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  1. I got those too but the seals, they actually stop the leaks but it comes back every second ride. very annoying. With the husky I had the seals replaced with heavy-duty SKF seals and they never leaked again,
  2. I guess the name leaking husky is still valid as my YZ250FX forks are leaking... who do you recommend for the job? i prefer someone who can pick up the forks or bikes
  3. Fantastic ride with only one person flying over the handlebars. Great mix of tracks , rocky climbs and lots of good traction to have fun with. Thanks bear for leading the pack and Simon for making sure we all stay together. thanks guys!
  4. Thanks for a great ride and the best host! Not every ride comes with a great location, bbq and drinks! Loved the mud and I agree you had to respect it or eat it. hope to finish the ride next time.
  5. Thx for an awesome ride and a great BBQ. Thx Pete and Habs for the photos!
  6. Is your ride still going ahead ? 

  7. Thanks guys lots of options. I'm located in Oakleigh so anything less than 30 minutes drive is good for me. Now i just have to get that rear shock out and might as well do the bearings on the linkage system. I had a go at a 530 exc with 7 hours over the weekend in the motocross park in Bacchus marsh and realized it's time to service the suspension, it has been about 1200 km since I did the forks and i never did the rear shock. The 530 was a beauty. I also tried an 450sx which was too firm for me. Got me thinking next bike might be orange or a YZ250FX...
  8. I'm looking for a good workshop that can service the forks and shock for my Husky TE310 2010. I would love to use Chads suspension but he is located in Geelong and I rarely get to that part of VIC. Any recommendation?
  9. Thx for a great ride mick. I always have fun on your rides and you sure know neerim south. I was happy to bail out early at 12ish so i can be at the pool with the family by 2.30. I definitely need a new rear tyre as i had no traction most of this ride as it was simply wet and slippery. I need to get back on the mountain bike too Asia my fitness level is just not what it use to be. Can't wait to go back into the mud, would love to jump on another one of your rides. thanks for the rest of the guys in the group for the helping hand and the fun company.
  10. Great ride guys. Was good to see some familiar faces with a couple of new ones. Hamburgers were tasty but that big log got me again. I was pissed off with the log i just had to hit it again. Luckily second time was good and its actually easier than it seams. Hope to see you guys again soon
  11. I had a fuel pump failure outside the warranty After only 500km. The dealer from Frankston was trying to help but what really helped was as email followed by a phone call to the managing director of Husqvarna on Brisbane with a very posed off client from Melbourne. He promised me and paid for the upgraded pump and temperature sensor 1200$ and i paid for Labour. This was 3years ago. He didn't have to do that but out was purely good service as this was a known issue on husky from those years. If i were you in be giving KTM rep a call directly,not just the dealer.
  12. Hi Guys Thanks for an awesome ride with lots of great tracks and some nice hills, I also learned that the hardest part of being a sweep is to count how many motorcycles were laying on the ground as I keep going up the hamburger hills.... Thanks for the ride on the 350 beta and I am now even more confused on what will be my next bike 350EXC, Beta 350, GasGas350 or the new yammi YZ250FX but that is a different topic.... Great ride, should do this more often
  13. What a great day out, conditions were perfect with no dust and lots of wet soil with perfect grip. logs were slippery and it made it so much more fun. Mostly single tracks with great rhythm when all the riders keeping a similar paste. Thanks guys for a great day out with good bunch of blocks who are just out for a gr8 time. I'll be looking out for the next time you guys head out,
  14. Excellent ride! I had so much fun, great conditions,good riders, fun tracks but I was so tired by the time I got home (probably because last time I was on a bike was 4 months ago...) The good news is that I'll be out again soon and I'll give that hill a go again!