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  1. Hi folks does anyone know where I could hire a dirt bike.? or anyone got a spare that they don’t mind hiring to me for my friend who’s coming down from Qld cheer Adam
  2. Gday. I have a single across the car bike rack with my new car and HD tow bar the standard clamp whcih has the 3 bolts to secure the rack. well it doesn't quite work as well due to when you tighten the 3 bolts the entire plate moves on an angle and then doesnt work as intended. ive seen a clamp at supercheap but the ubolt with nuts tightening against a plate is only 6mm. this goes around the brace on the tow bar and locks it all together. im after a heavier version of this 8mm plus in sizing. OR is 6mm ok to secure 35 kg rack plus im guessing 130kg bike? thoughts?
  3. NEERIM LVL3 SAT 4th

    Thanks to all on our trip to middle earth. That where I thought I was for a while in the bowel of neerim. I released that I hadn’t ridden since June so I was always going to suffer for it. The Tight stuff not my friend being 6”4” but it was good fun. It was great riding with everyone and even bumped into another group who helped out with the bog holes. Nicely done. 1thing I always find out riding is that everyone that I have ridden with (I don’t even know them ) but all a great bunch of people. managed to try out some skills. Pivot turn over a log even surprised myself. Wow it was cool next is short wheelie especially over logs. I’ll practice that at Buckland valley over 4 days. End of November Now I’m just recovering from my 4 hour work out at neerim Best workout ever Adam.
  4. Tubliss Tyre Inserts

    ive got tubliss on the rear and run 100 HI 5 LOW on a X30. an amazing difference compared to tubes just wait to do the front one day when the tyre needs changing. an amazing product.
  5. Neerim South 30.7.16 - A+ Conditions

    Love the pics. Good to get my trues dirty after 3 months what a day neerim put on for us. Some dry tracks some dust. Bit of mud but that's what we want this time of year Hope everyone enjoy my loops. Pretty easy to muck around on with not much stress so there was plenty of smiles. Ttoks hope you're feeling better and getting back on it soon. Cheers to all involved and hope you all enjoyed neerim. Ads