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  1. Ya get what you pay for , ive snapped a chain out in the middle of Bumfu##k, Trust me i wouldn't be putting on a cheap chain
  2. I dont run pipe protection just flange guard and my pipe is smashed up pretty bad
  3. A lot Tpi Mapping talk going on here,...sounds alot like jetting talkπŸ˜‰... Would be good if KTM had a power tunner like theYamaha FI bikesπŸ‘Œ
  4. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJ5ozBPoQRi/?igshid=q3gh3chm9ouc
  5. https://www.dakar.com/en/rankings/stage-2/bike
  6. https://enduro21.com/en/videos/latest/jonny-walker-to-race-beta-in-hard-enduro-world-championship
  7. Please post up any links or info for stage results if you can , thanks πŸ™‚ https://au.motorsport.com/dakar/news/bikes-price-leads-brabec-struggles/4934915/
  8. Please post up any links or info for stage results plz https://au.motorsport.com/dakar/news/bikes-price-leads-brabec-struggles/4934915/
  9. Im all for having a stock bike but Its not about more power, its about having the bike run properly and making them more ridable and reliable thats why i run Keihin's instead of mikuni, apart from the carby my TX300 is stock and doesn't have any TSP mods , my TE150 has the TSP Head insert , Carby and V force reeds and suspensionrevalved, my 16 model TE300 had all the TSP mods done and it was scary on map 1 and was too much power, I like ithe idea of having the oil maps modified especially if your going to keep the bike for 300+hrs., Oil is cheap, rebuilds are not πŸ™‚πŸ€™
  10. I was just trying to find more info on the 21 150tpi Ecu updates , found this as an interesting read , (not trying to promote this product) πŸ™‚ https://www.twostrokeperformance.com.au/product/tpi-power-kit-suits-2020-ktm-150tpi-and-husky-te150i/
  11. Do you know if theres any Ecu updates from the 20 to 21 models??
  12. Fair review Ben , i decided to keep my 150 after selling the Freeride 250r. I'll be watching this space with interest before i jump ship onto a Tpi150 🀘
  13. Yer i noticed he stalls it a few times, i need to ride one to see if it is a smooth and stall resistant as mine , wont be worth upgrading otherwise