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  1. Fab. where are you, I dont think he likes any off us.
  2. Should'nt laugh we have all done it but , new bike, small stick and camera perfectly positioned, tell me this is a set up otherwise I rename thee Phil (lucky)
  3. Behave yourself Lindon
  4. Can you slide the assembly in on the bars? Makes the clutch lighter as well with more leverage. P.S no offence at all intended yesterday in reference to your love of the opposite sex.
  5. NO DUST, trade off was slippery logs, rocks and clay, other than that traction was good and predictable. Good day with a bit of harder stuff thrown in at times just to keep us on our toes, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and with a few offs and no injuries or bad bike damage, what more could we ask for. Thanks Panda Bear for leading and the rest of you blokes for the company. Did I say no dust, seems like forever since we rode in such prime conditions, get out there and ride !!
  6. Is that Rob the dentist on the left ?
  7. THERE WERE NO FAST OLD MEN ON THIS RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Quick, flowing narrow tracks made for a fun day railing corners on small long berms with the occasional square off, a bit of loose rocky climbing and descending which was probably solid level 2 territory so was pleasantly suprised that all got through. I think it was Bravocoy on the 2nd loop while sweeping that I could'nt help laughing at, swearing at certain more challenging spots, I could hear him over the noise of my engine running, you did well mate. Sorry to hear Pozzan, I dont know how you rode most of the 1st loop in that condition. Lost about half the group for the 2nd loop which was done in reverse, 2 fifty k loops was a good workout for me and was glad I did the second. Thanks Stef, Habs for your efforts, Harry for the beer and all that attended.
  9. Old school bike display/ride. A lot of us have sitting in our sheds some classic dirt bikes, just a thought, but perhaps we could organize a show/display even an easy level 1+ ride to run the bikes. This maybe not the best time of year but perhaps plan ahead as the weather gets better we could get together at somewhere like Whipsticks, flat rock at Tullarook and display some classics, have a yarn, BBQ and show off our pride and joy.
  10. Happy belated birthday Geoffro, lonnng time no see, hope all is well and would be great to ride with you again. Noods and Dusty hope you guys enjoyed your birthdays, all the best and catch up soon hopefully
  11. I think I know that hill, well done getting up it, if its the same hill its a solid level 3.
  12. Good one Mick but he then would require a new helmet and his balance would be off.
  13. Rocked up with my navigator/DJ, Bear friday arvo and set up camp, had planned a short ride but took in some liquid amber and the serenity while it lasted. Caught up with the Dirtriderz crew that evening and hit the hay early. Satdy morning saw some teasing rain drops but Gough sucked it up like a good sacking. The first climb was a reality call for some so myself and Bushybrows did some escorting back down the hill too the main road and then chased the main group down catching up at the quarry then waited for crew to finish a tight loop. (more on this later) The climb out of this section was entertainment personifide, leaving the bottom just in front of our great sweep Bushybrows we hit the loose, steep, long level 3 climb, (these hills go on forever) within 50 metres I was pushed to the harder line with a downed bike and this continued to the top carrying 3rd gear all the way running out of fingers counting downed bikes. What a blast but cant deny the temptation was there too hold the better line and find more traction using downed bikes. The day pretty much continued like this with a few excellent flowing tighter tracks. Harrydaggers, well we managed to do couple of k's turning a wide track into a narrow one, staying side by side, jumping washouts, squaring off with some nice slides and occasionally getting intimate, thanks mate that was fun. Back to camp we refueled our bikes and bodys headed back out in a smaller group, only a short stint for me as my body was whinging. THANKYOU JAY for all your efforts and leading a spectacular level 3 ride, Bushybrows for sweeping and everyone else for a great weekend. Sunday morning Bear and I went out and hit a hill climb or 2 and then headed too the quarry which I had missed the previous day, I knew it was getting a little bit more serious when Bear took his back pack off so I followed suit (have not ridden without a backpack since the old moto x days) so my body went into a state of excitement/freedom. Bear took off, 4 km tight, very entertaining track with stop watch running, it was on! Completed first lap, short break then hit again improving pace by about 15 seconds for loop. Ok lets do this in reverse, this time I took the lead with Bear leaving a gap, I knew he would be trying to hunt me down so the pace was really up there, did he catch me, nah, but I could hear him over the last few hundred metres. Thanks mate, that was just excellent. Back to the cars, pack up and look forward to our next adventure.
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