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  1. Started putting it back together, new swingarm and linkage bearings, new head stem bearings. Once it's finished gunna sell it, need to make some room for the next bike
  2. Started with 'might just grease the swingarm' on the YZ 250. One thing led to another so now it's getting a nice clean up.
  3. I'll play Next challenge - For metro Melb, a new pic of your bike anywhere in the bush, Hopefully there's some lucky people that can ride within 25K from home.
  4. I read that due to some parts availability issues (current worldwide covid issues) that some bikes are being delivered with blue rims, some with black. Throw a deposit down mate, you might be lucky and get a blue rimmed bike......
  5. Was talking about this yesterday cruiser. In the big picture the price difference probably doesn't suggest it is, unless the KYB suspension and an FMF muffler warrants the extra 1500 bucks or so. For slower more technical riding WP does a sufficient enough job and the money saved can be spent on protective gear. The rest of the factory upgrades are mostly cosmetic and a Galfer solid rear brake disc. Everything else is standard on the racing.
  6. Like the vid @BenG "you can take the 150" LOL @buzz44 suits you mate, will be seeing more blue bikes out there I think. C'mon @Bubalu you know you want one. Loving my 300SEF,-R just does what I want it to do. @cluffie, Mines not a 2T but I ran stock WP for about 60 hrs before getting the cone valve mod. TBH when stock it took a bit of work mucking around with clickers to get an ok feel and never felt perfect, just a reasonable compromise. After the mod it seems easier to get it nicer but still think it's not a plush as some of the kato's I've ridden.
  7. Got me sucked in @brucektmguy. By the end I was expecting "Go Collingwood" ha ha ha ha ha
  8. Looking great Cruiser, hopefully it will hit the road for some spring time camping / riding trips..
  9. Interesting life, thought he was older when he got busted. And I've cut up my Debit card Cheers @cruiser
  10. Measured it properly today , wall is only about 6mm thick. It's hard to tell from the pic but up near the top it does seem pretty thick, measuring the inside to a datum then measuring on the outside its about 15-20mm thick in the 'bell'
  11. Here's some pics for the welders or anyone who's wondered what a gas bottle casing looks like . I cut open an Oxy bottle today, gunna use the top part for a project I'm working on. TBH I thought the wall would have been thicker, didn't measure it but looks to be around 8mm. The water all over the ground is because I had filled the bottle up before cutting, even though oxy isn't flammable and the bottle had been sitting around for years i was nervous as ripping into it with the 9" grinder.
  12. Saw something like this on SM recently Husq=white KTM, Berg=old KTM, Gassa=new ktm, Sherco=next KTM 😆😆😆😆
  13. My Sherco 300 (4t) had a 140 from new too. I've run shinko and Dunlop 120's, all good so far. Correct me if I'm wrong but is tyre size still width by percent of width. 120 - mm wide, 90 - sidewall height is 90% of width = 108mm. 18 obviously rim size.
  14. Do you know how hard it is to get a cat to sit and stay for a photo? Love a good mocco though, genuine articles, no fancy tassels on these slippers.
  15. Probably should've elaborated Splints. I was referring to myself. Rode Gypsy's tpi a couple of weeks ago and really liked it, to the point I have considered getting one but struggling to get it over the line with the minister for war and finance seeing as the Sherco isn't even a year old yet.