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  1. Rabaconda (but I don't have one) Penrite red rubber grease, comes in 500g tubs at about $15 a tub Michelin Five curved Rabaconda levers (apparently Ballards are the same) Lots of lube. Two rimlocks and the tyre won't slip.
  2. Thanks Arbo for organising a great weekend of riding! Outlet Creek was great fun, especially the whoops. They do seem to have gotten smaller since the last time I was there! Big thanks to Tony for leading on Friday and to Arthur for meeting us halfway with extra fuel - just in case. Saturday's desert ride was a big one! Lots of sand! I think it got softer as the day went on - I certainly slowed down as my bike felt less settled, but maybe I was just getting tired. 345 km and 5:45 on my hour meter - others may have had less. No injuries and no mechanicals, not even a flat tyre! No one even ran out of fuel. Impressive! Surely that's unheard of on a group ride as big as this one? :-P I think Arbo just made it up as we went along to use up all the time and fuel we had remaining. The "two 90 km loops" initial estimate didn't hold and I'm very thankful to Chris and Matt for giving me some fuel at the last drop so I could make it back without running out (was it Matt? I'm sorry if it was someone else - please correct me!). The ride wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for fuel support by Arthur, his son and Anthony. Thanks heaps guys! I hope you all had a good time towing trailers through the deep sand...pretty tiring as well I imagine. I've got some pics but they're nowhere near as good as Chris's. I'll post some later. Thanks again! Awesome! :-D
  3. cowpat

    Ultimate Rocketman

    Nice flip technique you've got there Heath! Very impressive indeed! :-)
  4. cowpat

    How many kms/hours is too many?

    I would price into both of them a top and bottom end plus new clutch plates and springs. If you're lucky you'll only need to do a top end and the RHS main seal in the next 50 hours or so, along with any bearings that haven't yet been replaced.
  5. cowpat

    Goughs ....weekender....March 2016

    Kudos to you Heath for spending the many days needed to scope out tracks hours from home for our enjoyment. :-) Many fantastic tracks and a good group to ride with, thank you for the invite! I only took a couple of pics. I'll take a camera and do better next time!
  6. cowpat

    Rear tyre for the sand

    Savage might be ok for the sand...but I've tried two different types and won't buy another. Here's a pic of someone else's after 40 km in the high country:
  7. cowpat

    BIGGIES Dissa

    So I had a look for myself... Some pics from the road that show the logs the owner has put there to deter four wheel drives. I can only imagine the star pickets are to deter bikes and walkers as simply cutting some deep channels like DEPI do would be simpler and very effective against four wheel drives only. I did not see any sign of a fence, and there was no indication that it is private property, nor was there anything explicitly stating that trespassers were to keep out. No signs, and nothing painted on the logs. The star pickets may or may not be intentional mantraps but they have the capacity to cause serious harm or to kill, and they are in an area that is publicly accessible. Placing such devices is knowingly reckless. I trust that MESS has reported this to the police, as was his intention. See: CRIMES ACT 1958 - SECT 26 Setting traps etc. to cause serious injury A person who sets a trap or device with the intention of causing, or being reckless as to whether or not there is caused, serious injury to another person (whether a trespasser or not) is guilty of an indictable offence. Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum). S. 27 substituted by No. 10233 s. 8(2), amended by Nos 49/1991 s. 119(1) (Sch. 2 item 14), 48/1997 s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 11).
  8. cowpat

    Golden Beach Enduro 2016

    Boundary Bend is on May 21/22 this year. I assume the seniors will be on the 22nd. NVWMCC also runs enduros at Nowingi. I haven't done one but I've been there - sand and whoops! Anything in June? Other than Finke!
  9. cowpat

    Golden Beach Enduro 2016

    Yes it's all sandy but the whoops are mainly at the north end. The whoops are mainly hard packed rather than soft sand. Drive in on Old Rosedale Rd from Gormandale-Stradbroke Rd and park at the obvious junction. Head-ons are quite possible. I know someone who had a head-on with a lone rider out there. Have a look for the Boundary Bend enduro too. I think it's normally on a little before Finke. I can't help with the exercises bit. Some people are really keen and have personal trainers etc. I stink at whoops but I do like them for some odd reason. If you're reasonably fit and level 4 at most other riding I could be convinced to make a trip up for some whoops.
  10. cowpat

    Dusty Wombat Friday Jan 8

    Nice! :-)
  11. cowpat

    Mt Disappointment Has Us Buzz-Ing

    Thanks for the ride Jason! Conditions were pretty good, even the creek wasn't as deep as I feared it would be after all the rain. It's been a while since I'd ridden with JD, Thomas, Steve and Fab. It's awesome we're still all riding! Fab might be referring to the ghostie over the rocks on the hill near the gums. Nicely done Steve! I think we scared off the other group who were eyeing out the hill...
  12. cowpat

    Kenda Rally 2015

    Ha! Yes scrutineering early so as to start near the front may be a plan in future! I got through late and started almost at the end. My only concern was that with the holdups and helping drag that guy's bike back up to the road I might miss out on the second loop. I didn't expect anyone I knew to be there. But I would never have got there early enough to join you anyway! Anyway it was fun riding it alone without stopping except where necessary. I don't expect you took your 200 Riles? It was fun wringing it's neck but whenever I looked at the speedo - well, I wasn't going at all fast!
  13. cowpat

    Kenda Rally 2015

    Not really a ride report...just a few pics. There were lots of riders! And there was lots of waiting - at a couple of slightly tricky rocky hill sections. Here I met Burnzie (on the right). How did you go Burnzie? Near the end of the first loop some lucky fellow took a dive off the embankment on a left downhill corner. Fortunately I had a tow rope with me and with the help of 10 or so others pulled his back up. He was quite lucky to not hit anything solid on the way down (it's steeper than it looks in the pics!).
  14. cowpat

    Cowpats Cobaw Wed April 1

    Great pics Riles, as usual! I hope everyone had fun, it was a great day to be out riding!