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  1. dolan893

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    Thanks for the invite mate I'll happily join you [emoji1303]
  2. dolan893

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    So I had basically given up on dirt bikes, lost interested in them and had a bike sitting in the shed I couldn't be bothered fixing also none of my mates were riding anymore. About 6 months past and I found myself watching a lot of cross training and extreme enduro videos on youtube and it wasn't long after that I was looking to buy a new bike. I thought about a newer 2 stroke for a while but then decided against it after a few offs on my old 300 had left me pretty battered and bruised, then was considering a 250 4 stroke but everyone I rode with said i would get over the power and be wanting more as my riding progressed. Taking all these points on board i had my heart set on 350exc-f although the budget didn't agree. One night whilst flicking through gumtree the perfect compromise popped up and it was more than affordable, a 2011 KTM 400exc. Been for a couple of rides on it so far and I am hooked again so much more control and much much easier to ride. The power comes on so gently and predictably it is so easy to control yet its still got the grunt to get up and go when you need it to. Hoping to get out on my first dirtriderz ride soon!!
  3. dolan893

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    Hey guys I've decided to sell this bike and get something little more user friendly for a beginner, just wanted to know what you all think its worth, Bad points (that I know of) - Rear brake lever needs rebuilding, bushes and pin flogged out and it wobbles all over the place - Reeds covered in oil (due to not being ridden hard enough apparently) causing it to bog down - Possible coil issue, fouled 3 plugs yesterday thinking the mixture was too rich but on further inspection by the blokes I was riding with spark seemed rather weak - All the bolts in the plastics and flogged out and mis-matched I paid $3000 for it back in July 2014, since owning it the only thing I have really done is change the gear oil, new air filters and put on a second hand rear tyre. I don't expect to make my money back on it just after a ball park figure Cheers, Tim
  4. dolan893

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    Yeah just a standard pin, ill give this a go thanks mate
  5. dolan893

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    Been out and about on a few rides since my last post, enjoying all the things dirt bikes have to offer and learning lots along the way ( like 2 strokes like to rattle things loose) got some new gear for my birthday as well so I'm fully kitted out now. However i went for a quick squirt the other day and this happened Not too much to worry about, got the new clamp on order but I'm unsure as to how to get the pin out? If anyone could throw some guidance my way it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. G'day Dirtriderz, My name is Tim and i recently bought a 2000 ktm 300exc, got it sight unseen with no riding experience at all and fell in love as soon as i hopped on. Went for my first ride in the bush yesterday and managed to only have 4 spills haha At Noojee pub after a 20km Neerim loop yesterday Down on the farm today Looking forward to doing alot more riding and being able to unleash this bikes potential