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  1. I would buy one if I knew there would be organized group rides, I hate riding by myself.
  2. Probably should have added, I have ridden both a CRF250R and a Husqvarna TE300. I found the CRF250R easier to ride than the TE300. So if you struggle with throttle response on the 250R, the 300 2T is certainly more aggressive. You can lug the 300 though due to massive amounts of torque right off the bottom so I guess it depends what it was that you didn’t like about the 250R. At the time they were both brand new models back in 2015 so non-tpi on the 2 stroke. Not sure how different the tpi 2 strokes are.
  3. YZ250FX is a seriously capable bike. Not suggesting you should get that, but modern 250cc 4 stroke bikes are seriously capable bikes, more than they get credit for. I would have absolutely no regrets buying a 2019 KTM 250 EXC-F. I would add the Beta RR 200 2T to your list too. Go organise a test ride.
  4. At 5'10", I would ride it stock for a couple of months before spending money. As your confidence grows you might decide later you don't need to lower it after all. Regarding handling, my opinion is if it's done professionally you won't notice any reduction in handling unless you are an extremely aggressive rider or race. Most of the rides I've been on are spent riding at speeds below 50kmh because they are technically challenging and don't really allow pushing the limits of handling of the bike. You will obviously lose ground clearance which may or may not matter to you. The loss in suspension travel probably isn't going to be a major issue unless you're riding off decent sized ledges.
  5. I rode a 2 stroke on the road at 100km/h, it was a little unnerving at times. The motor/throttle response is fairly twitchy at that speed. Maybe a heavy flywheel would help, not sure. If you're gonna ride it on the road regularly, and must have "ready to race" I'd probably be getting a 500cc 4 stroke.
  6. I'm the biggest hack going around and I can easily tell the difference. Hahaha Best advice is to test-ride at least 3 different bikes and decide which one is either the funnest to ride, easiest to ride, etc ie the one that suits your requirements the best.
  7. If you can find a Beta 300 within your price range that is a great bike. If you can stretch your budget to $7000 to $8000, yz250fx is a great bike (assuming rec reg is all you need). WR250F is a little mellower, and a little heavier than yz250fx, but also decent.
  8. Definitely don't want the 1200. POS in my opinion. You want the 800 if you go the Tiger.
  9. In that category of more road than dirt the Honda and Triumph tiger would be at the top of my list.
  10. I'd certainly choose it over anything bmw has to offer, but I was hoping it would be a bit lighter.
  11. I'm right in the middle of purchasing the new car so I can get the trailer so I can get the bike. Hahahaha. 300rr is still top of the list.
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