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  1. Saw similar in neerim car park (may have been the same guy) that when they flipped the bike smashed up their new looking carbon akro pipe and tail section....looked like an expensive error...
  2. Cool. Thanks all for the help, ended up going with the motow - ballards out of stock and xtech looked to be average from what i saw. I would have loved to get the rack and roll or even a nicerack mototote (they look to be a nice bit of kit) but both out of my price range... Will get some carabiners/turnbuckles and should do the job nicely
  3. That was one of my concerns was the sway on them, want too sure only looking at the pictures. With the carabiners, you mean to hold on the pegs instead of tie downs or as well as tie downs?
  4. Did like the look of them, but roughly $200 more than the others shipped is starting to really stretch the budget unfortunately
  5. Hey all, did a quick search, but couldnt find anything recent in regards to this topic, but i am looking for a bike carrier. So far i have found 3 in my price range, motow, ballards and xtech. Trailer isnt an option due to storage restriction, and the ute i have, the tray is just too high to get the bike on by myself and being a work owned car i cant just get the suspension changed - setup for transporting industrial diesels. After peoples thoughts/experiences on these carriers or other solutions if possible. (have tried 2 ramps, one for walking next to the bike, ended up dropping bike off ramp twice so not happy with that)
  6. Your help would be awesome!! Have a little to go yet, but painting is something i always wanted to learn
  7. Have put hpc on the barrel, didnt think to check the rest of the range...may take a trip up to the paint place work uses and see what they have
  8. I was thinking that but dont know all that much about powdercoating and while the bike will be kept clean and original, it will be ridden... Going to attempt to spray myself, thinking worst case can strip it back and get a proffesional to do it if i crack the sads and cant get it good enough!!
  9. Quick question for people, about to start doing the frame, should i paint or powdercoat the frame? It was originally painted, but not sure as there are arguements for doing both....
  10. Thats the thing i would be unsure about, if the Velcro would hold....
  11. If the quickstraps have a bit of length to them you could get them under and they would work, but you woukd need maybe 2 inches (guessing, will measure tonight)of elastic strap either side.
  12. I got them from here: Their actual site is:
  13. I recently got a set of 'airflaps' and ran them on the weekend. They arent as cheap as the dual layer lenses, but they worked a treat!! Most of the time i forgot to put them back in the 'closed' position, and didnt have any fogging issues at all... Just another option instead of putting goggles around the back of your hemet