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  1. Yep, i broke my leg on an annual Rawson 2 Woods point 2Dayer in 2013 , haven't been back since . The Pub used to play an old KOOWEE MC (i think) video of a hillclimb day out there, alot of trashed Xr400s
  2. Ktms have always been ugly, now just uglier than previous years 🤢🤣
  3. Ive done over 300 hrs on composite subframe bikes , no issues as yet , my mate had busted the LHS ( think its 2 peice) subframe on his but he's had a few big offs , I think all depends on how harshly your bike gets treated , I wouldnt recommend Ghostys off or over obstacles 🙂🤙
  4. Silver rims are good if you plan to keep your bike long term , my black rims are probably %20 Silver now after 200hrs of bush bashing
  5. Carby bikes will always be on the trails and keep alive and reliable by real Dirt Bike Enthusiasts.... ...You dont have to have a brand new bike to enjoy yourself🙂🤙
  6. Limited to 1 Display bike in some models untl next year , no wonder 2nd hand bikes are overpriced
  7. Sorta spewing Im not back in Vic , Id probably have the TX and Freeride up for sale😔
  8. 6 or 7 years ago you couldn't give away a second hand bike , i got 5.5k for my 2 year old WR450 in 2015 , now people expect 10k + for a bike thats done 150 hrs
  9. Still no 21s on bikes sales .... a bloke i occasionally ride with just advertised his 17 model 300exc for 10.5k with 150 hrs on it 🤦‍♂️
  10. Im think about building a YZ150x , from an 04 onwards YZ..cant beat old school carby 2T👌
  11. NECJ for the win. 🤙 NECW a close 2nd 😎
  12. 18k for a 300 erzberb 🤦‍♂️ , i paid 10.5k for a brand new Husky 300 2 years ago🤷‍♂️, might put it up for sale for 11k, only got 220hrs on it
  13. Pressure from local Greenies as well , that area in th Carpathian mountains woulg be getting Flogged out hard , along with illegal logging might be a good time to book a holiday, its on my Bucket list 👌
  14. That Ktm didnt sound too good?? , 200rr for the win🤙
  15. They could have atleast binned the blue rims for the 21' models🤮
  16. Good stuff 👌.. Any clues on what youll be riding next??🤔
  17. Haha , was waiting for that.. No its Tpi repellent, keeps those shit talking Tpi owners away😉
  18. My experience is with Force pipe/bash guards , work well , fairly universal, had a few ,I put a 16' te300 bash gaurd on an 05 250exc, now its on a 15' 300exc( @ ktm -sean) , they just fill up with crap in winter , but easy enough to take off and clean, They do tend to rattle after a while, i slit upsome rubber an tapped it to the frame
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