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  1. Cant like other posts either? Looks like you boys had a good ride👍
  2. i

    1. dazzrmx


      Didnt quote you in anything, your quote is no longer there. Dont be so hard on yourself, I agreed with most of what you said, catch up soon hopefully,   

    2. hoff300


      Might need to stay away for a while, the plan is to come back with Pudmud and see how I go. Get into the riding Dazz.

  3. Leave it at home!!!!!!!!. I came here to RIDE.
  4. Ha, Sky news and Peta Credlin, just give me a gun. Preferably a gatling gun so I dont miss anyone.
  5. Crank stuffers - check exhaust and make sure no bits of plastic stuck/floating especially at expansion chamber exit.
  6. I'm just too old, but still enjoy the technicalities and getting out there and challenging myself with a group of like minded people/friends. Social riding is where I'm at now.
  7. Yes noticed Jarvis kicking and bike looked a bit worse for wear, thought the Sherco's sounded clean down low and a Beta that sounded very strong, yes the KTM'S {Huskys) probably using a reflashed ECU or perhaps a higher comp head?
  8. Jarvis at 45 is amazing, still able to mix it with the best, thought Billy Bolt looked really good on the bike and unlucky not to podium. Hey Paul, keep dreaming, reality usually hits home within 10 minutes at your age, as you often say, "how good was that" and I often wonder what the hell I'm doing out there at my age. I have also heard you say many times what else would you rather be doing, mmm nothing really but its tempting at times to lie on the couch.
  9. Too old - sorry about that
  10. Did you fit the "O"ring between the clutch drive gear and the crank?
  11. If float level was high fuel would overflow on stand, if crank seal was damaged idle would change and if sucking oil plug would be fouling and smoke would be excessive. Did you check power valve side ports are open when center power valve lifted? With cover off power valve is the actuator lifting power valve when engine revved?
  12. First check all the easy/simple, rag in exhaust, new spark plug, earth straps, electrical connections - ECU and ignition coil wiring. Also as Bruce referred too, on the Betas there are 2 small power valves either side of the large valve, I think these can be refitted 180 degrees out. Let us know what you find.