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  1. Anglesea L1+ Monday 12/3

    Great days riding! Will definately be signing up for another ride with Bear, Old Fossil and the boys!
  2. Skills/training Day - Enfield 29Th Of March

    Can't agree more...thanks for putting this ride// training day on guys. BTW Any vids available?
  3. Wombat/macedon Sweet Ride

    TBluff sunday was another top day out with the dirtriderz boys....This was my first time out at Macedon, I had a ball and will be keen to get back out there again soon. There was a variety of different ridering terrain e.g. wide tracks, single trails, creeks, etc that ranged from simple to more difficult, & tuff!!! Gerry did really well....he'll be up the front and on one wheel in no time! Look forward to riding with all the guys again soon and thanks for organising the ride Tbluff.....cheers D.
  4. Dusty Enfield That's Not Dusty Now

    What a day! Heaps of technical stuff and a great bunch of blokes....nice days ridin' I am stuffed... Looking forward to the next one. Hey youngfella excellent vid & pics. Cheers Duncan.
  5. Greendale To Blackwood Pub With A Dozen Dirtriderz

    ] Great outcome re the tank! Mate check your dirt riders inbox I've sent you message. Cheers D.
  6. Greendale To Blackwood Pub With A Dozen Dirtriderz

    Geoffro what a top ride! First time out riding in almost 3 years and I had a ball, should've got back on the bike ages ago. After putting that plastic tank repair stuff on Gesas's safari tank not a drop was lost. We got back to the car with no issues, considered filling up the tanks and heading back out, but thought we may be pushing our luck.....By the way thanks to the dude (didn't catch his name) who lent his toe rope, much appreciated....luckily not needed tho. Hey Geoffro I'll definately be looking out for another one of your rides....great tracks and great bunch of blokes! Cheers....D