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  1. There’s still quite a few around and most parts are still available . Dunno how’d you go getting tyres though . I remember my brother visiting when I was 15 ( he’d moved out of home and 23) and after he’d ridden my AG bike (tf125) for 15 minutes saying wow this is so nice and how horrible his bombardier was, he was 6ft at age 15 and the bike felt small , the seat was so wide it was uncomfortable to ride for more than a half an hour at a time without getting a bad rash on the inner thighs and it was all round was just plain awkward . It was fun for a few five minute rides ...
  2. PeteV

    Wombat pub run 2+ May19

    Obivously , all you blokes are too busy to reply.... This little twig took out Central Vic , I though it must be slippery , I’ll give it crack , I can do this , A few seconds later I’m laying on my ass much to the delight of CV... I told him I did it in sympathy so he wouldn’t feel bad kinda like the Zebra does on a L2 ride to make the boys feel better ...
  3. Here I am , I tried to ride this, my older brothers bike, my brother used to dink me round the back yard and sometimes let me sit on the front between his legs and let me control the throttle.... That was awesome .... And then the day came when he let me try and ride it myself , I did for about thirty meters then ran straight into the fence. Front wheel in the air WOT!.. The bike landed on my leg and the exhaust burnt my leg big time .. That was the end of that ...
  4. PeteV

    Wombat pub run 2+ May19

    Biggie and Thumper slipping round on the slippery hill. Kmatt taking the chicken route on the slippery hill.., Shame on you... ? on the chicken route... Shame on you too! Nasty looking refreshed after taken the chicken route. Shame shame shame ... Central Vic displaying how when a Beta sees water they dump you like a hot potato. Good times
  5. PeteV

    Wombat pub run 2+ May19

    Cruisey ride today playing follow the leader . Thanks Thumper for organising and leading and giving us all a guided tour to a great pub with good food and a nice warm heater to dry the boots! I had fish of the day which was superb! Thanks Kmatt for sweeping the morning trek. Well organised riders and well cared for bikes makes for a hassle free ride and this one was another shining example. I got to play on few hills along the way to the pub to wear me down a bit and calm my enthusiasm ... I found a nice slippery hill with a 500mm log right accross the track at the top to most certainly finish you off if you don’t have the momentum! I liked it! I so love riding stuff I haven’t ridden before . New tracks to me are the best tracks .. excluding a few favorites here and there. Ride flowed well with only a few offs here and there. On the return trek Nasty,Kmatt and myself peeled off from the group to find a few a harder tracks, We found a ripper rocky creek to test out our suspension then hit a big off camber hill that was just superb. I then looked at my gps and said - there’s a track up here we can try - hopefully it’s ok so we back tracked a bit but boy was it worth it! Another super duper track and it led us straight back to the unloading spot with a few carefully chosen corner decisions by Kmatts and Nasty’s better knowledge. Thanks everyone for coming. Was good to meet a few more more faces and catch up with some more familiar ones as well. I’ll upload a few pics I took ...
  6. You can upload and edit or start from scratch and download your newly or edited gpx at And change the background ground map to whatever you want google sat google rd google hybrid google terrain , osm etc...
  7. PeteV

