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  1. I don’t think so cobraone. It’s was just the 4 of us 3 ktm 1 sherco. We caught Up to a group at one stage but they had at least 6 riders so doubt it was you. We did see a heap of groups travelling up Cecil track though.
  2. Just a bit of a quick wrap up from today. Arrived at the meet up point half an hour early just to make sure, only to find @JOF062 already waiting , with @Shercodan and @Tricky Micky arriving minutes later. everyone early and keen to ride. A quick chat and introduction and onto the bikes .everything would of been good if @shercodan didn’t muck up the ktm pumpkin patch we had going on 😜Great ride and great blokes to ride with. Pace was good and good flow in the group, considering it was a little wetter then what we thought it would and I think I found most of the puddles first 🤣. Pace picked up as the day went ,all in all a good ride with a good bunch of guys. Thanks again 👍🏻 Ps . Hope you get a new front fender soon @Tricky Micky that wasn’t a lv 2 hill
  3. Cheers to Shercodan for putting the ride up. Was a good ride with no issues. Good bunch of guys to ride with and I hope to ride with in the near future. Hope to see a few more rides on this side of town in the future. Cheers to sherocdan, antz and raffy22 for a good day.
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