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  1. That looks awesome! Love the reports and photos! ...one day I'll get out on the bike instead of living vicariously through these reports
  2. Absolutely! Nicely stated, mate.
  3. Looks like it was a fun ride! Thanks for the great footage and ride report
  4. Looks great, Clement! Thanks for the heads up! Fantastic to hear that you're taking a proactive role to keep yourself fit and strong for the bike. See you on the trails some time. Cheers, Rus
  5. Urustu

    Four Word Game

    and soothe the chafing
  6. Urustu

    Four Word Game

    wishing for more lube
  7. Welcome to the forum, Jake. BruceKTMguy & BearMX have a desert ride in July which might interest you. Highly recommend it - fantastic weekend in the sand.
  8. Sounds like a fantastic day, Jake. Great report. I think a few of us would like to join you on that ride some time.
  9. Entertaining and informative. Thanks for that Frank.
  10. Urustu


    Welcome to the forum, Mick. Look forward to meeting you on the trails some time, mate.
  11. Great footage Marko! Looks like a great day on the trails. Gutted that I couldn't make it.
  12. Looks like a great day, Chris. Nice work with setting it up. I'm definitely keen to do another training day with Tim in the future.
  13. Taylor715 may also be interested. She's on SE side and level 1+
  14. Nicely said, RickyD! Great tips
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