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  1. Got the runners on tonight and the boy and I did a 12 minute run round the block . I feel awesome now... Amazing how good it can make you feel! . First run in many months ...
  2. Would love to see a pic of the old piston Fab to see if there was any scuffing .
  3. Recluse is good if your a Mxer as Longy suggests re flame out and allows the 4t to roll fast into corners as does a 2t and does make it more trail friendly while running but it wont improve your ride skills though it might make you look better than you are! It offers less control over your bike in those real tricky situations . They are good for people with left arm / hand injuries that still wish to ride. It basically turns your bike into a high powered step thru scooter that you can jump ! Riding trail is all about clutch control .. no clutch control required = not really riding in my opinion ., But that is my opinion and each to their own . If you like it go for it!