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  1. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Thanks Bear for leading a great ride today, it was a great group of riders who conquered all that was put in front of them. Many knarly downs and ups, Trails you have improved heaps and got through all that was presented with no help, well done. Wishy, always a pleasure to ride with you and your plus 1 seemed to enjoy himself. Yep I am sitting here enduring some very sore ribs, a small scratch and a couple of lumps with a nice red 50 cent size coin bruise waiting to turn black. I now know how it felt jousting and coping one in the ribs.
  2. 350 riders

    Just buy a 2 stroke, you will never lack for power, light and easy maintanance. But then again we are getting older and the 4 strokes are easier to ride, but you are an experienced rider and the thrill of a 2t coming on song will light your candle.
  3. 9th April Donny Brook Dinner Night

    Maybe you need to see a Doctor
  4. 1976 YZ 80C Resto

    2nd ring upside down -
  5. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Good to see you sitting on corners Vince, your pace is improving! Love the the comentory, you could talk the fangs from a rattlesnake
  6. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

    I was not really there but thanks Coggs for leading a great ride, good crew as the norm. Yates good to see you still standing at end of ride gathering, no fuel left in your tank for last hour of ride and good to see Frank(George) not attacking any Gum trees. Thought the bike was going home with just a of dust to blow off but just towards the end Coggs managed to lead us through the only remaining bog hole in Victoria. PS Coggs, forgot to give you some kanga at rides end so donated this morning on DirtriderZ behalf.
  7. NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

    Frank, I mean George - "watch out for that tree". Glad to hear your ok.
  8. Smokers Lounge

    No step ladder required to mount, no radiators to damage or coolant leaks. Ah the good old days when you even required a right leg.
  9. DirtriderZ in Cambodia - 32 mins documentary

    Brilliant, wish I was there, what ! nothing to say at 17 min mark. Jealous - YES. Hoping to take family there soon, mmmm dirt bike ride ???
  10. Modifying roadworthy bikes

    Any major modification to frame, brakes yes will require an engineers certificate. We live in a nanny state where such mods normally get shelved because of bureacracy, although in saying this I have seen vehicles modified being used on roads that are outright dangerous, without following the rules you run the risk of getting an unroadworthy rendering the vehicle useless. The boys in the States and the Kiwis make me very jealous at times. You could go and speak to the person you intend doing the roadworthy and ask what they will let you get away with but be warned they may change there mind on seeing mods!!!
  11. 1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Sorry, nice that you are completing his collection.
  12. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Richardg, ridden together a few times now, always a pleasure, have a great one mate.
  13. Bike Suspension

    If your suspension has already been set for your weight you now need to start increasing your compression dampening as you are riding harder, initially perhaps go 2 clicks and see how it feels and if still too soft go 1 click at a time. Visually keep an eye on the shock shaft, if you get to the point where the shaft stays dirty for the last 5mm of travel even after big hits you have gone too stiff on the compression dampening and need to backed it off.
  14. I would just like to let fellow Dirtriderz know that we have 2 fellow members entering Romaniacs this year, Buzz and Mevstar. Hope you guys dont mind me blowing the whistle but I am proud and feel you guys should be also. Very tough event and wish you guys all the best - train hard and dont ride with Gumbys like me. Sincerely go hard and to just finish will make me and im sure fellow Dirtriderz very proud. Have fun !!!!!!!