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  1. mick

    Drowned four stroke?

    Howd ya go , is it going yet ?
  2. Kdx 200 , dt 200 , yz cr kx rm Remember you get what you pay for. If its cheap theres probably a reason for it
  3. Need to change your user name to LeakingFX
  4. mick

    throttle husky/ktm 250 2stroke

    Ebay . Mxstore/ballards have em. Type in "2 stroke throttle assembly "
  5. mick

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Was a fluke
  6. mick

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    I tried all four lines on 3rd gear hill , that was defenatly the hardest (1 guy had atleast 10 atempts ) . The left was like a chicken track
  7. Ive got a "seal doctor ", it cleans the seals when dirt gets up in there, i seen Mev use a $5 note yesterday to clean his seals, worth a try before getting them replaced
  8. mick

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Thanks to all the Dirtriderz Legends for putting this ride and BBQ together . Lvl 4 ride was awesome, thanks Buzz for leading us aroundyour back yard , really appreciate your efforts . Great footage as usual Marko, happy i made the highlights reel
  9. mick

    Goughs - Level IV

    Cheers Guys for top ride on Friday, Huge efforts by Buzz and Gypsy on navagation , couldn't really do the Saturday ride as i double booked my self but im sure it was just as epic. Thanks BenG for a spin on the 150xc, also a shout out to Habs for sharing your loop , cant wait for the next one
  10. mick

    2018 TE 150

    Good stuff TT, id love to add a 150 to the stable
  11. mick

    Rider Grading System

    Yep, they did it at Rokeby , im gunna buy a MTB now
  12. mick

    Rider Grading System

    Mountain bikers i heard
  13. mick

    Rider Grading System

    Just one problem, Im colorblind
  14. mick

    Rider Grading System

    All good , i know its alot work , thanks to all the Mods , your doing a top job
  15. Hey all , was just reading the Rider Grading system in the organized rides section , one appears to be out dated and lacking important details , I did notice in another thread where there was a more detailed version of the Grading system. My concerns are that maybe some riders are over rating their abilities based on the outdated version, Just a thought, maybe one of the mods could update that thread to save some confusion about signing up to Rides. Cheers ps. Top job to all the mods , keep up the good work .