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  1. Macca sent me a few pics. We identified the white wire from the stator to cdi was cut. He joined it back together and his bike now starts and runs and no driving to Lara required. Sorted ...
  2. Hi Macca Reg reg Install guide is here In that it suggests on a 2008 CRF450 the white wire that runs between the stator and the cdi ( ignition Module) is the wire the rec reg kit gets its power from. This would of had a grey wire from the rec reg kit joined onto it . You need to ensure this wire is intact and remove the grey from it and tape it up . This along with an earth should be the only interconnected wiring between the two looms . I’ll send you a message also . Re when I’m home etc .
  3. I've got a mate up there Cruiser I can get you in touch with .
  4. Mx bikes do not have fuses . Unless it's a Fi mx bike. The rec reg kit gets it power from stealing a bit from the ignition cct. It sucks a bit off this cct and in doing so reduces the spark size slightly. This part of the bike is very critical for it to run . Depending of the kit but pretty normal is the need to cut a wire between the cdi module and stator and wire it in series with the tube thing under the seat ( rec reg Kit pcb cast in epoxy with wires hanging out .) So the best to do is to trace the three or four wires from the stator and ensure they all go to the cdi module Then from the cdi module a few wires come out . One is earthed ( along with one from the stator ). One goes to the kill switch on the bars and the other goes to the ignition coil . Both of which also connect to earth . If you told me make and model and year of bike we could look up a wiring diagram of the rec reg kit or bike and tell you which wire has been cut. Cheers and good luck .. If your nearby bring it round and I'll fix it for free although I am partial to cold beer . I'm in Lara ... Happy new year!
  5. The best way is to jump on a organised ride and ask if the lead minds if you record it.
  6. Yep very positive results . I wear one . I've fallen backwards and had the chin of my helmet hit the brace and fallen forwards and had the back of my helmet hit the brace also. When you fall you are almost always a mere passenger in the event and gravity is the boss, less strategic arm placement or a roll if you have time. In both of my cases I was at walking pace but I've got up with no neck pain- strain whatsoever. I attribute this to the brace. I have an atlas. I'm very happy with it . It's easy to fit and comfortable.
  7. Everyone with rec reg tows their bike to where they want to ride . unless they live on the edge of a forest where they ride. If you want to ride from Ballarat to Geelong pay for full reg .
  8. So the best solution is to to get to a spot with service and then dial 000 and discuss your requirements.. With all newer ( less then 5 yrs old ) phones they will roam all available networks not just your service provider when using 000. In the past you had to dial 112 for this to work. 112 still works to maintain the international emergency support number. When dialing 112 it will do exactly the same as dialing 000.
  9. I always ride in a group . 000 works - Would an epirb get an emergency service (Ambulance) to the site faster? And how much faster I'm uncertain of as isnt the service required normally need be discussed before a service is dispatched?
  10. Very happy with the k400's At $300 a knee it's cheaper and a much better solution than a knee reco that could have you hobbling for the rest of your life . Mine are three years old get and used every weekend , I've smashed two patela caps and broken three Elastic thingos in that time. The gel coat has worn off at the pivot points. I guess in a year or so they will need replacing .
  11. Just after bed time last night the Mrs says “Where the hell did you go this morning “ Mt Dissapointment I reply . She laughs and says “Well what do you do expect are you stupid. Little wonder ... Isn’t there a Mount Happy Endings somewhere ... You should of gone to that place we were looking at recently on the map of Vic “Blowhard” .... You should of gone there. “ Nice to see you all yesterday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ...
  12. Thanks Jess . I knew it worked well on the 12/13 that's what I had , I knew the 14 was very simular but I wasn't certain it was identical .
  13. 165 - 168 main. 38 pilot Suzuki necj needle is what you after I think. Other will confirm.
  14. I ride mostly very slow and technical stuff with lots of big logs and plenty of hills . I use the green spring . I could prob use the yellow just as easily but that would involve changing the spring. I don't race and so if I get home in one piece and uninjured I'm happy . Up hills second gear is much better for momentum and burn crap out of that clutch . First will alway lift the front as you twist in the steeper bits without superb clutch control. Just like the four strokes your much better to keep the revs up around 2000 -3000 rpm and fan the clutch to slow down rather than dropping revs . If your clutch is out and you back off then twist it will want to flip in most circumstances on a hill . They have tons of bottom end torque and they will dish you rather than stall almost every time! Clutch it! I put the green spring in when I bought the bike as in my last bike thats what I was using and was comfortable with and I wanted the change to be as seemless as possible. I have been thinking about changing the spring but I'm having such a great time the way it is I can't really see the point apart from maybe checking out the sump plug on my bike while laying down on the ground beside a log .