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  1. Just my 2c Steve, I like the look of the smaller unit. Being able to remove wheels/forks while on the lift has some advantages. I see you already have a little stool which will make things even easier working with the bike raised up. Only thing that could be a pain with the small stand is oil changes. Might even have a look at one of these too, got me thinking now.
  2. @Husaberg501 1, plug lead come off, spark arcing making the ticking sound? @splints, great minds think alike...
  3. Thanks 99% for posting up, I wasn't going to ride this weekend but the planets aligned. Great small crew today, was the day of the boutique and one limited edition. No KTM's on a ride is pretty rare, and only one two stroke. We hit some of "Mt Satisfying's" more popular technical trails, making our way over to Anderson Gardens for a quick break. Watched some 4x4"s slipping and sliding down Boundary Rd then headed off to 3rd gear hill for a look. Found a bit more of Dusty's racetrack, it was here the 'Berg started making a couple of noises so we headed back. Got to within a 'k' of the cars when the berga ceased to play anymore. Set up a tow rope and got the bike back with no dramas.
  4. Thanks 'fro, nice warm jacket for Melbourne winters.
  5. I put the exact set up on my YZ, even used a cable tie under the strap which worked a treat to stop it sliding down the fork leg. Haven't put one on the Sherco yet, didn't plan on getting stuck....😂😂😂
  6. Thanks to @2t4me for posting up this ride and leading a very competent group around some of Dissa's finest L3 tracks. Also want to thank @Gypsy501, the mid pack sweep, made my job as sweep rider easy, as did the skill level of the guys (17 of them). Dissa was prime winter conditions, plenty of muddy bits that become a bit slick but also once the surface breaks up a little there was grip to found. The group moved pretty well considering there was quite a few of us, did some tight techy stuff early then through Anderson Garden and hit the hamburgers. Ripped a couple of laps of Dusty's new special test then up to 3rd (1st...LOL) gear hill. Some more sweet technical tracks, through one of the sisters then hit a hill climb that I haven't done in years. Used to be called heart starter back in the day. Made our way back to the cars from here, less than 50 k's for the day but over nearly 5 hours, great day out on the bike.
  7. Interview with @BenG, what a legend! Scroll down on the page. https://7news.com.au/news/missing-person/mount-disappointment-rescue-volunteer-ben-gibbs-finds-william-callaghan-c-1091462
  8. Good one @BenG well done for keeping the young fella calm and (according to the news) giving him some clothes and food.
  9. Great pics and vids @brucektmguy, @Britto and @Gypsy501. I was with one of the other groups up there over the weekend, my mate on what must be the last cable clutch KTM 300 broke the lever right down at the pivot. Luckily he had about a dozen spares back at camp, 20 years of replacing them after breaking the ball off the end. Was good to catch up with a few of the DirtriderZ crew both for a beer at camp and out on the tracks. Gough's is epic for riding with endless trails and hills for days.
  10. Good find, the off road bikes have appreciated more than the roadies.
  11. AMA SX is back on!!!! For the keen peeps, its on live, ESPN (Foxtel) 5AM tomorrow morning. Looking at the program for the next couple of weeks, they're doing all the races in Utah and it's on Sundays and Wednesdays. The format looks like multiple races/rounds on each day??? Not sure if i read it correct but that 's what it seems. Tomorrow's race is in the arvo over there (1 to 4pm), some of the next rounds are in the evening over there so if it's broadcast live here will start around 9-10am.
  12. That first pic is awesome. actually shows the cliff face that it is. I was with Gypsy the other week out there, we rode down it (walked/slid down the last bit). Just ridiculous. All you guys getting up there have some special talent on a bike.
  13. A tyre should work pretty much the same on either Pat. You've asked a bit of a double edged question. Old mate gun rider will get up a snotty hill on an XR 250 with bald tyres monoing past Mr gumby on his latest model TPI with all the bling/tsp head/brand new Golden or Shinko tyres, purely because of rider ability. Old mate on a late model weapon with new hoops of any brand wouldn't even notice it was a bit snotty.
  14. Thanks to PJ for posting up and leading, thanks Mess and RickyD for sweep duties on the "great escape" ride. Great to back out on the bike over the weekend after the recent isolation, in fact just great to be just out talking bikes etc. Was a perfect 2+ with plenty of challenging terrain to keep us on our toes at cruisey L2 pace. Ride flowed well with no major hold ups, around 50k's all up. I wore my old helmet with a camera mount and got a little footage, once edited I'll post up more but here is the stuff that we all want see - crashing. Warning - bad language (sorry)
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