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  1. mikato

    Garmin Gps 64S Mounting

    Mine didn't last much longer so machined a new roller, the GPS still jumps out on big hits even with velcro behind it I spent over an hour a few weeks ago walking a 200m section looking for my 62s.
  2. mikato

    KTM/Husaberg/Husqvarna 350 fuel tank

    Hi Dan home on leave atm if no better offer I'd drive down 2015 350 kato.
  3. Hi TRAILZ PM sent got another option.
  4. mikato

    Replacing seat cover

    I will be checking online for sure, looks pretty straight forward. Flying out with work on Tuesday so hope to get time to have a crack at it before I go.
  5. mikato

    Replacing seat cover

    Cheers mate, yeah got online & reckon I'll nail it (or should that be staple ? ). The trick is to get the right size staples. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi folks I need to replace the cover on my bike after a non riding mishap, Got a new cover but never fitted one before & haven't got the gear to do so either. Any recommendations. With thanks, Mick
  7. Brought a bigger 4wd to tow it with.
  8. mikato

    Tom Tom Bandit Or Go Pro

    Same here, very happy with it & simple to use.
  9. Sutto's are great to deal with & offer heaps of advice, almost a shareholder as spend mega bucks.
  10. Not my first bike a Suzuki TS250X good fun but not memorable, my next was a XR350F a gem of a bike at a time when a 350 was an oddity you'd flog the guts out of it & it would come back for more, shut it down & hear the oil frying away (the killer of many 350 gear sets). I became a master of the Honda twin carbies too & saw my way past the dreaded mid throttle cough, Fat & lazy we had so much in common. Yeah I'd park another in my garage.
  11. mikato

    2015 Dirtriderz Jersey Order

    User name - mikato Name on jersey - mikato Number - none Size - 3XL Please PM bank details.
  12. If this group was to offer a tooth pick I'd be there.
  13. Gazz those 2 strokes are the devils work don't be lead into the dark side.
  14. mikato

    Dunlop At81 Front And Rear Tyres

    Thanks for the report on the Dunlops rusty_68 it made perfect sense to me & I'll look forward to hearing what you think of them after the Mt. Bulla ride.