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  1. https://www.dirtrider.com/two-stroke-vs-four-stroke-cody-webb-gives-us-lowdown/
  2. Ive got a 2018 TE150 carby (Keihin), was set up for my son but has lost interest for now..90hrs not a issue , piston done at 40-80 hrs , E start is a little weak when cold, 92 kgs, Great bike
  3. My next 2t👌 but Factcory model
  4. Taken from The Jeff Slavens website, Note: All 2 stroke pistons are size A or B (KTM calls size A pistons Group 1 and size B pistons Group 2). We recommend the A kit for all engines that have less than 25 hours/500 miles or engines with a re-plated cylinder. We recommend the B kit for all engines that have 25+ hours or 500+ miles. Using the B piston will bring your cylinder bore to piston tolerances back to specification. FROM TSP Piston sizing: ideally you should measure your bore with a dial gauge to work out the correct piston sizing. If you cannot do this then a rough rule of thumb is use an A size under 100 hours of engine run time and use a B size over 100 hours of engine run time. Its ALWAYS better to have a bit too much clearance than not enough, so if in doubt use an A size.
  5. https://www.twostrokeperformance.com.au/product/ktm300tpi-and-husky-300i-2018-on-top-end-rebuild-kit-tsp/ https://slavensracing.com/shop/ez-top-end-rebuild-kit-250300-ktm-husaberg-husqvarna/
  6. https://racerxonline.com/2021/07/20/triumph-announces-coming-line-of-mx-and-enduro-bikes-carmichael-to-test
  7. Maybe, leaning towards a 890 adventure R for Firetrail. New 2t prices are inflated due to buyer demand, cant justify the updating my TX just yet,
  8. The Into to ZombieLand all time favourite 👌
  9. Need to see more of this in OZ🙂
  10. TSP or Slavens sell Keihin carbs with correct jetting if you decide to go down that path, https://slavensracing.com/shop/keihin-pwk-airstryker-ag-short-body-carburetor-with-jet-kit/
  11. Tibia spiral fracture 150mm long just above the ankle , metal rod and 11 screws, riding around in the backyard at 9 weeks , first ride back at 12 weeks,
  12. No Names , but i could name instances and not only on rides ive lead ,,,, hey I'm guilty of having a sook too, we've all been "THAT GUY", 😆
  13. Not aimed at you Bud🙂👍, just saying Attitudes contribute to weather a ride goes good or bad
  14. Sh!t Attitudes can make you "That Guy" aswell, you can carry all the Gear in the world but if your Attitude sucks or your always sooking, makes for a Sh!t ride, I have a few regular riding mates that carry sweet FA but have great Attitudes on the trail and there fun to ride with so i usually have them covered with tools,snacks spares etc.. I have Lead plenty of rides where ive had a someone sook about a certain tracks, hills or the pace, or difficulty, it put me off leading and organising regular rides
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