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  1. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Whipsticks although not terribly challenging there are some tough hill climbs and some sweet flowing tight stuff. Everyone rode well and the ride flowed well, Richardg was keeping a great pace on one particular 3rd gear flowing tight track, followed closely by Cobra then myself, this was a hoot although at one point a tennis ball sized rock sailed past my helmet and was a bit close for comfort. At another point Bear pointed to an easy and hard option track to be followed, I followed Bear and not sure if anyone else did but came to a descent that I could not see the bottom of until the front wheel was about to drop in to the 40 foot steep drop, later we came back this way to climb this hill, to my amazement no one took the easy option and all got up cleanly - well done all. A good ride all done before the heat hit. Thanks to the leads TBrider and Bear, Cobraone and Antmor? for sweep duties.
  2. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    So Noodle still has not ridden Whipsticks and to top it off no longer has any love for me with my efforts to get his bike running - such is life Just home so long day for me, ride report later.
  3. Tallarook - Oct 29 - level 2+

    Wow, very cool old Triumph, that was probably it, great sound,
  4. Tallarook - Oct 29 - level 2+

    Slightly warm ride but little dust, mainly level 2 riding with one 2+ technical hill which had a couple struggle on but other than that all rode well. Back at the cars by 1 so 99%, Sai and I headed back out and found some nice technical/tight stuff which iced the cake. Thanks Toby for organising and leading the ride, 99% for taking over sweep duties towards the end and the rest of you blokes for a pleasant day on the bikes. Oh yeah, there was a vinduro event on, I spent lots time checking out some great older bikes as passing, at one point I passed a bike which was firing it seemed like once every 5 foot, maybe a classic old AJS or similar, Geoffro I think you would have been impressed.
  5. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Sink, make the most of the next few months as with an extra mouth to feed, maintain and keep amused the wheel will start rotating a lot faster. Then make the most of it, they grow up too fast.
  6. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Are your candles costing more than the cake ??
  7. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Cluffie, you finished all the popcorn and became a Guinea pig
  8. Set the sag

    Marlin yes it sounds like your rear spring is too soft, it should be about 20 too 30 mm static sag and 100 too 120 with you sitting on the bike with all gear on. (this is just a guide as all bikes/riders have will have different preferences) Going from 130 too 115 on the rear should give you more steer ( the front end wont wash out as easily) and obviously you wont bottom the rear suspension so easily, you may need to back the compression dampening off. Scottland, if your bike sag has already been set for your weight you could try giving it a bit more sag in the rear, say 5 or 10 mm or play with your compression rebound clickers, but hey, a 450 will always be loose in the rear if you twist the grip.
  9. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    All of the above, thankyou all. Only to add thankyou Sink for the short ride on your new steed, very nice but needed more than 5 minutes to get a feel for what I am missing out on, lucky I was not riding it through the creek section as better to drown my bike than yours - yes I was the culprit, second time, same creek different hole - see picture 44/45, yes that little bastard thrown up on the embankment grabbed the front wheel and I low sided it. I dont think I should ride that creek anymore as it dose'nt like me, also thankyou Rob for the blast on the Husaberg. It is supprising me that these much later model bikes only seem to be improved slightly in the suspension area where they dont kick on the short /sharp rises in the track, this however would be a big help at times being able to hold a chosen line and less fatiguing/ easier on the body. Honestly, since joining Dirtriderz I cant believe that I have not met one person whose company I dont enjoy . CHEERS.
  10. No normal, the more you abuse it the quicker you loose it. I however have never had to replace a clutch in any bike I have owned but I suspect the RMX clutch will require replacement soon.
  11. I will split the prize with you Longy, spose bit hard sharing a bike though.
  12. Enfield 10 sept

    You know I still love you Hoff, so much more now you get me wet
  13. Enfield 10 sept

    Hoff. from now on, bird is the word and every zebra has its day.
  14. Enfield 10 sept

    I would call this ride the league of fast gentleman and a zebra. I think it was 11 that turned up for this blast and all were ready for some pace, hitting more of the open technical stuff for the most, berms, woops, technical at speed climbs and descents, one of the faster paced rides I have been on in recent times. Plenty of holes filled with water, some shallow, some deeep, so lofting the front wheel was the order of the day or if time berm the edge. After half time I several times turned up the wick (did'nt want to go home with unspent energy and would later pay for pretending I was young again). WELL, following the gentleman Riles waiting for a clean pass with no fill in, a certain zebra decided to pass me, did he fill me in ! Now I cant see a bloody thing and with pace down another rider who shall stay un named within 20 metres fills me in again, I am now wet, filthy and blind. Continuing on I know we are getting close too cars so continue burning my last reserves only to hit some tighter stuff where with nothing left I turn to jelly and after only completing about half the short loop retire to the sidelines before returning to the cars with the A team. Great effort Scottland turning up not feeling 100%, thank you very much for a great day on the bikes, and boys I had a ball.
  15. KTM boiling fuel?

    Just to confirm that fuel is boiling and you are not seeing bubbles from pump perhaps next time you see it bubbling put a thermometer in and check the temperature. If it is boiling take a photo or video with the thermometer inserted, if you get no help from KTM put it up on you tube for all the world to see. I honestly hope you have this wrong and it is only bubbles from pump as if boiling it is a disgrace.