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  1. Firstly thanks Greasa for leading the way ( I appreciate that you still made the effort to turn up and lead the ride even though you were feeling crook) and Katoman for riding sweep all day. I can't add much more than what has already been mentioned but as they say a 'picture is worth a thousand words' then the above videos have a lot to say! I enjoyed the day with a great group sharing plenty of laughs at times, although it is easier to see the funny side of things when it isn't you that is stuck on a greasy hill ( been there, done that)!!! Thanks again guys. Pete.
  2. Thanks to Mick for leading , Bruce and Riles for sweeping what was an enjoyable ride. As usual some great tracks even though the dust was a bit thick at times in places.
  3. Thanks for putting on the ride Mick, even though I didn't complete the whole loop this time, it was still good to get out for a ride. Thanks also to Hoff and others that lent a helping hand at times.
  4. It's a bit of a long story but I think that I've got to the bottom of it. When I first got the bike new in 2015 some strange things went on with the electrics, it would stop out in the bush, all sorts of lights would come on/flash etc. The bike shops I took it to weren't able to fix the problems (Yamaha included!), eventually I was directed to Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong. They discovered that several of the main connectors under the seat weren't waterproof so they hardwired them......end of problem. I have since discovered that this was a common fault on that model WR250f (but not the 450!!??). I also had another issue where the battery wasn't recharging which lead to several battery swaps on one ride to get back..... Small Coil to the rescue again! Which leads me to the current situation. On a ride last week it decided that it didn't want to start on the button half way through, it has a new battery in it so I get a bit nervous when anything electrical goes wrong based on past experiences. It would occasionally start to turn over with a little help from the kickstarter. I've just taken it down to the local Yamaha dealer and a quick analysis determined that it is most likely the starter motor that is giving the trouble. So hopefully that's it, I'm no electrician! Thanks for your interest and response, cheers Pete.
  5. Having moved to Gippsland (Warragul) this year, I'm in need of some expert advice/diagnosis of an electrical issue that I'm having with my WR250f. When I was living on the other side of Melbourne I went to the guys at Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong who are absolutely fantastic and really know their stuff. Prior to going to them I went to a couple of bike shops but they only stuffed me around. So if I don't want to drive to Geelong I need to find some one on this side (East) of Melbourne. So if anyone knows of someone that is an expert in the area if bike electrics and could help, I'd appreciate it. Cheers, Pete.
  6. A great day of riding, thanks to all who came along. Bruce and Bearmx it was great to ride with you again. Whoever organized the weather, well done!? Some great trails at a good pace, Bruce seemed to be having a fun time chasing my +1 when he was leading, I was only just keeping them in sight! Thanks to Eagle for taking over sweep duties from me.
  7. Thanks Greasa for leading the way, some great tracks out that way! Thanks also to the two sweep riders (and Mick) for help at various times. It was good to meet some new faces and catch up with those from past rides. Chris, thanks for reminding about "those apples they sell on the roadside at Sunbury"!!! Cheers, Pete.
  8. Great ride, thanks Mick for leading the way. Riding at the back did have it's advantages in that no-one got to see me fall off, except for Marko early on! A great group of riders that saw the ride flow well all day. Thanks also to Marko and Ripperz for providing the pics and video.
  9. Ditto!!! Thanks Marko for leading a great day out and to Chris and Riles for sweeping.
  10. I have been using the Leatte 5.5 Pro HD for the last 2 years (almost!). I use a Leatte neck brace with it and separate elbow guards and kidney belt. I can confirm that the shoulder cups have detached themselves as the plastic "T" straps pull out of the main body section. I have used small cable ties to re-attach them, this seems to be working OK for the last few months. I can also confirm that the protector is rather warm to wear. I preffer to wear a t-shirt then the body armour with my riding jersey over the top, this of course will add to the heat retention issue so in warmer weather I wear just the riding jersey with the body armour on the outside. The armour does provide a great deal of protection particularly in the rib area as well as this the Leatte neck brace fits perfectly with it. I must admit that I am a little dissapointed that the shoulder cups ended up detaching themselves, a design issue that could have been better resolved! Having good body protection has come at the cost of increased heat retention but at the end of the day you have to decide if that is a trade off that you are prepared to accept. Personally, I preffer the better protection paticularly as I get older. A friend of mine uses the Leatte body protector suit and he also comments on the warmth factor! I hope that this gives you some help in comming to a decission but my advice would be to try on as many options as you can and if possible borrow different options from friends to try out.
  11. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the ride. Leading puts a different perspective on things as you miss out seeing all the action back in the group unless you create your own by falling off on a hill and body slamming the bike behind you! I had a great day out, enjoyed the tracks and the company. Thanks to twin cam for sweeping.
  12. I too would like to add my thanks to Jase for the organising and hospitality and to whoever it was (Cujo I think?) that helped stop my bike from performing a backflip on one hill! A very enjoyable ride with a great bunch of guys & gal. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. If you are keen/crazy enough to be out riding in the heat and dust of summer (I used to be once!!), stay safe. Cheers, Pete.
  13. Fab, you might want to check the steering head bearings (if you haven't already?) as my new WR250 was very light on for grease there too! I greased all the linkage, swingarm, lower shock and steering head bearings on mine before I even rode it!!
  14. Another great ride, thanks to Marko for leading , Bandicoot and Dakota for sweeping. Fortunately the ride for me today went more to script than last weeks acrobatics at Enfield. Cujo I hope the shoulder heals quickly and we see you back on the trails soon. I had such a good time out there today that I'm going back out tomorrow just to double check on the amazing grip I got from the new Battlecross 20!!
  15. Thanks Daz for leading a great ride with a top bunch of blokes and special thanks to those who helped get my bike rubber side down again on a few occasions. The body isn't as sore as I thought it would be this morning, so I think that I was rather lucky on the times that I did some "crash testing" of my riding gear!
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