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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to add my thanks to everyone, was a nice cruisy ride. Thanks to Suzbeno for organising, Mick for leading and Greasa15 for sweeping. Cheers Phil
  2. Thanks everyone for helping out, Hummdinger - Yeh was lots of private property, I had a look round on some gravel roads then found a logging coup which I had a bit of play in, then called it a day. Not very interesting but is always good to get out on the bike. Hopefully I'll be able to tag along on a ride over that way, it looks like it'd be amazing.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I might just go for a spin along some of the 4wd/gravel rds. Be good just to get out lol. Cheers Phil
  4. G'day, I'm heading to Apollo Bay this weekend for a family get together, however, I will be able to sneak away for a couple of hours on Saturday, so I am taking the bike with me . I have never ridden in the Otways before so was hoping that someone could give me some ideas re tracks that are close to Apollo Bay? Cheers
  5. Another great Dirtriderz day, thanks to everyone for helping out and to kx450f for organising the day. We had a few mechanical issues at the start which saw 1 rider pulling out, we then managed to string together some nice single thanks heaps to adambc1977 for showing us those. Was a really good day with everyone offering lots of help, lots of mud and roots to get stuck on which saw everyone lending a hand. Was also really good to bump into a couple of other riders (trav03 - Team Husky) who showed us round some great tracks and waited patiently when we got stuck . I was completely stuffed by the end of the day, drove back to melbourne and could barely get out of the car when I got to the bottleo (managed somehow though lol) Looking forward to the next ride Cheers Phil
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