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  1. WOULD YOU WORK ON A BOAT THAT DIRTY! Was going to suggest valve clearance check but assumed that was the first think you would have checked, a burnt valve could be at fault also, perhaps do a wet/dry test to confirm. Good luck but put the r/cover back on and clean before going any further please Mr Noods.
  2. I know a few car salesman that drive demos, always telling me how good they are.
  3. dazzrmx

    Corona Virus

    I still have my bald summer tyre fitted, it is still fine in dry conditions
  4. That brings back memories Bear, was always fun if the creek was flowing and you were not one of the first few bikes through.
  5. 2nd video, is that what it does fairly consistently, when backing off throttle was that a backfire through the intake ?
  6. It may be a press fit collar, do some research but maybe with a cold chisel you can spread it to remove ??
  7. Just a typical day with Dirtriderz, just cant make out the instructor/lead rider, maybe you guys can tell me who you think it might be ??
  8. Seats are hardened not coated, when reconditioning seats are re-cut (45 deg and multi angling). If seats are low they are replaced as are guides if required then valve heights should be adjusted by cutting seats, this also corrects your valve too seat contact and valve spring tension.
  9. Beta x trainer/ RR 300 - 8.5 litre tank , RR pipe , power valve spacer removed , air box de- restricted, lighter power valve spring, NECJ needle 2nd clip, 37.5 primary, .75 slide, 165 main. I generally ride level 2+/3 with an occasional 3+ play, mainly tight stuff but on anything more open I do tend to get on it, rarely 1st gear crawling techy. 8.5 litre tank, would get about 5 too 6 hrs riding time,
  10. I can rock up in the HJ ute with the RMX in the back !
  11. dazzrmx

    Cruisy Cobaw

    Oh too be young and !!??**^^##!!%*?>.< again, not sure if I treated my new bikes like that, oh hang on a minute yes I did when the red mist, adrenaline kicked in.
  12. I have owned about 10 bikes over the years, all Japanese until recently, have loved them all but they have all required maintenance to keep them reliable. Give me any brand of bike and I will enjoy it however if you think you can buy a bike and not have to modify it to suit your style/needs you are kidding yourself. Most people are lucky in that they can buy a later model dirt bike and comfortably reach the ground, my latest purchase was purely brought for its low seat height, NOTHING else about this bike attracted me, having owned this bike for 18 months there is not much I have not modified to suit MY intended use of the bike and I am more than happy with my choice of weapon. If you buy a bike thats perfect out of the crate you are extremely lucky, some say the new KTM 2ts are at this point and if so great. Japanese bikes in my opinion are generally more reliable and better assembled from the factory than Euro, its a shame they dont know about this modern invention called a starter motor which can actually be made to fit a 2t. In the mean time if you want a 2t which does not require kicking you have 4 or 5 choices, enjoy. Lets ride.
  13. Britto - Dissa Silent - Cresswick
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