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  1. thanks everyone for coming and a special thanks to the sweep for the effort he put in. I turned up at the carpark with mate warwick looking forward to a great day but things started to go a bit bad before we even left the carpark. One bike seemed to be having fuel problems, another with an oil issue and the last one wouldn't start despite being dragged down the road behind a ute. It was decided to change the spark plug on this stubborn bike so we set to work. Warwick had come prepared, new spark plug and all the tools needed. Now i not saying that my friend is not very mechanically minded but he seemed to have trouble screwing the new plug in. We were all standing there watching as he cranks the socket around and says things like it must be starting to screw in by now. After about a minute(no kidding) he pulls the socket and plug out to find that he has the plug in the socket upside down Eventually all bikes were running so we off down some tight stuff. My mate is a bit off a newbie and despite trying very hard he had to bail early. I gave him some vague directions and he headed off to the cars. We finished the ride with i think only one more incident where one rider decided to have a sit down halfway up a very rocky section. Don't blame him, i've had a few sitdowns in the same spot over the years. Great day out, nobody got hurt and only 2 trees injured from 3 crashes into them, yes the numbers are right, warwick hit the same tree in the same place twice !
  2. I think she’s the crazy possums lady from lyonville. Fab should know, he’s had a previous experience with her
  3. almost made it, good rider out of luck
  4. here's someone commenting on the rain just before we took off
  5. Thanks all for attending and bringing some xmas cheer. We headed off on the usual tracks but being Chrissy I thru in a few surprises by heading down tracks that were so overgrown it was hard to tell that there was a track at all. I was getting a bit tired so decided to stop and rest at a creek crossing not realising it was the same one were fab had some difficulty a couple of years back. But fab hadn’t forgotten what happened that day and was out for revenge, he went across first then seeing that my bike was lined up to go next he did one of the most appalling things i’ve ever seen a dirtbiker do. Filled with jealousy and anger about my superior riding skills he sabotaged the exit from the creek. He put rocks right at the top of the exit rut knowing that this would kick my front wheel high. I decided to try it anyway and sure enough as I exited the creek the rock at the top kicked my front wheel high. In slow motion the bike started to go over backwards, the only thing slower was fabs lame attempt at pretending to grab my front wheel. I ended up at the bottom of the creek on my hands and knees…merry $#$%ing xmas to centralVic. We headed down to the wall where earlier this year buzz had kindly gifted us with a track to the top and every time I go there now it ends in carnage with buzz wannabe’s. Yesterday was no exception with crusty and ghost rider making some great attempts but no success. Thank you buzz for the gift that just keeps giving. I was starting to feel a bit overheated so I sent the boys into triple creek while I sat at the top. The log on the first exit provided the usual entertainment but watching fab on the second exit was even better. His first attempt ended as expected, fab coming out with some really filthy language that really isn’t fitting for xmas time. I took a seat on a log thinking that this is gunna take a while….well…xmas came early for fab, he got up on the pegs and did one of the best exits out that I have ever seen !! Go fab ! Finished the rest of the ride in about an hour less than it usually takes, well done all. I was completely shagged by the time I got to the cars. Merry xmas all. Oh, and watching young floody running up a rocky hill pushing the bike reminded some of us just how many xmas's we have seen !
  6. thanks bear and sweep riders. if i hadn't stopped on the hill like that then your video would be no where near as entertaining(sorry mate).
  7. i've been at work all day, still there, this sucks
  8. several riders had trouble in this section. Here's drezz giving a lesson in how to do it. Note how he takes the time to pick his line, checks his position and where the back wheel is. When he takes off he doesn't give it a handful of throttle because he's going for traction, not mud slinging, well done !
  9. pete giving the "buzz" track up the wall a go. it's a lot steeper than it looks folks !
  10. wouldn't be me if i didn't post a pic of fabs bike having a lie down
  11. bloody hell, what a day. Thanks to everyone for coming and special thanks to sweep cujo. I was woken at 2 in the morning with rain. I lay ther for 3 hours listening to it and thinking it's gonna be hell out there today. We started off okay but things started to go downhill a bit went i took a very overgrown detour on the way to scorpio. There was a hill in there that i believe caused a few issues. We did washing machine and it started raining so i decided to skip a tricky creek section and head straight for the wall. I had been hanging out to have a go at "the new buzz track" up the wall but it looked so wet and greasy that i figured i would have no hope, one rider did make it but i can't remember who. Petev gave it a redhot go but no go. Even the chicken track bought quite a few unstuck. We headed over to triple creek and this caused even bigger problems. Some of the guys(smarter than me) decided not to try it all. We got to the second crossing and things started to go bad, people off bikes, going nowhere, rope has to be bought out. The entry to the second crossing is rather steep and watching hoff sliding down on his bum hanging on to the bike was the funniest thing i saw all day. Just when you think things couldn't get any worse it did, the hail started coming down. We got all the bike to the top of second crossing but decided to give the rest of it a miss. Headed over to the creeks then back to carpark, i didn't even do the tunnel today. The white stuff on the ground is hail.
  12. Bruce decide to take a short cut and wondered why he wasn't going anywhere, turned out he was caught up in an old fence. then gave it another rest a bit later fab also had a tired bike
  13. brett almost dumped it in the dam !