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  1. Trento

    Kenda Ibex Rear Tyre

    I havent used the Ibex, but I use the Kenda Millville2's and they are such a grippy tyre. The wear is fantastic too. I changed to them a few years ago and wouldn't go back, plus they sponsor a lot of the rallies, so I support companies that support these events
  2. Trento

    Oil in Airbox

    Hi Guys, I just cleaned my air filter, the bike has been sitting for about 4 months, but I noticed engine oil on the bottom of the airbox. It is only inside the filter area. I was wondering if anyone was able to tell me if this is normal, I have only noticed it now. It's a 2016 Husky FE501 with about 3000kms, I don't know if its normal or perhaps the engine is wearing/ valves or something. Its not foam filter oil, definitely engine oil thanks in advance
  3. Trento

    Pivot Pegz

    I'd agree with the last 2 posts. I put pivot pegs on my FE501 because my ankles were always sore after a ride. I thought they would give my ankles a bit more movement, they don't move around as much as you think. Infact I don't even notice them anymore. They do defeat the purpose of steg pegz though, you will find your ankles rolling backwards up hills.
  4. Trento

    Sawmill Rally 2016

    Roggo we are heading up tomorrow and camping somewhere near. Its a great rally although it looks like thunderstorms. It's not hard, will suit a level 2-3 rider well.
  5. Trento

    Dusty's L3 Neerim Step up Ride

    Firstly, Thanks Dustin, Awesome ride. Without guys offering to lead like that, the forum would be quiet. Also thanks to Habs for sweeping, although I was completely unaware you had hurt yourself earlier. It was my first ride for a few months and I ended up drinking my 2 litres of water before lunchtime (Never done that before). The trails were great even though they were dusty, but there was a decent amount of challenges.
  6. Trento

    Wet weather tyres.

    I agree, in these conditions any tyre will struggle. When I did a 3 day tour of Tassie with Dirt trax, they were using Kenda Millville 2 tyres, they are intermediate/ Soft. Good for all round conditions. So I got some on their advice, These are the best tyres I've ever used and they wear well too, but everyone has their own preference. I purchased a new FE501 with michelin and tore the knobs off of them in no time, wont ever get Michelin again
  7. Trento


    I used to use turps to clean oil based filter oil. Now I use Rock oil water washable filter oil, never had any issues with it even on the dustiest rides. It's quick and easy to clean the filter after a ride.
  8. Trento

    Events Listed In Calendar

    Good call, there are rides like the Alpine Rally, Stockmans, Sawmill that should be in there
  9. Trento

    Amarok Or Ranger?

    Amarok won wheels car of the year choice in its class against these utes- I have a friend who is a mechanic and is not a fan of anything made by VAG group. Kaptn on this forum just purchased a new manual Ranger Wildtrack, the gearbox lasted 700kms and blew up. I have read lots of negatives on the ranger gearboxes and auto's. The ranger looks great the you cant beat the VW build quality. I've got a 2013 Navara and got a ripping deal on it. The new model is due in Feb Hope this helps
  10. Trento

    Sawmill Rally 2014

    yep thats me, I remember talking to you.
  11. Trento

    Sawmill Rally 2014

    Myself and a Mate did this. Couldnt have turned out better. We drove up there on Saturday and were concerned about the dust. However the forecast said rain on Friday, saturday and Sunday. Found an awesome Freecamp area with a toilet block right near the sawmill road. Rolled out our swags and went to bed about 11pm as it had started to drizzle, woke up an hour later to hear the rain thundering down on my swag. It didn't stop all night. We arrived about 7:30 to the starting area (Same wet and slippy car park), still raining hard. Scrutineering was a bit of a joke (single entry for around 300 riders), there was a line a mile long all morning. Everyone was soaked from head to toe. The start was delayed as people were still arriving (Apparently the MtBuller road was closed until 7:30am). As I walked to the startline to get on the bike, it stopped raining and never rained again, which left perfect conditions for riding. The ride itself was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!, slippery tracks, plenty of riders that were sliding down hills out of control. It was pretty funny to see. I got off my bike at the bottom of a slippy hill to watch and laugh for a while. I could hear the "werp whoops....Oh oh" from the riders coming down, the track was carnage. There was about 6 riders on the ground and another 10 coming down the hill. Conditions couldn't have been better. The tracks were great, There was some technical tracks, up hills, down hills, rocks, fallen trees. Not really difficult. I imagine it wouldn't have been that good if it didn't rain, maybe not challenging enough. This is my 3rd Rally, In the last few months I have done the Myrtleford Rally, Stockmans and This one. Myrtleford has to be the best organised so far, Stockmans second and this last. However due to the rain, this had the best tracks and riding conditions.
  12. Trento

    Motogc - Great Service

    Good to see a few more Husky's being sold. I heard plenty of negative stuff about Husky's from people (Who have never owned one of course). I'm on my second Husky now and have never had a problem (Apart from bad Fuel) I love them, they are good value bikes. Like any brand, you are bound to have problems if you don't look after them properly.
  13. Trento

    Neerim 18Th

    Thanks guys for a great ride. Awesome work 666, some great tracks and good challenges. I'll look forward to the Noojee pub run as well. I might sound like Jerry Mcguire here but You had me at "Pub". Good news is that I have flushed my fuel tank and replaced the internal fuel filter, so no more fuel problems for me.