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  1. You can clearly see I’m in control there. Pretty technical move, hard to do but I frequently tend to choose this method
  2. Some some pics Marko, told my mates I smashed that log! Hehe
  3. Great day, thanks for the ride Egg. Sun was out dust was down grip was nice. Bent both my clutch lever and clutch thing you change with your foot?? Thanks Jason for your clever bush engineering got it sorted. Starting to feel the flow again and getting used to the bike. Many thanks to all involved
  4. Thanks boys was a challenging day. Conditions were a little tricky for a young man who has spent too much time o the couch. Have just got back riding after a long break and still getting use to a new bike. Arm pump set in pretty quickly and remained through out. Still I enjoyed the company and how encouraging the group was giving me that boost to keep pushing on and try harder. Once I got to lunch my left arm started to cramp so better make the safe call and head back to the car. Got some work to do on the bike. I truly know where I stand and know what I need to work on.
  5. Thanks for posting up the ride Andy. Good excuse to escape the house and give the new bike a test. Nice to get back into the sport on some slippery trails making it fun finding traction. Pretty happy with the Kato very smooth power and plush suspension compared to the old bike. Funny seeing bearmx pull the throttle open every chance he gets then ending up kissing a tree. Trails you have come a long way since I first saw you jump on the bike, good style and smooth riding. Keep standing on those pegs! As usual thanks for leaders and the boys out back Nick
  6. Agree I don’t like creek beds. Also agree rekluse worked well for my last bike kx450f. In my prime ( before mortgage and little one) found I liked the weight of the bike and how stripped back it was in the tighter trials. in the open trails was always looking for one more gear. Bike gave me 120hrs of joy, have now shifted to the 450excf. Smooth but feels more bulky between the knees. I rode with you once and the type of trails we did that day will be fine on a sxf. Get it
  7. Mt Hood? 40mins from Portland, home of burnside skatepark..... close??
  8. Correct. You can try stiffer springs if that occurs which will help eliminate the odd flame out
  9. Just to be clear, the guys who race in the GNCC series mainly use the rekluse, aren't really riding their bikes?! Pretty ridiculous
  10. I use the Rekluse exp ( base model ) on my Kx450. Stops the bike from flaming out, less kick starting easier in the tighter tracks. You can still have engine braking just have to give the throttle a little twist to engage. You can still override the clutch any time with the lever. Just makes a MX bike more trail friendly. There are different types you can get. Have a search on google or YouTube plenty of information to check out and see if it's what your after
  11. Thanks buddy I'll look into them
  12. The clutch is gone, need someone with good understanding on rekluse clutches. Any feedback on powersports Kawasaki? Their just around the corner
  13. After some help/advice if anyone can recommend a good Machanic around the Seafood Frankston area. Even if you know a friend who works on the side from their house. If you know their hourly rates that would also be appreciated many thanks nick
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