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  1. what goes on in the bush stays in the bush.
  2. This picture says it all about my fitness, that's me leaning over the handle bars !
  3. Thanks pepperjack for a great day out, and also a big thanks to the sweep. I too was shagged out when you suggested heading back to the cars. highlights of my day were: (a) not falling off (b) no dabs in the trial section. I still seem to be able to still ride the bike ok but not for very long, need to work on the fitness
  4. you legend fab.......on the other hand....if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to see it........??? "Unlike when I fell off there seems to be a crowd!".... with cameras hehe
  5. Thanks to all involved in putting this on, fantastic effort. Also like to thank the guys for the entertainment on the challenge hill and to trails for going down in front of me( that doesn’t sound quite right does it ?)
  6. he was only doing what comes naturally to badgers, digging a burrow
  7. i've found some new places to ride out that way but they're pretty tough. i'm not going to attempt them until i can do the following: 1. rooster track at scorpio 2. the full triple creek. i haven't even attempted the full run, only seen buzz, brownie and dazza do it(might have been others that day). 3. straight up "the wall" buzz style. 4. stop eating crap that's making me fat(that does NOT include beer) So i need some fitness and skills days
  8. Guess I’ll have to putt around Cobaw tomorrow on my own, bit like the skipper without gilligan
  9. fab hasn't spoken to me since i posted that video
  10. HT was a bit off his game today, very unusual.
  11. u can't see it in the video but i suspect there was a tear or two behind fabs goggles, i know i had tears in my eyes !
  12. what a fabulous day out there today..perfect ! Before leaving home(bendigo)it was raining so i did something i never do, put all my gear on(except boots) before leaving home, including spray jacket and pants...no way i'm getting changed in the rain. It rained all the way to the meet spot but lucky for us it stopped just before we took off which was a while because we all had to admire fabs new bike with one kay on the clock. When fab figured we'd oohed and aahed enough we were off. Some people may have thought i was a bit unkind in the organise rides post where i bet fab would fall off at the first creek, well, i was wrong...he fell off BEFORE the first creek ! no kidding, we are 10(yes, ten) metres into the first track. For some crazy reason fab wants to go bush to do a u turn, next thing i know him and the bike are down..to be fair he is on a brand new bike and was trying to clear a three inch stick. Rest of the ride went well but geez those rocks are slippy when wet. HT put several complaints in about fab polishing rocks with his rear tyre therefore making it harder for the next rider. I listened sympathetically, pretending to care, then rode off thinking the poor old fart's lost his marbles. MRKTM likes twisting the throttle and managed to make it up scorpio rooster track, well down. thanks all for a great day out. https://youtu.be/QBrUi2c66TM
  13. another great day in the bush with bear and crew, thanks all and dazz for sweeping. bit of video of a greasy hill. https://youtu.be/Jzm-UXDv7SQ
  14. pretty girl taking my picture in the bush...I never tire of it
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