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  1. Lucky Parks Victoria dont Troll this site
  2. Thanks to GYPSYtpi for keeping the Goughs Bay Lvl4 weekender alive in the temporary absence of Habs , thanks to the all other guys that did the Lvl4 rides, top crew of elite riders on some of this states most scenic trails , will be looking forward to the Goughs Bay winter edition
  3. at least its a 2t Nar .nice bike Frank
  4. Nar i dont but some of the other guys had gopros , Jase had one i think,
  5. I got passed a few times , i think me and my plus1 were all square at the end of the day , its not often we get to race each other, hope no one got too upset with our crude overtaking
  6. There was "some" method to my madness
  7. Thanks for posting up and Leading another Cracking ride Greasa, Slick conditions out there with plenty of puddles and plenty of mud getting thrown around , was nice to catch up with a few regulars and meet a few that i haven't ridden with before , I dont do many lvl2+ rides these days but i knew it was going to be prime out there after the rain and Mark always Puts on a cracker so why not, i brought my regular riding mate with me and was great fun doing a bit of bar bashing for once, stopped to play on a hill , most were happy watching as it was extremely slick down the bottom , i think most had had enough by then anyway , Me and my +1 decided to part company and do a bit of a explore after that , thanks again Mark for leading and Greg for sweeping , great bunch of blokes with plenty of laughs along the way, cheers
  8. Kdx 200 , dt 200 , yz cr kx rm Remember you get what you pay for. If its cheap theres probably a reason for it
  9. Ebay . Mxstore/ballards have em. Type in "2 stroke throttle assembly "
  10. I tried all four lines on 3rd gear hill , that was defenatly the hardest (1 guy had atleast 10 atempts ) . The left was like a chicken track