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  1. Philthy

    Black N Blue At Black Range....

    Dakota, get well soon my man! I'm surprised they're not broken, you really looked in pain out there! However, in my exp.not much diff in recovery time between broken and badly bruised ribs so my recommendation is to take it slow - for a change ;-) We want you back 100% ASAP. P.S. Here is the link to the Kinglake ride we did a month ago, nice footage of that 520 steam train comin up outta that gully! Thanks all for the ride, loved the terrain and great crew too. Looking forward to the next one - with no issue with man flu too! ;-) DirtPilot, thanks for the lead... but do us a favour, get a KTM! :-P
  2. Philthy

    King Of The Lake 22/06/14

    Hoity,Well the ascent out of that gully will remain folklore I'm afraid, as the only video I got was Dakota Steam Training his way up. We'll have to do it again! ;-)