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  1. Riders being members on dirtriderZ rides

    i usually run a few rides in the chewton area every year. I organise the ride by text/facebook, once the details are sorted i post up on dirtriderz to see if any members want to a attend(great way to meet new riders). Some of my friends include banned members from dirtriderz, if in the end i'm banned from the forum for doing this then so be it but it is dirtriderz members who will be poorer for it, not me or my friends.
  2. "show us your belly button" tour of greendale.

    Thanks for putting on the ride marko and big thanks to kmatts for leading. I'll bailed at 20k due to overheating(me, not the bike) and a general lack of fitness. I'll have to get my act together or Fab'll be leading the chewton rides this year. kmatts, i went back to the cars via greendale road instead of the bitchy.
  3. "show us your belly button" tour of greendale.

    The other two are looking a bit guilty about something, maybe even ashamed? and then this, can't tell me something didn't go on here
  4. Out West Tech Sat Jan13

    Thanks for ride pete, great technical stuff, like to try it again when it's a bit cooler and I'm alot fitter.
  5. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    well if i'd known it was broken i would have insisted on the ambo with the hot nurse. I'm blaming nasty, he soldiered on with a hand that seemed a lot worse than mine so i felt i had no choice but to keep going . but i'm spewin, i don't mind a bit of pain and the cost of fixing broken bikes but missing out of 4 weeks(that'll be three rides)....that's a bit hard to take
  6. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    gypsy says that out on the trails too...when he thinks no one is looking
  7. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    F%$k, doc just got the xrays, says i've got a broken bone in the wrist, gotta wear a split for four weeks...chewton does it again, three rides in a row and blokes with broken bones
  8. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    How's the hand nasty? Swelling starting to go down on my hand, l might even be ok for this weekend.
  9. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    And don't forget Hoffs mcgyver like skills fixing gypsy's throttle... Quite a piece of work.
  10. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    great to have you back richard. i'm sure you'll be back to your old self once you have the bike sorted and a bit of ride fitness. yes, the trip back to the cars via the main road can be cold....i've done it a few times in recent months.
  11. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    U really should join us next time, guarantee I know some tracks that most don't know
  12. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    i believe i may have copped a bit of abuse about this section of track
  13. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    bit of trouble at the wall in the usual spot
  14. Chewton in the rain(well, some rain)

    I've come to the conclusion that "the hoff" is a bloody camera hog!
  15. Rolled up early not expecting any rain but it was drizzeling when i got there. I felt a bit of guilt when richard rolled up as i promised no rain. I usually start in the creek but gave it a miss as the rocks would have been too slippery for my liking. Headed of down the usual loop and didn't stop until scorpio, passed a group of amateurs on the way(just one of the three groups we passed). Half the team went up the rooster track, rest of us were chickens. The rain was light while we did washing machine but it started to come down at the wall. This is the first time we strung washing machine and the wall togther. This meant 10k of heavily overgrown track had to be pushed thru. Several times i heard some cursing and swearing and i'm pretending my name wasn't involved! I stopped at about 11:40 for lunch because i was starving. I'm stitting on a log with the boys, the rains coming down and i think normal people would hate this but i just felt happy and blessed to be riding with a great bunch of blokes. I knew there was some sh1t ahead but having top blokes to ride with instills a feeling of confidence and safety in me when i'm out with them (despit the fact the call me names behind me back). Nasty had taken a tumble and had a painful hand but the trooper pushed on. We skipped naths creek because of the rain, leave that for a dry day. About three kays from the cars i got knocked off line by a rock and road straight into a tree, hit the deck and ended up with a wrist in quite a bit of pain, took a couple of panadol and had a gentle ride back to the cars. Wrist seems a bit better now, bit swollen so i thinks it's just a sprain.