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  1. BushyBrows DBT

    Dissa on Wednesday

    Some great pics and vid there boys. Good to see some parts of Dissa that don't have wheel deep ruts or heaps of jungle like undergrowth.
  2. BushyBrows DBT

    Advice for a beginner

    Hi Chris, you'll heal up ok being only 18. I'm sure there are probably plenty of people on here that could give examples of getting busted up, going through the rehab then getting back on the bike etc , etc. Keep your spirits up, get your leg / knee working - cycling is great as well as squats. Just don't push too hard too soon. From experience I had a road bike stack in 2005, smashed both my tib and fib. Spent a couple of weeks in hospital then almost 4 months off work and out of action. Was back riding in less than 6 months once I could get a boot on. I was 34 at the time. As mentioned above, for more serious riding try and get a proper enduro bike. Even something second hand will be better than a CRF230 and 2 strokes are the go for hard enduro style terrain.
  3. BushyBrows DBT

    Local backyard gems

    Looks like the hills out near Bacchus Marsh???
  4. BushyBrows DBT

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

  5. Good one Dusty, handy as to have one of these in the bag, I use a Flight Vest too and have exactly the same as Ghost Rider, been a great saw and will cut through a 4-5" branch if needed. Usually it slips down next to my water bladder or i'll put it in the longer side pocket if I'm using a 3ltr bladder.
  6. BushyBrows DBT


    And ditch the twin pipe for a Pro Circuit, FMF, Yoshi etc. Red + Loud = Fast, known fact from many years of testing.
  7. Also known as the Dept of Sparks and Embers. A good friend in the CFA told me about several control burns that weren't very well controlled.
  8. Without going back through all these great posts and pulling quotes I will just add my bit. Track "maintenance" is something that I do, especially in areas where I ride regularly. Mostly for safety but sometimes just to make something flow better. I know the more experienced riders like as many obstacles as they can find, the harder the better. BUT, probably 80% of trail riders aren't at this level and sometimes even a smallish obstacle ends up getting a heap of ruts dug on both sides of it. To me this starts to just wreck the track. As mentioned above, a little kicker on a log, removing a slippery angled branch or big rocks on a hill keeps the track in a better overall condition for a longer time. A folding pruning saw fits nicely in the bag. Sometimes I see where someone pretty keen has gone for a walk with one of Stihl's finest. Don't get me started on the amount of damage done by the dept of forever changing name to try and close a track or the absolute pigs that come into the bush to dump their shit.
  9. BushyBrows DBT

    New Mechanic Wanted

    No worries bloke. Must say I've only been to FT once since they moved from the tyre joint and that was to just buy some oil. He does seem to do quite a bit of Harley work, shame he's not getting back to you. Always found him to be on the ball in the past. Also as what's mentioned above make sure you're getting the maintenance work that you're expecting for the dollars. If you had a bit of a chat with them sounds like they've got you covered. Are Choice still over in Kyenton, i'm sure I heard somewhere they didn't work out of Boltons anymore?
  10. BushyBrows DBT

    New Mechanic Wanted

    Hi Biggie, I live in the area too. For small stuff I have been going to Full Throttle in Wallan. Adam's been pretty helpful and did an awesome job tuning my wife's old ZZR 600. I know it's not a dirt bike but he does all bike stuff. He seems to be always busy and haven't heard any bad reports yet. Agree with cluffie on choice, had my WR suspension done by them and it worked well for me. Darren at Trac-Rite in Whittlesea is pretty good too. I go there now as it's closer then Kyenton. Dunno how you feel about K&J Thomas. I also go there cause they're close. Never had any probs with them. One of the best in Northern Sub's (or so I've heard) is Platinum in East Keilor. They do all kinds of work but specialize in tuning. Hope this helps.
  11. BushyBrows DBT

    Mt Dissa the 'Not’ Gentlemen's Ride

    Great pics and report, showing some skills on the logs. LOL on the title . Agreed Dissa is big enough place, we stopped quite a bit and didn't even hear any other bikes.
  12. BushyBrows DBT

    Mt Dissa "Gentlemens" ride

    Firstly a big thanks to BenG for posting up a ride today. Even though we didn't cross paths he's initial post got me thinking about going for a ride today. Three gentlemen hit the tracks today at a leisurely 10am, no brandy balloons or cigars though. Was a mix of technical, fire trails and a little open rd to get from A-B. Had a bit of an explore, found what was once part of a loop I had ridden years ago, may be going back for another look soon Found a little track the goes the back way (harder) up swamp hill, sat at the bottom for a minute then chucked a U'y. Not a chance for this old bloke. Went past the legendary "butterminga". Walked in for a bit of a look, hmmm, yep it's tough going. Mr Noodle had a play on 3rd gear, after a couple of practice runs he ripped up it. All up a great day out, beats workin hands down. Thanks Cujo and Mr Noodle, gentlemen indeed.
  13. BushyBrows DBT

    Dt175 Rebuild From Scratch

    Hi Styleswon, I have recently done a rebuild on a DT 175, mine's a 93 model but early 90's models are pretty much all the same. Doing the forks requires some tools that most people wouldn't have in a standard toolbox. From memory you will need a 19mm allen key to get the top cap off. Also I think I needed to machine down an 18 or 19mm socket to get the rebound dampener out from down inside the fork tube. This stuff needs to come apart if you have to replace the seals. By the way, nice thread mine for your first post
  14. BushyBrows DBT

    Buzz’s Dissa level 4 step up ride. Saturday Jan 5

    Awesome report guys, seems to keep getting better with more pics and vids. Butterminga is on the to do list now. Seeing Dusty's old pic at 3rd gear I went back through some stuff, spewing couldn't find any pics from there but found a GPS file from 2015. It must've been easy that day, hit the bottom at 44 km/h and was at the top in about 12 sec's. The older I get the better I was kinda stuff...LOL Last two times having a crack haven't been able to get up in one go, very humbling.
  15. BushyBrows DBT

    AMA Supercross on Foxtel today

    On now, Foxtel channel 509 ESPN 2