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  1. dazzrmx

    WOMBAT 2+

    oohhh - Thanks Stinky for the cheese and crackers, Harry for the snags n sauce and the journey too the center off the earth man for the beer.
  2. Well done Buzz, congrats, too finish in the top 50 is brilliant.
  3. dazzrmx

    WOMBAT 2+

    Great ride, thanks Andy, greasy-yep but our sweep the extremely bad Bad Badger did'nt seem to do much from what I saw other than do what apparently Badgers do! Thanks also to our other leader Ian M and glad you were able to get the Sherco fired. Good crew, Mitchel hope your not feeling too sore today. Well done Crusty getting up that climb, it took some effort, my highlight was not bailing towards the back end of the ride earlier with some other riders. Moment of the day was hesitating at a reasonable size greasy log, Hoff passed me and went straight over it, annoyed at myself I hit it and cleaned it, thanks for the incentive mate. Thanyou all that attended.
  4. Wet and wild, as always Wombat has the complete menu, hard packed clay too sticky mud that turns the tires into donuts. So yes the conditions were tricky but everyone did a great job at staying upright most of the time, tackling some stuff that was on the 3rd tier and having a great attitude. Seven riders started the journey but we lost one early with bike issues, the pace was good and Pepperjack did a fine job keeping us moving with BadBadger sweeping the majority of the ride - thanks. Now for groundhog day, bike already washed last night so, wash the riding gear, check the bike over, repair/replace components as required and repeat hopefully many more times before years end.
  5. Good luck - ride it like you hired it
  6. 2nd photo, classic father/son shot.
  7. 4 minute mark, citrus Dave (ktm3002t) corner man failure caught for all to see - 3 demerit points and go sit in the corner.
  8. Great videos Andy
  9. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat, oh Pepperjack that trick never works. It did this time, Pepperjack nailed it, excellent choice of tracks at 2+ and thanks to a group who didnt overrate themselves and with well prepared bikes. With 22 riders, no breakdowns or hold ups this ride was scrumptous. Thankyou Pepperjack and IanM for leading, BadBadger and Stinkky for having to do buggerall. Was excellent to catch up with the crew and to meet many new. Side note, have had a crook right knee for last 5 weeks so made a mental note not to push it or fall on it, I had 3 "totally controlled" crashes only falling on left side.
  10. Salted DirtriderZ with Pepper
  11. Just dont turn up at work, whats he gunna do sack you!!!
  12. Part 7, bad, bad Badger
  13. Fab. where are you, I dont think he likes any off us.
  14. Should'nt laugh we have all done it but , new bike, small stick and camera perfectly positioned, tell me this is a set up otherwise I rename thee Phil (lucky)
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