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  1. like the BETA colours.....but which to get.... id probably go now the lower cc 4T models from a 426 then still a TE450 Italian Husky which i still love but the power still freeks me out in the tight stuff. on the open wow the 450's are fun.....
  2. hi ALL finally I got an SM8 red white black. now when will I get to use it???? who knows but at least the helmet looks good...….I adjusted my suspension so many times now in lock down. bike has never been so ready to ride
  3. so I good question for everyone?? how firm should your helmet be? comfortable around the face with some (little sideway )movement? large for my head or quite tight around the face(compressed almost. tight around the jaw. medium for my head.
  4. Wow ok. I’ve had concerns about how light these helmets are. They look great though ive been looking at MIPS protection but FLY have an interesting system which I think is better than MIPS M2R have halo also.
  5. Thanks Frank. Sadly I’m a M-L
  6. HI FOLKS After a fight with a tree, (head first) sorry to say I need anew helmet. my last one was M2R 3 which was good but after almost giving away riding for good. I now have the need for a new one. SO...…. I'm after advise on which offer the best (I know what you can afford is the normal answer) protection. yes I could afford $1000 but I don't see the need if a $400 or 600 or $800 will do the job. I've had my eye on so far. Alpine stars SM8 or 10 FLY M2R 4.5 appreciate your views thanks ADAM.
  7. ive always had the 110/100 as a choice. ive got a TE 450 ive put 1000 on a X30 ......probably could go another 400 on it. for open trails that is.
  8. How many klms do you get i just put on the fatty front and new tube after pinching it 4 times. Whilst changing it. Lost my touch. As as for the rear 110/100/18 cheater 525. I don't do much intense single track mostly 3-4 gear trails river crossings etc. with the odd single track day. Fresh hoops here we go
  9. more river crossings and another day of riding on my side some tigther tracks but not too many goat tracks. my legs can t handle much of that other wise im happy.
  10. fatty front 90/100/21 525 cheater 110/100/18
  11. what an amazing few days with a great bunch of blokes. a couple of higlights getting rescued after "parking the bike" river crossings steep rocky hills fuel at Benambra for our thirsty bikes. great company food at the pub thanks to all and ready for next year. ADAM.
  12. How did that happen thats really bad luck...... looks like a training session taking place. Nice work. BTW I used to carry tubes and levers and never used them for the front anyway