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  1. Breedz

    Cruisey Anglesea Ride stirred up...

    definitely do it again soon!
  2. Breedz

    Cruisey Anglesea Ride stirred up...

    The after effects of the hill climb. Loosenuts the only one left standing haha
  3. Breedz

    Cruisey Anglesea Ride stirred up...

    Thanks Roggo for putting on the ride, I think it was a great day had by all. Cruisy 1-2 level lol somehow that went out the window. great bunch of blokes to ride with and as you said Roggo happy to ride with any of you guys again anytime and hope too. Somehow it all just flowed and no one was left behind.Hope you guys pulled up ok today as think everyone was just about shot when we got back to the cars.
  4. Breedz

    New Guy Geelong/otways

    Thanks, would have been good but can't make it this weekend , hope to get on a ride soon.
  5. Hey guys Just thought I would say hi Joined the forum a few months ago , was waiting for bike to be rec reg ready , so all good to go. Been back on the bike a year and a half now after a long break and enjoying it once again. If you guys could lead me in the right direction looking for places to ride around Geelong/otways and elaine/ballarat areas Cheers guys