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  1. Massive thanks to greasa and the two sweeps, with having to go back to cars and pushing bikes up hills (earn your money today boys) Had a ball today in the slippery stuff some great tracks at Hazelwood, let me know when you finish the loop greasa I'll be there with bells on. good to see Mick make it up the last play hill only to see him go over the bars after the job was done, looked scary!! great ride today fellas.
  2. Hey bud, The Hazelwood ride is not till the 8th July..... this coming Sunday will be the 1st July. if you’re riding Hazelwood two weeks in a row, disregard this msg.
  3. chris c

    Lal lal

    My first ride at Lal lal, and what a ride it was. Think I got to the unloading about 40 mins before the meeting time, richardg arrived next, had quick chat with him and he was off for his PRP. ride flowed really well all day, great job leading this ride Paul. We didn't really need a sweep as we were all running pretty close to each other and everyone was taking turns at the back. with prime conditions, we set out on a great little warm up loop that was a sign of things to come. great terrain at Lal lal, those creek crossings were a highlight for me. I'll see if I can post my gopro footage soon, thanks again Paul for a great ride.
  4. Last time I rode with toys had a leg cramp, toys pulled this little weapon out. the only problem was that he insisted he sprayed it into my mouth (which was a bit off-putting) the cramp went away pretty quicky.......... Think next time I'll put up with the cramp!!!
  5. chris c

    Kinglake L2

    Thanks Macca for putting this ride on, and welcome back on the bike. my first ride at Kinglake and well worth the 1 and a half it took me to get there over some pretty windy roads....might have to go back there on my road bike one day. Good bunch today. Good to see people having a go at hills that were challenging. Thanks Steve for sweeping most of the day.
  6. Been running starcross 5 mid on rear. running 4psi all winter haven't had a problem with the TUBliss.
  7. Cruiser might be a better choice as he knows the area well. if cruiser can't do it, I'll be happy to work on a loop for a Saturday ride.
  8. massive thanks to Petev for putting this ride on, all the pm's he sent to make sure the ride went according to plan ( it went according to plan) My first time riding at Anglesea, the place is awesome, I'll be nagging ya for another ride out there Pete. a mixture of different level riders on this ride, I couldn't believe how well the group moved, Pete decided to run a two bike per corner system and that kept the group nice and close. Thanks, Matty J for sweeping all day, think you had a pretty easy day. good to see you again hoff, you were wearing a dress last time I saw you, must say you look better in a dress (just saying) awesome ride with a great bunch of blokes ,see you on the next one.
  9. make sure you ride both bikes, I tried both and bought the 350,
  10. New boots and jacket toys.....looking very professional. I was going to say you look georgeous......sorry, can't say that!!!
  11. Old thorpdale rd. just passed Samson rd on the left hand side
  12. Do you have any cows and dogs I can borrow toys?
  13. We will definitely Go there again!! I'll jump on a ride there next time someone post one up.
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