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  1. Sounds great Mick! I will let you know what our movements are as soon as I've spoken to the guys about accommodation plans. Would be awesome to catch up with the other DirtriderZ at the event! Thanks Egg. Have a great night at Donnybrook. Looks like an awesome crew are going for dinner. It's a shame that the dates clashed. Sorry about that, mate.
  2. I'm sorry I'm unable to make it. I didn't realise that TheChad had entered me in the Alpine Rally which is on the same day. Sorry to miss you guys.
  3. All good mate. Definitely still keen. Whenever the info is up is all good.
  4. Urustu


    All the best with the enduro, and safe travels, guys! Look forward to hearing about it when you get back.
  5. Congratulations on your new business venture, guys! I'm not a local in your area, but I'll definitely stop in to introduce myself, say hi, and check out your new gym. Wishing you all the best. Cheers!
  6. Sounds great! Look forward to seeing you guys there!
  7. Count me in please!
  8. Ouch! From the photo, it doesn't look like it's punctured the bone, so hopefully your mate will have a fast recovery. Probably worth his while to get it checked out by his GP, if he hasn't already.
  9. It sounds like you're doing really well with your recovery JonTaylor! Love your dedication to get back on the bike. All the best with the rest of your recovery, mate.
  10. Urustu

    Proshot Cam Mount group buy

    Thanks TrailZ!
  11. Pigmy had a branch pierce his shin in the desert. He didn't know that anything had happened to his shin until Husky asked him what the unusual fluid was that was dripping down his boot. Turned out that his boot was so full of blood that it was leaking out of the puncture hole in the boot. He had to go to hospital to get it stitched up. I'm pretty sure that he's fully recovered now.
  12. Urustu

    Beechworth bikes bourbons an bonfire

    Miranda, thank you for the great ride yesterday! You did an awesome job, and I look forward to the next one. Sorry I couldn't stick around for the ride today. I hope you guys had a good one.
  13. Urustu

    Hey guys!

    Welcome to DirtriderZ, MitchelSpit! See you on a ride some time. Cheers, Rus
  14. Urustu

    Hello mates

    Hi Asha, Welcome to the forum. Look forward to catching up on the trails some time. Cheers, Rus