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  1. Mevstar

    Gypsy’s lightening strikes at wombat

    Thanks Gypsy for organising awesome day out great to be back on bike after sometime off after Romaniacs. Definitely noticed some sore muscles the next day great to catch up with you guys and to meet some new members. Till next time [emoji106][emoji110]️
  2. Mevstar

    Romainiacs 2018

    Tough day in the saddle just glad to make the finish line [emoji110]️
  3. Mevstar


    Cheers for all the kind words lads much appreciated. Will try to post pics each day still deciding if I'll be taking the Go-Pro as they are stinging all riders a recording fee. All footage must also be handed in each day for viewing sections may be deleted by officials.
  4. Mevstar

    Lal Lal RCHA 2018

    Thanks Gypsy for putting the ride together great loop [emoji106]
  5. Mevstar

    Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Thanks Dazz & fellow members for the kind words and for a bit of inspiration think we're going to need it as we get closer to date. Looking forward to Romaniacs nervous but keen at the same time just to complete the 4 days will be my goal. Training so far has been fun Buzz and I are always getting out of our comfort zone and pushing our selves to tackle the harder terrain or at least have a crack. The bikes and bodies are feeling it but feeling positive see how i feel in 4 months time lol Dazz I've been thinking about who would have let the cat out the bag, I'm guessing your that mysterious bloke that walked into a Sunbury Bike shop few weeks back?? Lol Thanks all I Hope the Good Friday Appeal Rides are continuing this year as it will be a good chance to meet up with all.
  6. Haha the eyes ain't playing tricks defiantly is a lectron
  7. She’s all ready to get smashed up[emoji110]️
  8. Mevstar

    Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    Thanks Dakota awesome ride & great crew.[emoji106] Tiny hope nothing to serious mate till next time
  9. Mevstar

    2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    1x Large please Fro thanks.
  10. Mevstar

    Boot repair/replacements

    I had my Garne boots repaired from Manfreds Shoe Lounge in North Melbourne did an awesome job on replacing the soles and toe caps price was reasonable as well.
  11. Mevstar

    Ktm oil drain tool

    This guy sells it from Japan but not sure if price is reasonable.
  12. Mevstar

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday fellas.
  13. Mevstar

    RCHGFA day8 Blackwood

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  14. Mevstar

    RCHGFA day8 Blackwood

    Thank you all for coming out yesterday really turned out to be an awesome day hopefully we have smashed last years RCHA record. Had a great time leading the level 2 loop the ride flowed really well couple little tricky bits but was good to see everyone enjoying them selves, having a crack and getting out of there comfort zone. Great to meet new members and catch up with some old mates. Thanks to the sweeps for helping out when needed. Till next time Cheers Mevstar