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  1. Nice one Mate!! Really cool Pics!
  2. Maaaaaaate (PepperJack) - where, I can’t see myself anywhere.... The Hell’s Angels guy?
  3. Ha Ha HA - GREAT VIDS ANDY.... Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja
  4. Cool - I’m in for 25 bucks...
  5. Great ride guys - thanks PeperJack and Ian M - really really great day! Cheers to Andy for the BBQ! Good catching with all the usual suspects. Badger (digger).
  6. Solid solid ride guys - thanks for knocking this on together PeperJack. As always - thanks to the guys who lead and swept (you guys make it good for the rest of us). Where we gowen this weekend? ;)
  7. will do my friend....
  8. Jeezlikeit Guys..... Good going - crazy blokes (as always...) ;)
  9. Jeezlikeit it guys - hardcore! On ya!
  10. Solid, Solid ride guys - what a rip! Thanks for putting it on! Badger
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