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  1. 1979 hz 253 stromberg issues

    Sorry i forgot to put what the problem was in the end!! The carbon filter was falling apart and ending up going through the vent hose i to the carby bowl & blocking the jets!! Put an inline filter in for a tempotary solution until the neighbour decides what he wants to do... Amongst other things, also discovered along the way the dizzy bolt was only just holding the dizzy in place so retimed and tightened the bolt properley now runs really well!!
  2. Summer merchandise

    Paid [emoji4]
  3. Summer merchandise

    I would be interested in 2 grey and 2 white large singlets [emoji106]
  4. Summer merchandise

    I wouldnt mind a singlet or two [emoji5] any chance of lighter colored ones at all or only black and blue ones (wife points out that all my singlets/shirts are darker colors)?
  5. 1979 hz 253 stromberg issues

    Did that tonight, but only reset the top plate as such. I think that i may take it apart and give it a bit of a clean see if that makes a difference!!
  6. 1979 hz 253 stromberg issues

    Hi all, my neighbour has an issue i have been helping him with on his 1979 hz kingswood 253. It has a stromberg ww 2 barrel carburettor, and the other day it had a fuel leak on the accelerator pump plunger, so replaced the plunger and the top plate gasket while i was at it. Car started and revved well, but when he drove it i the morning, the revs surge at a certain throttle position, and when it does that it seems to idle very low and stalls. Once restarted, the car runs well again, then it seems randomly repeats the process. Is there any one who has experience with these carbs/cars that can offer suggestions for area to look at?
  7. I think i use the black, i will check shortly Edit: i have a full set of new red circle pads here if you want, i have no use for them
  8. saw this thread and its something i have been meaning to post for a while!! currently restoring 2 old roadbikes, a 1954 DKW RT250/2 & a 1955 DKW RT250/2, one being my dad's (the 1955) and the other mine. if you haven't heard of DKW's before, have a look, they did a fair bit...especially with 2 strokes It's been very slow progress, and hopefully will have the 1955 getting assembled soon (dad has more cash than i do, so he goes first). Have mocked everything up to see what we have/don't have then pulled everything apart. pulled the motor apart which had supposedly been "rebuilt" before, but i think the rebuild went as far as a can of paint... have had the fork legs repaired and re-chromed, looked like they had spent some time on the bottom of the ocean!! currently the crank cases are away being water blasted. we had soda blasted them here, but decided that water blasting would be better for what we are planning to do. pics of what has happened so far: and what they are supposed to look like:
  9. Is this legal?

    Last time I looked into it the rule was 300mm between indicators inside to inside. May have changed, but I don't think cops would really pick on it, a lot of bikes in the bush don't have indicators fitted.... Edit: just looked up on the federal vehicle standard sight and they say Position: In width - one on each side of the vehicle
  10. I was thinking similar, but can't get the thing tested to find out exactly where the fault isIt's a zj outlander (sorry I thought I had put that in the first post)Having a look at the factory amp, it doesn't appear to use RCA cables, but their own wiring system to tie it all together... No use going to mitsi, they answer is buy a new one @ $3000 I the main reason I want to keep it factory is that it ties in with all the other systems mitsi have fitted (displaying directions on the instrument cluster, etc)
  11. Hi all, hoping someone can help me with a problem i am having with the wifes car stereo. Recently i aquired a factory gps system for the car, which was working fantastically until i turned the volume up for a song i liked then all sound from the unit has stopped-no button beeps or anything!! The head unit still functions in every other way. I put the original unit back in and the sound works fine. Swap the new one in and still no sound. I sent the unit of and due to it being a digital one had to go to a speciallist to test (which turns out he didnt have the protocol? and couldnt test it for repair) In the meantime someone else suggested the amp may have blown (i doubt it since the other unit still has sound) but i cannot find any amp except for a fuse in the fuse box, and i have pretty much pulled every trim off to look. Two things, i am suspecting the unit itself is faulty, but can anyone test it or know of anyone who can? Secondly, does anyone have any suggestionswhere the amp is located? Tried google search and they all say under one of the front isnt there, i checked!! Sorry for the long winded post, tryingto give as much detail that may help...
  12. Dirtriderz Fitness Support

    I was running every morning before work, but this winter have really struggled to get out of bed. To replace the loss of running, I have e been training more (martial arts) and even just walking around in the pool while my son does his swimming lessons...every bit helps. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to ride much this year, and with my dodgey knees not being used to being on the bike again, I have had to pull out of some rides early. Have also downloaded an app called 30 day fitness challenge, mainly because it has excersise programs that I can do on the mats in the garage with minimal other equipment. Has made all the difference when playing with the kids, and with the riding Now, to convince the family that more riding is for everyone's benefit [emoji6]
  13. Bike Stand

    Have had it for around 3-4 years, and haven't had a single issue with it.
  14. Bike Stand

    Yep, that's the one