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  1. Pls brother - you reckon you can get me moved up the list...?
  2. Great event guys - thanks to all who made it happen. 100% be back next year! Badger....
  3. Ross - what a good ride matey !! Whole weekend was frikken amazing - such a laugh at times! Thanks again for putting it all together. Thanks to all the usual blokes - and of course, Mr Rider - a man who will prepare your whole camp for you, as well as cook you a roast - you’re a gun mate! Badger. PS Mr Daggerz definitely goes down as one of the funniest blokes I know... On ya!
  4. Macca - missed ya on this one Mate. Hope your recovery is quick! Take it easy - sure we’re gonna see you again soon. Badger...
  5. Maaaaaaate.... Great ride brother!
  6. Cheers Mate - great ride - will absolutely be on the next one! Badger...
  7. No worries - all getting sorted....;)
  8. Big big effort mate! Well done - super cool!
  9. Mr Daggerz....really really cool spot. Flip mate - spewing I couldn’t finish - hope to get on to the next one Matey! Badger....
  10. Crazy ride blokes!
  11. Just go through em....
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