    Green Day Wednesday

    Looks like a fun day Vince give the hill at 4.54 in your first vid a crack! My avatar pic is in that creek in front of the hill when it had wet stuff in it a few years ago
  8. Another option is to remove the plug leads and crank the engine and see how long it takes to slow down due to battery volts dieing.. if it slows in the first thirty seconds battery is cactus or alternator is not charging. Beware though that a starter motor normally has about a 3 minute rating meaning if you crank it for longer than 3 minutes the heat build up in the starter motor will either throw the solder off the commutator or melt the insulation off the windings. Neither of which you want to do! And so I don’t reccomend this method. I personally don’t like cranking more then 10 -15 seconds as it’s really stresses your starter motor more than I like to. ( they heat up fast) So my starter motor friendly safe method is to put the headlights on for twenty minutes - half a hour and then try a start or two or three. Running the headlights for twenty minutes does a gentle discharge of the battery and then when you hit the starter if the big current required for starting isn’t there .. it isn’t there ... and you know the score. Beware on dirt bikes they don’t have big alternators with big charging abilities and often these dirt bikes are equipped with cooling fans and headlights that are factory ‘on’ all the time, that are ridden slow all day often go home with a battery less charged than when it departed on its adventure in the morning. It’s not a fault with the battery or the bike, it’s simply more power is being consumed than is being produced . Bike alternators often need engine rpm to hit 2500 rpm and above before they hit max charge rates. Riding slow does not acheive this! If this is happening on ones dirt bike then a manual switch on the fan and headlight and increasing the ‘fan on ‘ temp and more faster open sections might have to be added to the ride to ensure your battery isn’t always flat.
  9. Battery testing is totally subjective and totally dependant on the load connected and ambient conditions at the time of the test so unless your testing using the same amps and the same ambient temperatures to when there is a problem it’s a bit of waste of time. Eg testing a 110 amp hour battery by discharging at 10 amps for ten hours will prove it held 90% charge but it may still not be able to start your car when it’s -2 degrees outside at 5am in the morning which is what you are expecting it to do because it did the last three years in row mid winter no problem. My auto elec father in law and I a electricain who spent a year of my apprenticeship fixing electric cars and filling the damn things with distilled water and changing batteries in them and speed solenoids etc both agree battery testers are a total waste of money, all of them(unless they generate heat and lots of it) . A car battery has a life expectancy of about about two or three maybe four years. If you get any more than that you’ve done very well and quite often you can ... The tell tale of a dying car battery is failure on a cold morning and the rest of the time it’s fine . You can easily load test your car battery . You do every time you start it ... A more serous test is to turn the head lights on for twenty minutes with the engine off then try and start it .( don’t do this at 5am ) If it starts your battery is good . If it won’t its probably on the way out and it’s time for a jump start! (So make sure it’s parked where you can easily jump start it before load testing ) All the Led or digital testers that do not generate any heat are simply measuring voltage and not actually performing a load test which is as good not testing at all as it’s simply converting the unloaded battery voltage into a good / bad status depending on the feedback voltage. Not what you wanted to hear is it? Sorry
  10. PeteV

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    It’s obivously an ‘old school business ‘ with an old school mentality - like ford trying to rip everyone of with transmission repair bills on thier focus and fiestas claiming the owners weren’t driving them right . The acc sorted them forcing them to repay everyone they billed and fixing the rest for free .. Thirty years ago they would get away with crap like that as you told your parents and a mate and they told the bloke down the road and that’s as far as word got , in small isolated communities everywhere . Today someone fluffs and it’s video is uploaded to fb and people in Alaska know about before Mum and Dad... Business’s that blatantly gouge will have limited life’s one would predict unless they have cornered the market and then unfortunaltey it’s a free for all. This is a very important reason to support local businesses and try and buy locally rather than online /OS when you can even if it does cost a little bit extra. Naming and shaming won’t be of any benefit to the forum itself and that’s something we all wish to protect as it’s so valuable to us. Word will get round fast enough on the rides .
  11. Richardg Good to hear it’s all sorted. Anyone reading please beware to never ever hit a permanent magnet or its retainer ( the steel flyhwheel) with anything as the magnets are super brittle and a slightly excessive blow can crack the magnet and it’s game over . Richardg used a socket to home it from the centre ( just around the shaft) so the blows with the mallet were not on periphery of the flywheel where the magnet is located . A good thing to do is when storing a flywheel magnet for a long period of time is to put it in its keeper ( for a flywheel this is the stator ) this completes the magnetic circuit and the permanent magnet won’t suffer from loss of magnetism ( this can occur over extended periods of time for permanent magnets not kept in their keeper ) I’m talking years here not days... I have read if you purchase a replacement flywheel that is a permanent magnet they come with a keeper ( soft iron core ) to prolong the shelf life of them . I’ve never bought one so I can’t confirm this but it’s interesting just the same. Cheers Pete
  12. PeteV

    Tell ya what at Tallarook

    Might want to flush your fuel tank Trailz to ensure you all good if one of your filters got muck in it ...
  13. As Paul’s was loctited and they have a reputation for coming loose loctite it or pull the cover every six months and ensure the nut is still torqued up correctly. Ive ridden with Paul and know Paul was very happy with his and did many many hassle free km on it.
  14. PeteV

    Tell ya what at Tallarook

    Start on Gherkins at the bend veer left near any tree and it’s straight up.
  15. PeteV

    Tell ya what at Tallarook

    My grey rocks? Are we talking the hill with millions of loose rocks ?