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  1. Here's Mark on the big log we found. I tried but failed. Next time!
  2. And I the same with a wallaby whilst riding one handed after my fall, it was pretty much under my front wheel when I swerved to avoid and it jumped back the other way, I then had to try and correct from the swerve which I just pulled off sucussfully. The cheeks were clenched thats for sure!
  3. Yeah it was Mark from Ararat, he rides very well and is lightening fast in the open sections. I feel like a little old lady driving to church when he shoots past. You did do well on landrover Lance but if I recall correctly your beer goggles Sat night had you telling us you rode up unassisted! Mark and I gave you push in two spots! . Thanks Mark for asissting in ride flow and giving a few a helping push on the nastier hills where required.
  4. The green range rocks The Missing link Sugarloaf
  5. Thanks Lance for organizing and everyone for coming, Was a great weekend of riding and the usual banter. We cut the ride a little short on Saturday after I cut the webbing on my left hand in a very slow off that got my fingers caught up in the bars as i fell which bent my clutch finger backwards far beyond driven and tore the skin between my thumb and it. I had some stitches this arvo at the ed and they wlil be out in a couple of weeks. I get a little rest from the bike I guess. Ride stats suggest it wasn't cut that short but we didn't complete what I had hoped. We did come very close though! I have a few pics on my phone I'll upload shortly.
  6. It looks great , but if want to keep your track detail private you cant , and if you only want to share it with one person , you have to share it with the world. This is what I have found with Rever.. I could be mistaken though. I only tried it once and then deleted it as I couldnt share a track privately. I've had people share rever tracks with me also and they have always been public links anyone can get to.
  7. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery Robbo. It sounds like you had the A team taking care of you. One of the best things about Dirtriderz I reckon is the number of cool heads in difficult situations that always execute very well thought out solutions to provide the best achievable outcome. Great work everyone in assisting Robbo.
  8. As. Omg has commented in great detail, they are essentially a red husky. People used to shudder when a red husky would appear on a ride as it often spelt trouble . I can list numerous Drz rides that have come to a grinding halt due to red husky fours that all required towing and dnf. I know a guy that bought a new red husky 310 ,. It failed 6 rides in row. He ended up selling it frustrated and heart broken . Others had succes. It's a hit and miss game of roulette that on a new bike you shouldn't have to play. They might be better now but as omg has detailed a lot of parts have changed to inferior stuff. So I wouldn't be placing any bets. If you google husky 310 won't start your pc just about explodes with hits. Buy Gypsies bike if its of your fancy and its within your price range ( I haven't seen the add ) but I do know that no expense is spared in keeping the bike 100% and I'd buy one of his bike myself before anyone else's if it was the model bike I was after and I were in the market to buy a well maintained sh bike as the hour / km will be genuine and he is meticulous in his upkeep. It will be a no bs honest buy of what he has advertised.
  9. Thanks, just making sure I'm keeping up with the Jones's.
  10. Is that moving time or total ride time? I love stats ... Great reports everyone
  11. Running the bolt back and fwd like using at tap does the trick. Two turns out 1 back until its out - The first turn I did 1/8 in and out and then 1/4 in out and worked it ever so slowly till I was at full turns. If its stiff you have to take it real easy with Aluminium. Any tightness could be stripping threads.
  12. I had my bars off last week to do fork oil , I ran the bar riser bolts through a die to clean off the old loctite before reinstalling . I did this as they were a bit tight coming out. It being aluminium and so easy to strip I wasn't going to take any chances. When I took them out I ran them back and fwd like using a tap also as they were stiff and I used a torque wrench to tighten every bolt I'd undone. Id never used a torque wrench on my many zooks and hahas excluding cam caps and heads but on the ktms, they are made just strong enough and you must or risk breaking stuff. I'm very happy with my 18 exc. One fork seal leaked on purchase. Had it fixed, no issues after that ( excluding a lean idle) I'm at 160 hours. I dont think its any weaker than the 2012 berg I had , excluding the billet tripples which were a husaberg feature and stronger undoubtedly.
  13. I know of people that have seen these cameras in trees. If your reg and licensed and riding open tracks there is no problem. Authorities will always have a major issue with any vehicles in water catchment areas, which was the cause of a ongoing blitz. Iron Bark Spur is permanently closed to traffic as Pankalic creek crosses it , which feeds Pan kalic Reservoir which is Anglesea's town water supply. Fines exceeding $1000 are the norm even if your licensed and reg.
  14. Great report Stinky , Thanks for telling us all about it. Looking forward to doing a cool shed ride n sleepover one day , Maybe once the dust has settled and it's all damp out there.
  15. My filter looked identical to Miles23 and after only the one ride .
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