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  1. No experience with the Beta 300, I believe it was one of the first bikes booked out on the demo day. From everyone I have spoken with regarding beta they were all very happy with it.
  2. The tx300 forks felt firm and tracked very straight, point and shoot. About what I expected from the air forks. The Te/exc felt quite soft, never bottomed out though or done anything surprising. For me they all would need to be setup with springs and possibly a revalve. I thought the same thing about the vibes too. It is really noticeable. The Sherco 300 was the bike I was looking forward to riding most and have to say the most disappointing on the day.
  3. I rode the Sherco, Ktm, and Husky 300, sadly in my opinion I was really disappointed with the Sherco. It wasn't until I rode the Sherco I realised how good the the Ktm/husky was. Especially the husky in stock form. The new frame, weight reduction and the counter balancer make a big difference
  4. Which type of 300 is it, exc or xc/sx ? The exc runs a pds without a linkage setup and the xc does. For the Xc/Sx, a fastway linkage guard which you can also lower the bike at the same time, not cheap !!! I have one on my 150Sx. Here is some more info http://www.promotobillet.com/c-729819-linkage-guards-ktm-linkage-guard.html . For pds you can get f bushings which lower the shock in the rear mount http://www.shop.synergyseals.com/product.sc?productId=36&categoryId=3 . With both you can have shock internally lowered by your suspension tuner and also look at a lower seat which do help.
  5. Trail tech fan is a great well thought out product that I would not hesitate to recommend. My old sxf 350 would boil easily in the slow technical riding and I went down the path of oversized radiators and a boysen hi flow impeller and although a huge improvement it would still boil on the odd occasion. Which led me to the fan. Never an issue after that. I have since ran just the fan on other bikes with no issues.
  6. 100 % percent agree. I would never race a standard setup correct springs would be the minimum
  7. I have to disagree with you there. I was really impressed with the sherco300f stock suspension setup when I test rode it at Calder park earlier in the year. I thought it was just as good as the two Yamaha wrf/yzfx 250 I rode. The Sherco is a nice package
  8. If you are buying a new bike you can't wrong doing this. I rode calder park and I was amazed by the benefits of riding all brands of bikes.
  9. How's life with a Sherco ? Is the reliabilithy of the Sherco 300's holding up ? Any major issues ? Spare parts probems ?
  10. No toil is great with no toil products. I have used the red and green filter oils for over ten years now without any issue. Great products that are washing machine friendly. Prior to No Toil, Kero for me followed by soapy water, then rinsed clean with fresh water. Would reuse kero for months running it through a strainer after use back into the storage bottle.
  11. Two stroke performance in warrigal are pretty good value
  12. I wouldn't discount the overseas stores being cheaper still, sadly
  13. A 2011/12 Sx plastics will. The front guard id different after that.
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