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  1. Is this legal?

    Last time I looked into it the rule was 300mm between indicators inside to inside. May have changed, but I don't think cops would really pick on it, a lot of bikes in the bush don't have indicators fitted.... Edit: just looked up on the federal vehicle standard sight and they say Position: In width - one on each side of the vehicle
  2. Hi all, hoping someone can help me with a problem i am having with the wifes car stereo. Recently i aquired a factory gps system for the car, which was working fantastically until i turned the volume up for a song i liked then all sound from the unit has stopped-no button beeps or anything!! The head unit still functions in every other way. I put the original unit back in and the sound works fine. Swap the new one in and still no sound. I sent the unit of and due to it being a digital one had to go to a speciallist to test (which turns out he didnt have the protocol? and couldnt test it for repair) In the meantime someone else suggested the amp may have blown (i doubt it since the other unit still has sound) but i cannot find any amp except for a fuse in the fuse box, and i have pretty much pulled every trim off to look. Two things, i am suspecting the unit itself is faulty, but can anyone test it or know of anyone who can? Secondly, does anyone have any suggestionswhere the amp is located? Tried google search and they all say under one of the front isnt there, i checked!! Sorry for the long winded post, tryingto give as much detail that may help...