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  1. mick

    KTM Rubbish

    KTM on Sunday . ATM on monday . Posted by the owner of 2 lovely Ktms
  2. Good stuff Gypsy Great report guys. Think i seen some of those hills on the, " Vic Hillclimbs " page on Facebook
  3. mick

    WP 48 OC forks

    Got it sorted , brought a yz250 with Sss, but the OC are fine for now
  4. Sounds about right 1st year apprentice takes 3hrs to change a tyre and bleed the brakes , shop charges $110 hr at tradesman rates , standard practice for new customers
  5. Sticky situation hes got self into there
  6. Any news on the missing bike yet Bruce
  7. mick

    Smokers Lounge

    Not muffler noise , engine noise
  8. mick

    Smokers Lounge

    Picked up a yz250 with 20 hrs on it , seems to be more engine noise than my te300 , are the yz250s known to be a little noisy ??
  9. mick

    NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

    Thanks to all the came along and made donations to RCHGFA, Thanks and Great report and pics as usual Marko , Ripperz for gopro footage , Sam for Crash hightlights, Pete for sweeping all day , good crew, good pace , no major incidents, first time for me towing a bike out of the bush , i think everyone enjoyed them selves , can ask for much more than that
  10. mick

    WP 48 OC forks

    04 sx125 Oc 14 year old forks are more plushthan 16 model te 300 4cs
  11. mick

    WP 48 OC forks

    Just put a set of OC forks from a 05 sx on my 16 husky, anyone know whats needed to make them slow techy sh*t friendly, and do 4cs spings fit ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Sorry to hear that bruce , my deepest sympathys , i hope your insurance coverage is up to date, so you get your weapon back
  13. mick

    Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    Yep always good for a laugh
  14. mick

    Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    Wanna see the wet weather edition of the rock wall