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  1. Yamaha Insurance for my Husqvarna Tx300 $250pa Swann for my Te150 $20 a month Both just Fire and theft i think🤷‍♂️
  2. Hema Explorer for me EDIT: just checked the app store, seems like the original version has changed , not %100 sure if " hema 4x4 Explorer" is the same.
  3. Only buy off little old ladies that only ride Firetrail to church on Sunday's 👌
  4. 225 hrs without a pipe guard 🙂👌
  5. Seen them cable tied to backpacks, empty asap im tipping
  6. Could add " must have Front tugger strap" in the ride description on rides above L2
  7. TPI LOTTO,... Any other pics of that custom Force bashplate??
  8. And Only 6% chance you'll need an extra $3000 top end rebuild
  9. According to that survey 1 in 10 run like crap , 6% will prematurely need a top end, there Good odds🤞
  10. Im guilty of putting up a "said list", I've done it more to discourage the repeat offenders , I get where your coming from 🙂
  11. Like all bikes models, there's always going to be a dud amongst them , my 2016 te300 had 2 major engine issues , fixed under warranty, then went onto to do 400hrs before i sold it ,, a mate who works at my local Husky dealer said they've had to replace 3x 2021 te250i's due to not being able to fix poor running issues , so could come down to old mate on the production line having a bad day🤷‍♂️
  12. Best aviod all KTMs🙄