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  1. Any X ray or injury update for the crew @Bad Badger ? Hey my Friend. Yip, busted - but on the repair - so looken good. See you guys out there again soon!
  2. Andy - what a great weekend matey! This was definitely the best weekend I've had in a while, thank you so, so much mate - all the months of effort you put in really paid off!! Well done Matey!! Thanks to everyone who helped and made it the weekend it was - us guys who do more of the following than the leading, are super-lucky to have you guys do this for us weekend after weekend - you should know that we all appreciate it! To Al, Rosco, Hazzer and Heidie, thank for getting me back onn the bike - and home safely (especially you Mr Roscco)! I've taken a ton of pics which im gonna post in two parts - enjoy! Looking forward to catching up with you all again soon! Badger.
  3. DG - WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!! Was really cool hanging out with some of the usual suspects - and of course, the guys (and girls) Im not usual able to catch up with. What a rippa Friday and Sat night - good company, good laughs. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the Black Dog! DJ - hope to be able to join one of your rides out at BeachWorth. Here are a few quick pics of the weekend. Badger......
  4. Hey Paul - thanks for such a cool ride Matey (as always, super challenging)! Really Really looking forward to the next acts. Was good to catch up with all of the blokes - and good to see Raffy the Raptor stepping up (mate, you did really well)! Here are a few snaps from the day.....
  5. Good one you Matey - welcome to the family!
  6. Trailz Matey - such cool vid bro!!!
  7. What a great Xmas ride! So good to see everyone again! Thanks Angelina and Dusty for arranging, and of course, thanks to Bear for leading, and Bushiy & Bruce for sweeping. Was a great day - looken forward to catching ya on the next one! Badger......
  8. Was and absolutely brilliant day - frikken rippa! Thanks for knocking this one together for us Britto (and of course Egg....for sweeping, and taking care of the blokes at the back). Mr Daggerz - again, so so sorry brother - that’s what I get for showing off mate (my hip, and left arse cheek are blue mate)! Had a super-cool time racing around - and trying to keep up where I could (super fast riders out there on Sat - I felt super SUPER slow at times). Has a rip with all of ya - and looking forward to round two (hopefully sooner than later). Take care guys - until next time,
  9. K....I’m paid - check your bam account (ref: Bad Badger) Cheers Mate,
  10. 1 x L for me pls.(red) What are the bank account details for payment?
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