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  1. Hi Mick, wow.....that's not the way to go about getting a bit less steering angle!! Seriously though ...I hope everything heals up well for you, you are in very good hands at the Royal Melbourne. I speak from recent experience there myself after having a tree branch poke a large hole in my arm whilst on a ride. Try and stay positive and although we've never met, I hope to catch up with you on a Dirtriderz ride in the not too distant future. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Cheers, Big Pete.
  2. Thanks to Brenegade for posting the ride, to Andy for sweeping for most of the day and everyone else for attending. A great effort from Melissa to tackle all that was put in front of her. A good selection of tracks that were much drier than a couple of weeks ago providing plenty of traction, although it did prove to be more elusive on one particular hill....... but eventually I managed to find it!! Thanks again to everyone for a good day in the dirt.
  3. After a break of two and a half years it was good to get back to Carroll's Lane again, although the weather did it's best to spoil the party! It was good to see that all the tracks that I know were just '"where I had left them" over 2 years ago, along with a few new ones that grown through the bush! Apart from a lack of feeling in my fingers, I enjoyed the ride and the opportunity to lead a great group of Dirtriderz around. It was really impressive how HT got that PE175 through all the tracks given the conditions, had me thinking back to the "good old days" aboard my IT Yamaha's! We didn't get
  4. Yep.....that sums it, really enjoyed the tracks, thanks Shaun Only hiccup for me was a slight slip off line through some deep water filled ruts that resulted in a bit of a "bath" but even that couldn't spoil the ride.
  5. Thanks Shaun for leading the way for what was an enjoyable ride on a good selection of tracks. As mentioned, the conditions were quite wet and slippery and riding as sweep I had a good view of a number of get offs, fortunately no injuries though! I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed the ride. Jason, who was having his first ride with Dirtridez did struggle a bit mainly due to his Beta not running correctly which made maintaining momentum rather difficult at times, but to his credit he kept at it and with a bit of help here and there made it through. Thanks to all in the group for a good day out.
  6. Thanks Shaun for leading the way on what was an enjoyable ride. The arm is rather sore at the moment but I'm thankful it's nothing more serious. Thanks to the others in the group for also making it a good day out.
  7. Thanks Mick for leading on an enjoyable selection of trails. Thanks also to Hoff for sharing sweep duties and for coming to the rescue after I tested the laws of gravity down a steep hill, it looked pretty spectacular I'm told! Thank goodness for elbow guards, only one bruise after landing smack on the elbow ! A great group of riders to share what trail riding is all about.
  8. A big thanks to all involved in making this ride happen, from the lead and sweep riders to the road crew and all the other riders, it was good to see a few familiar faces again and meet some new ones.
  9. Thanks to Pepperjack and Ian M for leading the way on what was an enjoyable day out (any day trail riding is a good day!). I was surprised how well the large group flowed throughout the day, Pepperjack, you did a good job of keeping the troops moving! Thanks also to the sweeps BadBadger and Stinkky. Good to see a few faces that I had ridden with before, sorry if I couldn't remember names (I'm hopeless at remembering names !!). Cheers, Pete.
  10. Firstly thanks Greasa for leading the way ( I appreciate that you still made the effort to turn up and lead the ride even though you were feeling crook) and Katoman for riding sweep all day. I can't add much more than what has already been mentioned but as they say a 'picture is worth a thousand words' then the above videos have a lot to say! I enjoyed the day with a great group sharing plenty of laughs at times, although it is easier to see the funny side of things when it isn't you that is stuck on a greasy hill ( been there, done that)!!! Thanks again guys. Pete.
  11. Thanks to Mick for leading , Bruce and Riles for sweeping what was an enjoyable ride. As usual some great tracks even though the dust was a bit thick at times in places.
  12. Thanks for putting on the ride Mick, even though I didn't complete the whole loop this time, it was still good to get out for a ride. Thanks also to Hoff and others that lent a helping hand at times.
  13. It's a bit of a long story but I think that I've got to the bottom of it. When I first got the bike new in 2015 some strange things went on with the electrics, it would stop out in the bush, all sorts of lights would come on/flash etc. The bike shops I took it to weren't able to fix the problems (Yamaha included!), eventually I was directed to Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong. They discovered that several of the main connectors under the seat weren't waterproof so they hardwired them......end of problem. I have since discovered that this was a common fault on that model WR250f (but not the 450!!
  14. Having moved to Gippsland (Warragul) this year, I'm in need of some expert advice/diagnosis of an electrical issue that I'm having with my WR250f. When I was living on the other side of Melbourne I went to the guys at Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong who are absolutely fantastic and really know their stuff. Prior to going to them I went to a couple of bike shops but they only stuffed me around. So if I don't want to drive to Geelong I need to find some one on this side (East) of Melbourne. So if anyone knows of someone that is an expert in the area if bike electrics and could help, I'd appreciate
  15. A great day of riding, thanks to all who came along. Bruce and Bearmx it was great to ride with you again. Whoever organized the weather, well done!? Some great trails at a good pace, Bruce seemed to be having a fun time chasing my +1 when he was leading, I was only just keeping them in sight! Thanks to Eagle for taking over sweep duties from me.