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  1. https://dirtbikelover.com/2021-yamaha-yz-electric-motocross-bike-first-look/
  2. Not too sure mate havent seen him all year , im stuck in WA😔
  3. I got a ktm freeride for sale. as is where is
  4. PR Possibly amied at poor 4t sales , now that 4T Guys are switching to TPi. Must be a relief not having that hassle of puttin oil into a jerry can🤔
  5. Hows that mikuni running now.? Still find it funny about every second day on the Ktm FB page someones either asking for a Keihin or wanting help with their on going Tmx38 issues . Poor buggers🤷‍♂️
  6. Probably only SX . I brought something simalar thinking it was goin to fit . Any one with a sx125 can have it...... ( in 6 months maybe when i can come home😔)
  7. Just spotted this... https://nihiloconcepts.com/products/ktm-husqvarna-ignition-cover-125-150-2013-2020
  8. I couldn't find any that are similar to the 250/300 . I had to get a billet clutch cover. Nothing for igniton side. Polysport do one for the SX but wont fit the 150exc. Let us know how you go and if you find anything for the ignition side.👍
  9. So could I 🤘😎🤘... It ticks alot of boxes🙂
  10. https://adbmag.com.au/editorial/factory-bike-taddy-blazusiak-gasgas-ec300-tpi/
  11. Good luck with it . your patience is greater than mine
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