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  1. No experience with the Beta 300, I believe it was one of the first bikes booked out on the demo day. From everyone I have spoken with regarding beta they were all very happy with it.
  2. The tx300 forks felt firm and tracked very straight, point and shoot. About what I expected from the air forks. The Te/exc felt quite soft, never bottomed out though or done anything surprising. For me they all would need to be setup with springs and possibly a revalve. I thought the same thing about the vibes too. It is really noticeable. The Sherco 300 was the bike I was looking forward to riding most and have to say the most disappointing on the day.
  3. I rode the Sherco, Ktm, and Husky 300, sadly in my opinion I was really disappointed with the Sherco. It wasn't until I rode the Sherco I realised how good the the Ktm/husky was. Especially the husky in stock form. The new frame, weight reduction and the counter balancer make a big difference