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  1. When I played footy, we used to put band aids on our nipples.
  2. Ok, so instead of flipping or using a grinder, I used a jigsaw with a coarse blade to square up the front edge. No smoke, no burning rubber. 100k at Big River with heaps of grip. Worked a treat.
  3. Thanks for the advice Mick. I'll try the grinder and if I like the result I'll invest in a knife.
  4. Thanks all. Might try the angle grinder.
  5. Hi all, given the leading edge of my rear tyre is getting worn but the trailing edge is still square, can I reverse the tyre in the rim to get a few more rides out of it? Thanks.
  6. Devastated I couldn't make Saturday. Glad you had a good fun ride. I'll watch eagerly for your next one Jay, well done.
  7. Ok so I warmed the bike up and she has completely freed up. Phew! Is this a sign of something wrong that I should get checked out? Thanks again.
  8. Thanks PeteV. Bike is cold and off. Can select neutral to start. Cannot start in gear as clutch will not disengage. Once started, still cannot select a gear as clutch will not disengage, so selecting a gear, the bike lurches forward and stalls.
  9. Hi gurus, Any ideas on what the problem here might be. I've been giving the clutch a bit of a hard time last weekend. Clutch cable has full range of movement as does the push lever, so I'm thinking the problem could be internal. Neutral works fine. Anything simple I can try or do I need a mechanic? I'm not confident of opening it up myself. TIA, Mark.
  10. My first ride report and THE BEST dirtriderz ride i have been. First of all, a huge thanks for Ohmygewd and his mates for putting this on. I realise it was probably a step down in your normal stuff so thanks - i really appreciate it as it was perfectly for me. Thanks also to the sweeps and all the help which made the day run really smoothly. I'll try to attached a couple of photos and video. IONX0024.MP4
  11. I use a locking hitch pin and a locking clamp that locks around trailer hitch and ball. Im a bit paranoid but always worry about how I would get my bike home if my trailer got stolen .
  12. Mousses, 27% off at mxstore.com.au. I don't use them and have no idea if this is a good price but there it is. Enjoy.
  13. Thanks to Buzz, dusty and all the other help. Challenging day but a side of Dissa I haven't seen before. I'm knackered.
  14. Tubliss do state "off road use only". Just FYI.
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