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  1. Congratulations Andy, thanks to your determination and hard work the event was a total success, I know we all appreciate your efforts and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an excellent weekend. Too all the previous mentioned, those that helped Andy with pre- ride prep, leaders, sweeps and anyone that turned up, without you it would have not been the event it was. On a side note sorry mOtOcHiC for the slight off I had in front of you, you looked more traumatized than I felt. I think my wife suspects the forum name is actually DirtyriderZ and is actually a bondage forum, a
  2. I dont believe you can count past 2 so lm sure it was entertaining (for some)
  3. Thanks Cobraone for posting, a great level 2+ (3) loop, your enthusiasm is always appreciated and the banter given and received is a bonus. In all sincerity you are to be congratulated on the effort you have put in getting this loop together, the group were all solid level 2+ and above, yes many struggled with the heat(humidity) and many have been in lock down for months and fitness is lacking. With a couple managing to go over the bars, a couple of sold hill climbs and plenty of logs it probably would not be a great level 2 step up ride though as you may be out there requiring good headlights
  4. Thanks Bear, Angelina, 2t4me, Bushybrows and Bruce. Firstly sorry, camera decided it did not want to play so no photos worthy of putting up. Some observations for the day - - Dust, at times vision only for 5 foot - Lindon looking at home on the new 4t - We had a fully sponsored rider onboard, Trails, manufacturers are lining up to procure his contract signature - go where the money is Vince, its the bike not the rider. - Omygod doing well on moto x bike - A green moto x bike not doing it so easy on the techy bits - A couple of hills catching a few out
  5. Cant like other posts either? Looks like you boys had a good ride👍
  6. i

    1. dazzrmx


      Didnt quote you in anything, your quote is no longer there. Dont be so hard on yourself, I agreed with most of what you said, catch up soon hopefully,   

    2. hoff300


      Might need to stay away for a while, the plan is to come back with Pudmud and see how I go. Get into the riding Dazz.

  7. Leave it at home!!!!!!!!. I came here to RIDE.
  8. Ha, Sky news and Peta Credlin, just give me a gun. Preferably a gatling gun so I dont miss anyone.
  9. Crank stuffers - check exhaust and make sure no bits of plastic stuck/floating especially at expansion chamber exit.
  10. I'm just too old, but still enjoy the technicalities and getting out there and challenging myself with a group of like minded people/friends. Social riding is where I'm at now.
  11. Yes noticed Jarvis kicking and bike looked a bit worse for wear, thought the Sherco's sounded clean down low and a Beta that sounded very strong, yes the KTM'S {Huskys) probably using a reflashed ECU or perhaps a higher comp head?