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  1. PeteV

    The great debate, wholly smokes.

    My 2012 berg 300 was an excellent bike.
  2. That should do the trick be aware though it does not come with a headlight, only the led that goes in the Head light. They are pretty simple to install take off the seat and the fuel tank plug a few wires in and mount the rear light / brake switch then the horn switch ,horn and headlight and away you go . Don’t forget to bleed the rear brake after the switch is installed so have brake fluid handy.
  3. It's in there you just can't see it .
  4. Good report Tom . It's always great to see a few pics of the ride and read a few details on how it all panned out. The log ramp sounds interesting
  5. I could do it every ride too but it’s not necessary imho. I ride to often...
  6. As long the protective cover/ bag is still in place it won’t hurt anything.
  7. The lower steering bearing can get water in them through the steering lock if you pressure wash your bike and are not super careful to avoid the lock which can cause premature bearing failure . I silicon up the lock as I don’t use it . . Black silicon would look better for sure but I’m not entering my bike in a beauty contest...
  8. My air box was starting get a bit dirty so I decided it was time to give it a bath . I don’t have a air box cover so I use the poor mans air box cover - a zip lock bag .. 1 I remove the dirty air filter and put a couple of bits of clean paper towel in the air boot to catch any stray water. 2 I put the dirty air filter and cage in a zip lock plastic bag and seal it. 3 I punch the the two holes required for mounting and push the excess air out. 4 I install on the bike and squirt ct18 everywhere. 5 Garden hose / pressure wash out all the dirt. Don’t hit the bag with pressure washer... 6 Remove air filter. 7 Wipe around filter rim and clean any bits you missed with paper towel etc 8 Remove paper towel from Intake boot 9 Install a clean and oiled air filter .
  9. This one looks like its power valve aluminium sitting on the barrel clean it off with acid.. If its not get it replated and you will have a good barrel.
  10. PeteV

    Looking for a rec reg kit on my crf250r

    That is a led light . It requires a source of power to operate .
  11. Used it on the weekend for the first time . It cable ties onto the bars with two small ties. . It broke off at one point after throwing the bike down a hill or something silly of which I can’t recall exactly. The bracket and gps were undamaged which is exactly what you want and two cable ties later it was reattached and we were on our way again . Ive been advised to always use the lanyard incase the bracket fails which works a treat as you notice very quickly it dangling .
  12. I noticed on a ride a month or so ago on Bears bike his horn was located under the tank where it won’t get damaged rather than in front of the radiator. I finally got round to moving mine today. There is an unused bolt hole in the frame here (tpi it might used? ) on the 17 and 18’s So armed with a 6mm bolt and a nylock nut I removed the tank and relocated the horn . The wiring is plenty long enough so just unplug it , re route it to suit and plug it back in and bolt it in place. Cheers Pete
  13. PeteV

    To be or not to be night ride

    I used to ride a 3 acre paddock backyard at night with a torch taped to the handlebars in the eighties .. I knew every pothole in that paddock by day . At night dead easy things send you over the bars . It’s heaps of fun but you have to take it real easy to prevent those otb moments. When the batteries go dead in the torch it’s game on and a world pain. The slightest bit of light makes a world of difference . I’d love to do a easy night ride , beers and camp over and ride again the following day . I’d suggest a handful of unloved fire trails and reasonably flat tighter stuff and easy hills only. This Friday or Sat night would be good at Lal Lal or Avoca .. Lets do it!
  14. This arrived in the post today ... I bought 2x I’ll put them both on the bars just in case one breaks so I can swap easily. I’ll see how it goes... It certainly didn’t break the bank