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  1. Hard to tell with pictures (need to physically see) but the coating looks shot by the picture, also does the piston have scratches on the exhast side? if so it could be just dirty filter but make sure there is no up down play on con rod as a bearing could be coming apart. Have a look in the bottom of crankcase with a torch for any crap, if you see anything fill the crankcase with your normal fuel mix, rotate the engine a bit then syphon the fuel out into a clean container and check for dirt or metal. As Riles said carb fault sounds like pilot jet or port blockage, also make sure you have no vacuum leaks.
  2. Thanks everyone, had a terrific day, while moving the pace was some what "fast" for the posted level ride and everyone had pretty big grins. Great to see many new faces, the barby and post ride banter topped the day off, till next time "hold it flat".
  3. AMA SX, have not watched much yet but looks like we have the Aussie Lawrence brothers ripen it up and the final moto should be interesting.
  4. You can be very proud of yourself Ben.
  5. Thankyou Shaun for your efforts organizing this ride, BigPete for leading and the mixture of sweeps we had throughout the day. At times water was trickling down tracks, there were a few hills which when we stopped before attempting I personally doubted we would see the top off but as Riles said luckily there was more grip to be found on the climbs than on some fire trails which often were spent sideways at pace when going straight ! Great mix of tracks and with drizzle too rain most of the day it was imperative to stay on top of the bike, concentrate on wheel placement and keep momentum. Honest Tom proved the theory, its the rider not the bike easily getting through everything, that bike is a gem. Although conditions were a bit wet and miserable it was still great to be out. Thanks to all that attended.
  6. Well it was a joy to get out on the bike again, to twist the wrist, get the adrenaline flowing again and feel the endorphin release. Thankyou fellow Dirtrderz.
  7. WOULD YOU WORK ON A BOAT THAT DIRTY! Was going to suggest valve clearance check but assumed that was the first think you would have checked, a burnt valve could be at fault also, perhaps do a wet/dry test to confirm. Good luck but put the r/cover back on and clean before going any further please Mr Noods.
  8. I know a few car salesman that drive demos, always telling me how good they are.
  9. dazzrmx

    Corona Virus

    I still have my bald summer tyre fitted, it is still fine in dry conditions
  10. That brings back memories Bear, was always fun if the creek was flowing and you were not one of the first few bikes through.
  11. 2nd video, is that what it does fairly consistently, when backing off throttle was that a backfire through the intake ?
  12. It may be a press fit collar, do some research but maybe with a cold chisel you can spread it to remove ??
  13. Just a typical day with Dirtriderz, just cant make out the instructor/lead rider, maybe you guys can tell me who you think it might be ??
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