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  1. dazzrmx

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    Ignore Noodles, he only talks beams being a boaty
  2. dazzrmx

    Broadford Dirt Track Day

    Were they wetting the track every few sessions, this made the track difficult last year with the changed conditions.
  3. dazzrmx

    Broadford Dirt Track Day

    Well done boys, yep its harder than you would think but a blast all the same, was keen to do it again with correct gearing on the RMX but weather hot, maybe next year.
  4. dazzrmx

    What you watching.

    YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. dazzrmx

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Keep Cruisern mate, happy birthday.
  6. dazzrmx

    Ktm 250 exc for beginner/intermediate?

    Hey Sink long time. Thought you had moved off the grid living in a caravan in someones backyard with no net.
  7. dazzrmx

    New Mechanic Wanted

    If you are tight for money many riders can check for wear in these points on a ride, its very easy but once there is play at any bearing the damage is done. I prefer preventative maintainance which requires full disassembly.
  8. dazzrmx

    New Mechanic Wanted

    Biggie, how any mechanic can check all the grease points for $100 is beyond me, swing arm, linkages if fitted, head stem bearings, wheel bearings, some partial disassembly required and check feel is a cheep perhaps short term diagnosis that could perhaps come in at that price. If you are serious about maintaining your bike with no hassles for a longer term a full disassembly is required and I myself would charge accordingly. You are talking $100's of dollars just to clean and repack and if any bearings are worn well it will obviously cost a lot more.
  9. dazzrmx

    KTM Hydraulic Clutch Issues

    If fluid level is dropping in M/cyl resevoir and no sign of leak at m/cyl then suspect slave cyl is u/s. If level is not dropping then suspect m/cyl is by passing, m/cyl u/s. If clutch was at fault being mechanical I would expect consistant faulty operation.
  10. dazzrmx


    The joys of running a small business Noods, its the ones with money that dont want to pay, battlers always pay their bills. The rich know courts cost time and money to little resolve. Lucky I have friends in "low places", I have always been payed or at best made their lives miserable.
  11. I thought the skirt gave it away
  12. Puddles must be deep, Brownys carrying a flipper. Last photo, holy crap, where is the easy line!
  13. dazzrmx

    Smokers Lounge

    Probably lucky you dont remember these Cruiser, I rode many and they were pigs, with no reed valves or exhaust power valves they were hard to start and would severely load up, but I must say they were more powerfull once on song as the intake and exhaust ports had no restrictions.
  14. dazzrmx

    Smokers Lounge

    Trained well enough to round up sheep !