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  1. As a newer member and on my first camp ride with Dirtriderz, I wanna say this was a grouse weekend. Huge congratulations and thanks go to Andy350 for getting this up. You have personally been so welcoming to me as I get to know the group, thank you. To all the organisers of the camp, rides, festivity’s etc, thank you. Im looking forward to the next one and many more. 👍❤️😜
  2. Thanks guys. How often do you typically need to change?
  3. Grouse day Saturday. Despite the wet and cold, the pub was a welcome relief and the ride back was much better weather wise. Either way the tracks were fabulous and I can’t wait to do it again - although hopefully with the weather you guys had on Sunday. Big thanks to DG for putting the ride up and leading. Stinky for sweeping, Felroy for fuel. And everyone for being such great ride buddies. Next time can’t come soon enough.
  4. Hi Legends, it might be time For a new chain And sprockets.Don’t want to spend a fortune but what recommendations do people have for a reliable set that is not too expensive? Thanks.
  5. Huge thanks to Bushybrows for planning and leading and Andy for sweep duties. In particular thanks to those guys for the much needed help on the last part of the ride. I’m sure they were both nervous that they may have had to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation at one stage. Its a grouse, challenging L2 loop. A great mix of flow and tight. Now I need 4 people to pull out of it so I can actually get on it!! It was great to ride with such a top bunch of ride buddies.
  6. Thanks a lot to everyone involved in getting this ride up and running. It was a really well run event and I had a great day. Looking forward to the next one. Cheers.
  7. I would love to play the “canary in the coal mine” on an explore ride. I consider myself L2 to 2+, but definitely NOT L3. I have successfully completed one of ohmygewds rides (back in 2017), but left his 2019 ride early (psyched out?). Therefore, if I can ride your loop, it’s defineltely L2 to 2+. Goughs is magnificent.
  8. Mate, looks a sensational day! would love to get up there one day.
  9. When I played footy, we used to put band aids on our nipples.
  10. Ok, so instead of flipping or using a grinder, I used a jigsaw with a coarse blade to square up the front edge. No smoke, no burning rubber. 100k at Big River with heaps of grip. Worked a treat.
  11. Thanks for the advice Mick. I'll try the grinder and if I like the result I'll invest in a knife.
  12. Thanks all. Might try the angle grinder.
  13. Hi all, given the leading edge of my rear tyre is getting worn but the trailing edge is still square, can I reverse the tyre in the rim to get a few more rides out of it? Thanks.
  14. Devastated I couldn't make Saturday. Glad you had a good fun ride. I'll watch eagerly for your next one Jay, well done.
  15. Ok so I warmed the bike up and she has completely freed up. Phew! Is this a sign of something wrong that I should get checked out? Thanks again.