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  1. The first one is from Friday. Here is another short one, there is a bit of sun glare but it's something to watch. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr3yeNOVYIc I have a bit more footage but haven't edited it yet.
  2. Saturday, when I was sweep.
  3. Dusty Cam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pqbo1KQzPOE
  4. Dunno Andy, working ok on my PC. I'll try just putting the youtube link in the post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU5KacyiAvo&t=4s Even when I copied in the link it shows up as the embedded file. See how this goes.
  5. Old Contour camera, not as good footage as a GoPro but still something to watch
  6. Great vids Andy, that first erosion mound on the 'Start of Friday's ride' got your attention.
  7. I found this mesh bag on the road in the camp ground with a few things in it including a cool little fold up shovel and LED head lamp. If its yours or you know who's it might be shoot me a PM and I'll post it to the owner.
  8. A big thanks to Jay for organizing this ride and well done to all the guys who came along, some parts of 'The Pines' are a bit of a challenge. Also want to give a shout out to Greg and Bruce for leading and sweeping on the smaller group rides. Overall was an awesome weekend of riding, about 230k's for me over three days. Was pretty dusty but hanging back a bit, even behind 20+ riders wasn't too bad. Once I get some editing done I'll work how to put up a video or two.
  9. Some great pics and vid there boys. Good to see some parts of Dissa that don't have wheel deep ruts or heaps of jungle like undergrowth.
  10. Hi Chris, you'll heal up ok being only 18. I'm sure there are probably plenty of people on here that could give examples of getting busted up, going through the rehab then getting back on the bike etc , etc. Keep your spirits up, get your leg / knee working - cycling is great as well as squats. Just don't push too hard too soon. From experience I had a road bike stack in 2005, smashed both my tib and fib. Spent a couple of weeks in hospital then almost 4 months off work and out of action. Was back riding in less than 6 months once I could get a boot on. I was 34 at the time. As mentioned above, for more serious riding try and get a proper enduro bike. Even something second hand will be better than a CRF230 and 2 strokes are the go for hard enduro style terrain.
  11. Looks like the hills out near Bacchus Marsh???
  12. Good one Dusty, handy as to have one of these in the bag, I use a Flight Vest too and have exactly the same as Ghost Rider, been a great saw and will cut through a 4-5" branch if needed. Usually it slips down next to my water bladder or i'll put it in the longer side pocket if I'm using a 3ltr bladder.
  13. And ditch the twin pipe for a Pro Circuit, FMF, Yoshi etc. Red + Loud = Fast, known fact from many years of testing.
  14. Also known as the Dept of Sparks and Embers. A good friend in the CFA told me about several control burns that weren't very well controlled.