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  1. PeteV

    garmin etrex 30

    Do you have a link Marko ? I’m going to get a gps soon . Edit found them ...
  2. PeteV

    Rockin and rootin at Chewton...

    Thanks for adding me to the list CentralVic My first ride out that way and it was very much as I expected- better actually - Lots and lots of rocks in pretty open country with a few roots and logs here and there... Was good to catch up with many a familiar face and a meet few new ones also . Thanks to cujo for sweeping. Thanks for leading Cv you had a great selection of tracks on the menu today and I enjoyed it very much . My fave was the gully hill where it started hailing and the rope came out. That scenery around that track was nothing short of spectacular - As we headed in I said to Kmatt looking at where we were going I don’t think today is the right day for this track ... We all got out though .. I took a few pics in the earlier part of the ride then my phone went flat. Enjoy Fab in a gully ...Fabs rear disc loaded with grass Nasty on ScorpioBrowny on Scorpio Rusty beaten by Scorpio Marko Kmatt55The sweet smell of two stroke . BiceyHoffBruce getting upset with his tyre Fun on the hillMore fun...FabCujo and BruceMarko Well worth the drive today Good blokes+Good trails = Great day out
  3. PeteV

    WR450 2009 Gearbox problems

    Sth Africa jeepers that’s a bit of a trek ... Oh well guess I won’t be meeting Sam anytime soon ., This the guts of the ratchet thingo that holds five gears and neutral in place. Part 16 is the segment( star part ) ( the detent roller runs on this to select each gear and hold each gear . It can be chipped by dropping the bike on the shift lever . Note it has a alignment pin . part 5 is the detent roller . This is the part that holds the shift drum in the correct each spot for each selected gear.
  4. PeteV

    WR450 2009 Gearbox problems

    Detent roller . This bit can wear it and make it hard to select gears $8 part. selector bush . ratchet thingo ( 2 bolts the hold down plate 2 x springs 2 x pawls and 2 x Bullets .. you need to be on your A game when this bit is assembled - it’s tricky This is star part that the detent roller runs on . It has a locating pin in the back of it to ensure it matches the shift drum position perfectly . If it’s not located on the pin gears won’t work properly - it can be a assembly error for a newby . The star on the outer periphery can be chipped by dropping the bike on the gear lever . This can prevent a gear from working properly as the detent roller has nothing to hold onto. I would be checking assembly of this entire area with a fine tooth comb and hopefully you will find a assembly fault or a damaged bit . Hope this helps cheers Pete .
  5. PeteV

    WR450 2009 Gearbox problems

    Hi and welcome to Dirtriderz Sam if your in Vic If your happy to bring it over I’m happy to have a look (for free ) . There is a shift drum and selector /detent roller that locks each gear in position . There is a small piece star shaped piece that sits on the end shift drum that the detent roller sit on. It sounds like it’s not located correctly . Thus your gears not working as they should . It does not require splitting of cases . Just clutch case cover off and maybe clutch basket to provide access ( can’t recall precisely ) this star shaped part can also be damaged causing neutral being hard to select. It’s very unlikely the gears inside case halfs were assembled incorrectly as the case half’s won’t go back together if it’s not right. Did the bloke doing the work give you the old gears? Also when the gears are replaced it’s important to replace the shift fork that runs on third gear that selects fourth and fifth is replaced also as it wears thin and assists in dropping fourth and fifth easier than it should . I have rebuilt multiple 400/426’s whose gear selection method and gear train is pretty much identical. I’ll find a few pics for you
  6. PeteV

    New here...

    Jump on a 2+ ride . If your a better rider in the group, find it all to easy and want a harder ride with fewer breaks jumps on the next L3 . Other riders will give you feedback also . Cheers Pete
  7. PeteV

    New here...

    Welcome to the forum Watch the video and grade yourself... Rider Grading Video Levels 1 - 3
  8. PeteV

    Property Investment

    Perhaps lots of people are planning to sell when the interest only loan matures and hope to make a nice profit in the process. If the market gets flooded with properties for sale it will be the perfect time to buy! Can't happen soon enough for those that need a new long term investment .
  9. PeteV

    Property Investment

    Exactly and Melton Sunbury Werribee Hoppers x Tarneit Gisborne Trentham Ballan even Colac prices are up higher than ever before . Every outer western burb and regional centre within an hour of Geelong is going gangbusters with everyone able to service a loan jumping on the property wagon and probably even some that cannot when interest rates rise. If there’s going to be a downturn out here there’s no sign of it yet. Every agent I’ve spoken to in the last month from Colac,Ballarat,Trentham ,Ballan, Lorne all say it’s crazy out there and with no sign of slowing. Properties are being listed without sec32’s and you get a week or so to inspect and deliberate while the seller gets their sec32 in order and then once it’s released 24 -48 hours later there is a silent auction held and the property is sold . The Perth market died with the mining boom as expected.
  10. PeteV

    Property Investment

    Outer suburb prices are still solid from where I’m looking with most properties selling above their listed price.
  11. Not a lot of reports to read this week so I thought I’d post up a little one. This wasn’t a posted ride as it was organised Sat night and numbers above three generally do not work I have found of late. PeterN,99% and myself headed out to Elaine to test our abilities vs some little techy trails. 25km and just over four hours later with the afternoon showers starting to set in we headed for the cars and called it day. Not completely exhausted but all happy not look at another hill or techy track for another week or so. Nice to finally meet and ride with you 99% and catch up and ride again PeterN. Here’s a few pics ^ Petes front wheel found the crevice a bit wider and deeper than anticipated!
  12. PeteV

    Expanding the vocabulary @ Dissa!

    That too!
  13. PeteV


    ADB news...,
  14. PeteV

    Expanding the vocabulary @ Dissa!

    Good reports everyone! Thoughts.... On a section where you think there will be carnage and in particular if your one of the better riders it’s good to stop and assist if you can. It makes the ride flow better. No purpose in the more adept tagging the lead or sitting on a corner whilst all hell breaks loose behind.
  15. PeteV

    Riding buddy

    Welcome to the forum Luke. It's normal to put your name down on a ride or post a ride in your area if your looking for people to ride with . No one will chase you, you need to keep your eye on the 'Organised rides Vic' section of the forum. Chewton rides are posted quite often but you might want to make sure your up for it as a yz 426 will be quite hard work on a typical DIrtriderz Chewton ride. Dirtriderz is a great community of people who love riding . Attending a ride is the simplest,easiest and best thing you can do to improve the quality of rides you go on and the frequency . Please read the attending a ride /cornerman sticky and rider grading videos in the "Organised rides section " of the forum so your good to go and can select a suitable ride to attend or read what details to include when posting a ride and post one ! Cheers Pete