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  1. Welcome Jarrod Whipsticks (Ballan) is a great place to start . Post up a L2 ride and see how you go . There's always a few keen. Edit. Go to "organised rides " LIndon wants to go to whipsticks on Saturday.
  2. It didn't last long. He doesn't stop much.
  3. Happy to ride out there with you some time Paul. There's tons on offer and I'm happy to mix and match the ride to suit who I'm riding with on the day.
  4. In the vid most were riding that hill with no gloves ? I didn't quite understand that.
  5. Carl contacted me a week or so ago and asked if wanted to go for a ride out there. TurboTim also. Carl was keen to camp and ride both days and Tim unsure if he had other commitments on the Sunday but was in for Saturday no matter what. He loves it out there as do I. Mojo pmed me and was in for a Sat night camp and a Sunday spin. We had a good solid ride both days with lots learnt and achieved. Late sat arvo Tim flipped his beta pulling a mono after conquuering a more difficult section to celebrate and smashed his rear guard. We were definately feeling it at this stage so headed for camp via some superb known fun trails. Joe and I put in another long day of riding on Sunday and had a great time riding the mountains top trails. Thanks Carl,Mojo and Tim for coming its always a pleasure to catch up and ride. Here's a few pics
  6. Well done all Romaniac competitor's, You all did incrediblely well and gave it everything you've got after months if not years of training. Inspirational!
  7. Good report I love reading about positive OS adventures on the bikes.
  8. PeteV

    95 yz

    If that pin was missing in the governer it could be missing the balls. It's critical the governer is assembled correctly for it to work correctly - so you know the spring in the governer and the number of balls it contains is how you adjust the power valve on a yz ( less balls comes on later as its lighter - softer spring ( a wr spring was made in the nineties ) also gives a different response - um makes it come on earlier.(open earlier) I remember now - one of 2stroke wr's I bought the governer had been fiddled with and assembled incorrectly and this caused all sorts of damage . I still have all the bits - I'll take pics when I get a chance . Glad I could help with your issue - cheers .
  9. My Mate Burns is doing a vlog Subscribe and watch here. He's a funny fella!
  10. Farmerbrown, Turbo Tim and myself got together on Saturday for a bit of spin round Mt Cole. Weather was perfect , All creeks aflowing, Rocky tracks flowing with water, Logs super slippery and another epic day of riding under the belt. We completed a new rock hill section that I found last week and another that's been dogging me for a while , Tim showed me a couple that have been bugging him. There's so many big bad hills there that are just begging to be ascended and they are tough, seriously tough, bike boiling and stop and have breather and pick your spot to go back down to, to get your momentum going again while you plan your next sections attack tough. I only took three pics all day, I'm a bit lazy with the new phone, still gettibg used to it. Thanks for coming FB and TT great to catch up and ride again . Thanks for the bbq after the ride Tim it always makes the drive home much easier. 59km and leg cramps in the last hour . I must be doing too many short km rides. I slept well Sat night.
  11. PeteV

    95 yz

    If you had the clutch cover off the power valve linkage may not be sitting in the centrifugal clutch correctly . But it's pretty hard to put the cover back on if Its not right too. Down load a service manual free from yamaha it goes through how to adjust it etc It very important your power valve parts are in good condition ( in particular the stop ) if this is worn the power valve can hit the piston and it will be all over sooner rather than later . I have one such motor in my shed . I'll take a pick of score in the barrel. I bought it like this so not my doing.
  12. PeteV

    95 yz

    Sounds like the power valve isnt opening. Pull lid of the power valve linkage cover , and check it all looks good then start and rev the bike and watch it open . If it does not that is your problem .
  13. I'd also like to wish another ride buddy of mine in CraigBurns all the best at Romaniacs . He is competeing in Bronze and also a DRZ member. Burns knows his way round Avoca pretty good and is living on the sunshine coast these days.
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