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  1. You cant put "lazy" , "L2" and "Goughs Bay" in the same sentence, doesn't work
  2. Glad your feeling better, nothing better than getting on the bike to forget the rest of the world Here's some inspiration for ya , even thou this kid never rides any more
  3. The radiator is no good , fair amount of damage, Chinese set for $200 off ebay .. My off was on a track that i hadn't ridden for about 18months, if they get a bit chopped up i dont bother, fresh is best, couple of riders were cooked so i used it as a short cut .., i will never ride that track again
  4. Hey mate , Happened about halfway through, held pressure, no leaks but she's fairly rooted, probably get some Chinese ones next
  5. Pretty standard trail ride, 9 riders covered 68klm , mostly ST, couple of minor issues, stacked me bike , all good , Thanks Hoff and Pete for sweeping, camera only came out twice
  6. Reserve at 62 klms!! Definitely not right , Necw or necj , everyone has there opinionsl on these needles. My te150 did 97klms today and still didn't hit reserve, (36 Pwk with a Necw) I put a total of 9 litres in the ktm freeride250r and still didn't hit reserve , can't remember whats jettings in that , been 3 years since i touched the carb on that thing ,
  7. Thanks Shaun for posting up and leading, been a while since my last Blue rock ride . Due to a few early issues with the lead bike i went home a got my sons Ktm freeride 250r , its been about 12 moths since i rode it last, probably over 2 year ive done more 5klms on it, i was surprised how much i enjoyed it even thou the suspension is about 70hrs overdue for a service, it is up for sale and about halfway throu the ride i thought " nar ill keep it and get the suspension done ", by about 3/4 of the way thru i hit a low lying branch and in true ktm freeride style it started playing up , no starter , no kick , shes now back up for sale if anyone is interest. few roll starts later and the rides over, all good apart from a few minnor issues. Thanks Mick501 for sweeping all day.
  8. https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Nelson-Rigg-RG-020-Dual-Sport-Motorcycle-Saddlebag/67-220-11?gclid=Cj0KCQiAsvTxBRDkARIsAH4W_j8F2cgKwYhK5pVd8LmXn_L6Pnw2MaySULznKfFX-AbhIklfHSHgjf0aAk3tEALw_wcB
  9. Any hints to the most failures with tublis? .. AT81 tops my most failures, followed by soft compound Hard enduro tyres ,
  10. When i stop hanging around with the trail fairies ill get a tpi, at the moment every last Kg counts.
  11. Sweet as , did you have a decent spin on it ?
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