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  1. So many times have I done this over the years.. LOL Mr Noodle. Great report, the way you guys have written about hitting 3rd gear and swamp hill and making it up. Awesome!!! Well done fellas.
  2. Nearly got it MrNoodle, Grimbo Letti and a Sherco
  3. Coleman through CP17 up to 40th
  4. Seems I got some mis information. Looks like Chris Perry is starting from 72nd. Tim Coleman 87th
  5. I'm staying up and watching, on arvo shift tomorrow so can sleep in. Chris Perry is starting on the front row, qualified 20th.
  6. As the title says, ch 506 Foxtel right now
  7. Saw this on social media. It's a lengthy read and doesn't have a lot of info as to how the outcomes would directly impact recreational use. Thought some of the DirtriderZ family might be interested. https://engage.vic.gov.au/future-of-our-forests
  8. Was that the "Neerim tow bike" DRZ smashing that hill. Well done.
  9. That's a decent bit of stick, very lucky Habs. I saw that on the ground when I pulled up, thought it was a dead animal. Gave it a kick and it was stuck in the dirt. Thanks Coggs for once again leading us around a great mix of tracks, something for everyone. Thanks also to Dusty for taking the guys that were up for a challenge through some tougher tracks. I actually enjoyed sweeping, knowing Mt Dissa pretty well and most of Coggs loop I was occasionally hanging back out of the dust then giving it a fang to get back onto the end of the group. 3rd gear hill is getting tough. Last time I made it up was about 12 months ago and had half a dozen attempts since then. It's so loose on the run up. Came across a group of local blokes that I regularly ride with, one of them had lost a bolt out a barkbuster, luckily I had one floating around in one of the many flight vest pockets. As mentioned by others, a quick license and rego check by the boys in blue, hope everyone was all legit. I heard later that night that the local guys also got bretho'd. Ended up doing a few extra K's with Buzz. All up a great day, got back to the car about 4.15 and almost 90 k's for the day.
  10. Woo Hoo, what a day!! Lvl 2 '+' An excellent mix of technical riding linked up by some open trail. Had a ball trying to stick with some really quick guys or just cruising along in the group. Massive thanks to Mick for leading us around some great tracks. thanks to Bruce and Riles for sweeping duties. Dust was pretty much the same following Mick or hanging at the back, hence the "dust beards" but was still an awesome ride. Well worth the travel as I hadn't been to Neerim in years. A bit over 12 hrs of either sitting in the car or on the bike. Must say I slept well last night. There was a couple of bike problems during the day, what I've found with the DirtriderZ guys is when these things happen, people who you might have met for the first time only an hour or so ago will jump in to help. A big thumbs up to all involved, having the tools and stuff needed to get things done and safely guiding blokes back to the cars.
  11. The first one is from Friday. Here is another short one, there is a bit of sun glare but it's something to watch. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr3yeNOVYIc I have a bit more footage but haven't edited it yet.
  12. Saturday, when I was sweep.
  13. Dusty Cam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pqbo1KQzPOE
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