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  1. Apparently Paul has had an off today at Enfield breaking a leg - very sorry to hear this mate, hope it heals quickly and you are back brapping soon, thoughts are with you.
  2. dazzrmx

    Overheating Husky te300

    I never was a good fisherman, just cant get a bite.
  3. dazzrmx

    Overheating Husky te300

    A 4t if running lean, when backing off it will go Pop Pop ! Maybe your running lean Pop !
  4. dazzrmx

    Big Desert Yaapeet Treat

    Dont you just love Australia Frank, if the Bears are not dropping from the trees the big birds will get you.
  5. dazzrmx

    Sailors Falls

    I know Bear carries a lot of spares but spare radiator braces is just a bit over the top, especially considering his bars rarely contact ground !
  6. dazzrmx

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Dakota, hope your misbehaving wherever you are.
  7. dazzrmx

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    Too painfull, like watching an Italian western.
  8. dazzrmx

    Hello Sailor

    Tight, ha, bars wouldnt even fit between the trees that were every 5 ft, bloody glad I was'nt on the RMX, but all good, some people like that shit but not this young fella!
  9. dazzrmx

    Hello Sailor

    Big thankyou too Barclay for showing us his local and leading a great ride. With 4 riders, Barclay, Matt, Trailz and myself dust was'nt a huge issue but some big, how deep I'm not sure puddles were often strategically often blindly waiting to catch you out so a pop of the front wheel was the call at times. Posted as a level 2+ there were some 2+ hills thrown at us and a bit off techy stuff, loved the more open stuff at times riding at level 3+ pace getting to know how the Beta would react. The day flowed well however early in the day Trailz bike seemed to be stuck in 3rd gear, but would stop at the corner and find his mouth in 6th gear, later this condition was reversed and Trailz found his mojo. Thanks boys, till next time, hold it flat while you can.
  10. dazzrmx

    Sprockets...how worn.?

    I always buy a rear sprocket, chain and 3 front sprockets, rotate the front sprockets through the life of the chain and rear sprocket, all wears evenly resulting in reduced running costs.
  11. dazzrmx

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    All good Cluffie, fitted an SSB today, maybe a kick starter down the track if happy with the bike.
  12. dazzrmx

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    OK - went through electrical this afternoon, all good besides a bit of corrosion on some electrical connectors and battery shot(what the f, bike 12 months old, battery few months old) I love my old girl even more !! If only the RMX had a red button.
  13. dazzrmx

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    My wife just said Buzz was taking the wrong lines - I must bring her next time so she can show us all the correct line and how its done - should be entertaining
  14. dazzrmx

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Thanks to those involved organising/leading this ride, 2T4ME, Gypsy, Buzz & Coggs. The Barby post ride was entertaining with plenty of banter, well done too all attendies that made for another Dirtriderz gathering success. As for myself, well the dissapointment just keeps mounting, I think the last 12 months my rides at Dissa over probably half a dozen rides I have managed to drown my bike twice, bailed half way through one ride with the runs, bailed half way through another ride through fatigue and this ride 1.5 hours in trying to burn my bike to the ground - what else could possibly go wrong!! Dan you can be my wing man anytime - after a short break went to fire bike and after 6 or so attempts someone yells there is smoke coming from bike, dismount to see smoke from under seat, within seconds I have the seat off to see the battery smoking severely, I yell to the boys 10 mil and before I can get my back pack off to get to my tools Dan has a 10 mil spanner in my hand and I remove the offending item - MATE your a champion!! Ride back too the cars with a hot battery in left hand only to be welcomed back by police who breath test me and do the normal checks. I swear Mt Dissapointment from my point of view is well justified.
  15. dazzrmx

    Father’s Day Dissa

    Zebras obviously have short memorys, Im sure Dusty had a rear vision mirror fitted and the spikes ready to be rolled out.