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  1. Very tempting , 200rr 2T is calling me , realistically 2021. Im waiting for rumours of Factory editions 200s for 2021 , KYB would nice
  2. +1 on the Airoh Twist , both me an my son have them , paid 200ish for plain black , 250 ish for the twist punk 🤘
  3. Nice , often wondered on weight compairsen 4t Vs 2t Tpi .
  4. Hey man , what are your thoughts on going in this direction? Just curious that all 🤔
  5. Cheers , yep i remember the turning circle compairsen, spewing bout that 🙁
  6. Thanks Matt , much appreciated on giving your thoughts on the 200 , itching to ride one , I rode Toys XT when had it , Had a ball , so Im sure I'll gel with the 200 , cheers
  7. Nice , i did my Tibia , 9 screws an a plate, You back on the bike in 3months Tops 👌 Speedy recovery..
  8. Definitely, fallen into that trap myself (kx85)
  9. Wondering why the 36 pwk is not on this list?
  10. Keihin 36pwk carbs are known for making clean bottom end power , for lugging around. Mikuni Tmx38 are known for making their power at mid to top end , more suited for more aggressive riding , Only my 2c
  11. Cheers man , i was keen to learn more on the motor/ecu updates from previous models , ive lost interest in the 150tpi , based on peoples reviews , im happy with my 150 , just going to save my money and get the suspension done on my TX i think , and wait till they bring out the Beta 200 with KYB.
  12. Not sure on this either. i replaced both on my sons bke after cooking it.
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