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  1. Great report Cruiser . Thanks for sharing your experience . I might have to give it go . I was reluctant thinking the entire group would be desert sand racers and I'd bet the lost kid. Bit worried about the thighs cramping up though . I can see this as the ride to do it more than any other.
  2. Fab , I know we all love our bikes and like to know them intimately and all but im a little concerned back in your dating days the first you did was look what's underneath? If my bike has one of those things I've never seen it or touched it yet! Your obviously a fast mover!
  3. Recreational registration costs about $80 a year. You can then ride in state parks and on dirt roads legally. Bike must have "rec reg kit " lights if it doesn't have lights already .
  4. I think he already has "the force" Luke.
  5. Yep 10% discount for drz members makes it a no brainer it works out cheaper than the force gear if you get the red braces as well . It's made in Vic by Vics and it's superior/ stronger .
  6. Yeah they never gave you the original bolts when they took them out to put on the brush guards. Lol just read your all over it...
  7. Welcome to Dirtriderz. Do you have rec rego on your bike and a motorbike license ? Almost all the rides we do on this this forum are in state parks which requires a motorbike license and vehicle registration . Occasionally a few meet at a motorcross track to take their children and test themselves etc .
  8. Good reporting by all! Biggie if you like that sort of ride you would love the Pyrenees. Bear doer a rippa ride out there of similar distance.
  9. We’re going to have to do a road trip one weekend Noods and jump on one of Harry’s rides then spoil ourselves to a few beverages!
  10. Yep Graham’s dinner ..,
  11. Go Graham...He’s in 1st now... so nice to see the old boy showing the kids how it’s done ...
  12. Congrats Fab ... Come christen it at Mt Cole like I did with my non tpi last year!. l wont tell you on its first ride I boiled it and dragged it over rocks with that beaut grinding sound and the gearbox oil started smelling funky from the clutch burning on powerline hill. Oh hang on I just did! I'm at 101 hours now! It hasn't missed a beat.
  13. Come up over the queens birthday weekend? No good about your back . Hope it heals up ok. The loggy log tracks were treacherous and very unforgiving in the light rain we had . Ruts on the worn tracks were flowing with water as we headed for the cars late afternoon. Sopping wet but warm from the logs ...
  14. Thanks for coming Raff and Lance . Nice to meet you both and agreed Raff - Lance was exceptional on the Drz . I went out there today and just got home now ! Slippery logs had us all laying on the ground .
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