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  1. Great thanks for the detailed information. Yes unfortunately I can’t afford injures as I work a physical job which requires my body to be tip top shape. If I worked in an office I could get away with it but in my line of work I need the most protection possible. One thing I’ve learn from my broken foot… you can’t cheap out on safety gear.
  2. Yes I’m currently looking at sg12s, that’s the first thing I did when I was in my hospital bed haha. The 450 humbled me which is a good thing it’s a good lesson learner for myself
  3. Thanks mate. Yes I found out the hard way why you should use old cheap gear. Broke my foot in a pair on cheap old 100 O’Neil boots, just had surgery and I’m out for 3 months
  4. Yes I always take a small tool box in my ute with spanners and what not. Hydration backpack,phone and food
  5. Yes after searching then I’ve discovered it. Great thanks for that. It’s hard to find a lot of parts for my bike. I believe because it’s a 2021 so it’s still fairly new
  6. Just bought a new 2021 Wr450f. Where do you guys buy all your parts and stuff from, and being a beginner how do I know which parts will fit etc…
  7. Gday lads, I’m new the forums so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m. 22 year old who lives in Sydney working full time as a carpenter/builder. Always have been interested in dirt bikes but have only owned pit bikes as a kid. Recently decided to treat myself during covid and splurge out on a brand new de restricted 2021 wr450f. Probably a dumb idea as it’s a hell of a bike for a first timer and required me toning the power down via the mapping and a g2 throttle tamer. I’ve been riding technical enduro trails building my skills. I haven’t been able to attend my local dirtbike track at Appin due to covid. Thanks for letting me join, I look forward to meeting you all (buying my first bike was like being a little kid again)
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