km!, I continued on and checked a few thing here and there, All of which were as expected, a few trees down here and there, Its very pretty out there at the moment with all the winter wildflowers in bloom, esp when surrounded by a sea of them! I've cracked the screen on my norm phone so have bought a cheapy to get me by ti
  13. My fuel tap leaks when I move it , but only when I move it and has done from the day I bought the bike.