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  1. dazzrmx

    Hide and seek @ Bears Pyrenees

    Just heard on the grapevine Trailz may have video evidence on who needs to go back to corner man school, but if he says he has not got it we can only assume he is covering up something.
  2. dazzrmx

    Hide and seek @ Bears Pyrenees

    Thanks boys for the ride, its all been pretty well said so if ya lucky you may see me on the next blast.
  3. dazzrmx

    Lvl 3 rides

    I have been riding with Dirtriderz for about 4 years, so I have experienced all sorts of delemas on rides from poorly prepared bikes to poorly prepared riders. Lets not try to re-invent the wheel, the present grading system or any future grading system is a guide only, it rains, trees block tracks, people have off days, what I am trying to say is conditions vary widely and NO ONE is perfect. Last weekend I signed up for a level 3 ride, I normally like my level 2+ rides but felt that my fitness had improved, I soon found myself very fatigued so decided to bail. Please correct me if I am wrong but I dont feel that this was any real problem, I made my own call to bail, I was pointed to the cars, no harm done.
  4. dazzrmx

    KTM Rubbish

    That ride looks scarier than Mr Cooper himself.
  5. dazzrmx


    Good luck boys - hold it flat
  6. dazzrmx

    Lvl 3 rides

    When organising any ride, any level, not all riders who sign up will be equal, this is where the dont be to serious comes in. I personally have not been on any rides where this was so! If someone is way out of there depth escort them back to the cars, if they are just a bit out of sorts/having a bad day help them. ***** If by the end of a ride it is obvious someone is not up to the level just ridden tell them, most people would rather know, just be polite about it but if you are not comfortable with this perhaps look for support with your thoughts from a fellow rider/s. Levels are a only guide for what to expect, sometimes looking at who is organising or on the ride will give a good idea of what to expect once more familiar with Dirtriderz.
  7. dazzrmx

    Dustys Dissa what a Pissa

    Have not felt like posting up as feeling pretty low/dissapointed with myself for pulling out a couple of hours into ride. Thanks very much Dusty for leading, always appreciated and Bayerj for sweeping. Great crew and really good to catch up/ride with you all. I suppose I need to explain my premature departure as I was enjoying the ride and maybe kidding myself but felt that I was riding the presented conditions ok but the last 20 minutes found myself struggling with fatigue. Those that ride with me regularly no my skills lie in 3rd gear and above(pace)that I can do all day but tight 2nd gear tight stuff wears me out pretty quickly and without breaks between this stuff I feel that my riding is no longer safe. So on that note - sorry. Yes Im not the youngest or fittest bastard and have been looking at alternative bikes with an electric start for months but hard to find something that suits a rider with no legs(excuse the pun), I actually meant to ask Matt for a sit/ride on his bike as I believe his bike is lowered? Im sure the riding later in the day was brilliant, always love doing the big hill climbs.
  8. dazzrmx

    88 too 100

    True story, a friends father, now 88 yrs old, raced when younger each year celebrates his birthday by dragging his old 2t road racer out and going for a short blast on a quiet country rd, hits 100mph blowing the cobwebs out of himself, satisfied for another 12 mths puts the bike back in shed for next years run. Just brilliant.
  9. dazzrmx

    500 smoker anyone?

    Starting procedure 1- pull decompression located on right side of cylinder head 2- put all body weight on kick starter 3- hit starter motor button 4- if starter motor or leg breaks replace as required manufacturer holds no responsibility to damage incured too rider or bike
  10. dazzrmx

    Queen`s birthday with King leader 99percent at Dissa

    Great shot Marko, Daniel did that hurt? 3rd gear hill is quite a challenge now. Looks like you boys had a great ride - next time I will sign up earlier as this ride filled fast.
  11. dazzrmx

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

    Ok I know the suspence is killing you. Some 7 or 8 rides ago I lifted the needle half a clip, by doing this the circlip no longer sits in the well(hollow) and to my amazement the circlip had come off the needle. Just call me Phil.
  12. dazzrmx

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

  13. dazzrmx

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

    I might start a quiz, what stopped the mighty RMX. It started running lean after sitting on a corner for 30 minutes but got it back to the car running on choke! mmm what could the problem be? Bear - we spoke earlier, you already no the cause so no input from you. I doubht anyone will get the answer right.
  14. dazzrmx

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

    All good to go for next ride