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    riding crashing drinking drinking other peoples stuff smoking cigars
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  1. Flying Fossil

    Summer merchandise

    Black and Orange Xl thanx mate
  2. Flying Fossil

    2014 Xmas Ride - Tallarook, Saturday Dec 6Th

    Bummer looks like i missed it all ..ohh well im sure there are plenty of rides coming up ..Looks like you guys had a ball .. good to see !!!!!
  3. Flying Fossil

    I'mmmm Back In The Dirt !

    Thanx Geofrro but won't be delivered till end of August sometime looking forward to catching up soon
  4. Flying Fossil

    I'mmmm Back In The Dirt !

    Well been away from dirt for a while, while some of you know me and others don't ( bonus for some i think lmao) .. just a heads up will be joining some of the rides as soon as i can get my dirt legs back So in short i'm Back to some old dirty faces and soon will be riding with ya new guys . How about a thread of the old guys from way back ...... where are they now ?? Me I'm Back for those who don't know who I'm I will be the loud guy laughing like a girl while going downhills