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  1. I would just like to let fellow Dirtriderz know that we have 2 fellow members entering Romaniacs this year, Buzz and Mevstar. Hope you guys dont mind me blowing the whistle but I am proud and feel you guys should be also. Very tough event and wish you guys all the best - train hard and dont ride with Gumbys like me. Sincerely go hard and to just finish will make me and im sure fellow Dirtriderz very proud. Have fun !!!!!!!
  2. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    Had to laugh when Larry a throws rock in front of Paul in the creek, somethings never change and shouldnt.
  3. KTM 500 exc f

    Better get a bucket
  4. Slide day - Broadford

    Sidecar riders are always looking for monkeys/swingers, got asked many years ago but told him I'll steer you swing, did'nt eventuate.
  5. Slide day - Broadford

    Clean no, after watering the track after each 6 sessions there is quite a bit of spray especially if following someone although with plenty of line choices it can generally be avoided. As for clean/safe its important to read what other riders line will be entering and exiting corners or you will be chopped up.
  6. Slide day - Broadford

    Not sure where to begin but suppose start with the b---shit, always thought I was a very confident slider, able to slide superbike at phillip island, late brake in rear off the ground and power slide out, moto x loose as a goose, great fun. So thought never been on a speedway track, this should be easy, well get fuffied, this is bloody hard work and its all fine to slide a bike for 45 degrees of a corner but sliding in and out on a consistent radius of 180 degrees is not so easy. So turned up and met Walkhz, went through scruttinering and got organised. Now prior to turning up I had fitted the mandatory rear trials tyre complements of Geoffro, thanks Buddy, I dropped the falks 20mm in the triple clamps and cranked the rear shock too max comp and rebound. Being a first timer I was put in the beginers group while Walkhz was in the intermediate group as he had done this several times previously. Come the fist session and I found myself on a dirt bike starting grid for the first time in over 30 years, the boys were revving engines and I thought this is a bit serious, so one by one they released us, I was glad to be released last of the 12 or so bikes and set out to get a feel for this clay/fine gravel track. Much to my suprise within 2 laps I had passed the whole field and after 9 or so laps had caught a tail ender so entered the pits thinking so far so good. 20 minutes later back out again and started to try and find the limits of what this old hack and bike were capable off, well not much! Now trying to push the boundarys I found 3rd was too low and 4th was to tall through the 2 lefts and 1 right. So basicly the rest of the day went like this, off the start line accelerate up to 5th. back too 4th for turn one, late apex and try to keep corner speed up fighting a front end that was vague and washing out until about mid corner waiting for engine to start to come on song then able to power slide to next corner (right turn) turn 2 same scenario for turn 3 and back onto straight. To just throw a spanner in the works the water truck would come out every 6 or so sessions, just to totally change the track conditions. So my gear ratios were crap and as for suspension set up Im not sure, to do this again I would go up or down 2 teeth on the rear or preferably jump on a 450/500 4 stroke. (Frank what can I say, my name is not Kenny) Walkhz did a fuel pump about miday so I thought I would terrify him by offering him a ride on my steed, he went out for one session, not sure what he thought riding a 20 year old bike set up for a short ass.
  7. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Cruiser, us wise men still have many tricks up our sleeves, we just dont use them as often as we once did.
  8. 2t oil injection

    So nothing has really changed in the last 40 years, we dont trust oil injection. We now have a new era of fuel injected 2ts with oil injection, has KTM got a reliable oil injection system? Mixing the oil into a fuel injected bike tank will lean the bike out and they appear to already to be running on the lean side, is there enough adjustment in the system to keep the combustion process stoichiometric or would a larger injector be required, at least with a carb anyone with some basic knowledge can do a few simple adjustments.
  9. Dakar 2018

    Yep Barreda and Sunderland both I thought showed great body english on there bikes, a joy to watch. Toby's riding has matured and I think barring mishap he is an excellent chance at taking this years Dakar out, has left lots up his sleeve and just needs to stay in touch for a late sprint.
  10. Hey Toby, go 95 as it is a slightly more controlled burn/flame front and seems best for 2 strokes from my experience. Not sure if I am imagining it but Shell fuels seem to perform poorly for some reason so I dont use there fuel in any of my bikes.
  11. Ummm, ouch

    Aussie digger - tougher than nails
  12. Smokers Lounge

    250 - 13/52 and clutch work as required, second gear will climb almost anything with the occasional clutch work if you loose pace, 1st will usually be hard work as it just induces wheel spin but is ok at snail pace through very tight gullys/trials type situations, just feed it in gently and rev it when more pace required. Also you might be supprised what 3rd will do when doing long steep climbs.
  13. Beer for a bike

    So while at a ride at Tallarook November last year we came across a vinduro, upon speaking to a couple of lads I was offered an RMX for 6 cans of his prefered brew ! OK - so picked up bike and gave him a slab. Bike missing front end, now on a PE250, the engine apparently was stuffed but found fault was magnets on flywheel had come adrift locking engine. So now I have many usable spare parts including a spare rear wheel which needs attention before fitting a trials tyre for a slide day later this month. Just one small note, this bike appears to have done less work than my bike but has been worked on by butchers rendering the bike too its grave - my gain, their loss. I have seen many posts with pictures of bikes being worked on without thorough cleaning before disassembly, believe me if you work this way you are doing more harm than good - always clean your bike before any maintanance as dirt is a mechanical components worst enemy.
  14. Coggs Dissa and Swamp hill

    Gentleman Coggs lead a ride that floated between levels 2 and 3, 2 for pace and 3 because the hill climbs were very loose, Coggs I never thought you would get up the burgers but you thrashed Burg 1 and on the second attempt cleaned Burg 2 - very well done these hills were tough today as even the hill climb guru Gypsy I believe made 4 attempts at Burg 1 with only a 50% success rate. I later saw Gypsy riding a smoker and upon dismount announced he was now a 2 stroke man - well what can we say other than he wont be selling his left over 2 stroke oil. Well Buzz (Mr smoooth) and Gypsy didnt need the boxing gloves I brought as it was decided that Swamp hill would be too loose to attempt so that went back in the box. Good crew today, no major offs although 99% went home with radiator damage. With things warming up we were done before 1 pm, back at the cars Coggs was keen to go out again but had no takers. Thankyou Coggs for organising and leading the ride and all for bringing a good attitude and reliable bikes. P.S I DID NOT SAMPLE THE CREEK WATER TODAY
  15. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Ha, very funny, saw that picture from Mt Dissa months ago and new it would come back to haunt me - bloody cameras - just getting the cahoonahs in place before mounting the steed, I need to get as low as possible when mounted, if not positioned correctly I am another foot of the ground.