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  1. BushyBrows DBT

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    This was my first ride with the dirtriderZ crew and must say it was great how well the ride flowed (lvl 3) and the variety of tracks. A big thanks to the lead and sweep riders, Dusty, Rider, Hoff and 1 other guy, sorry didn't catch your name. Great pics and video by Marko, hope you're ok after that decent hit. Thanks to the guys that organised the ride and the bbq after, also for me it was good to catch up with some blokes I know outside of dirtriderZ and meet a bunch of friendly people who just enjoy riding dirt bikes.
  2. BushyBrows DBT

    New but old

    Hi DirtriderZ, Joined the site years ago but never got on board. A bit about me, name's Matt, late 40's, from the Melbourne's outer north. Most of the guys I regularly ride with are riding less and I'm riding quite a bit by myself, which the family doesn't like that much. A mate of a mate (egg ) says this is great place to meet up with like minded people and from having a look through the site there seems to be always plenty of rides on. Hope to tag along on some rides soon. Cheers.