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  1. Awesome thank you. Ill explore some of the RAM options
  2. Hey I'm in the process of buying a new GPS and the Garmin 64S is on my radar. 1. Is there a better or equivilent GPS I should be considering? 2. Can you still buy the aluminium brackets which fix to your handle bars and GPS cradle? I'm having trouble locating one on-line
  3. Yeah I have entered but already have a partner. Do you know if you can use tear offs?
  4. Hi all Does anyone know a reputable place I can download or obtain a repair/workshop manual for a KTM 300 2013? I'm happy to pay a few bucks for a download but there are some many dodgy sites you don't know what your getting until you have it. Thanks in advance. Mat
  5. I'll be jumping on this ride as well. I have done a fair few rally's but not this one. Unsure if I will camp the night before
  6. Thanks Dusty for leading a great Dissa ride and thanks to Habs for sweeping all day. Myself and +1 (Dan) had a blast and enjoyed discovering new tracks at our door step. Always a hoot heading out with the dirtridez crew, meeting new members and cant wait for the next trip. Make sure you select HD in Youtube Enjoy
  7. Jersey received. Thanks for all involved
  8. Hey guys. Just made my payment.Thanks
  9. Name: Scarlett Number: 1208 Size: XL Qty: 1 Pmd for acc details Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks. I ideally a 62s second hand would be my preference. Youve made a hard decision easy Habs. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  11. Hey all Ive come accross a Garmin 62 at a good price but after researching i see that they dont have SD card function along with a compass amd barometric altitude meter. Does anyone have any experience with this model and is it a deal breaker not having these features? I only want to back track and create loops and way points. Should i save a few more bikkies and get the 62s or greater or will the 62 do everything i need. Like i said its a good price at , $160 and i dont need the latest and greatest as ive always done without one Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  12. Hey guys just fitted my tubliss last night and so far so good. What kind of pumps are people using to inflate bladder?. I find my compressor at home is just a little shy of hitting that required 100- 110 psi required. I see mentioned a 20 buck foot pump doing the trick Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the great day out boys, had a blast., always a good day out with the Dirtriderz crew Thanks to Fabs and Matt for leading and Habs and Riles for sweep duties. Obviously there was a moment of panic in the group when Kurnster was declared M.I.A. Just glad to see it all ended up OK. Big thanks to Mevstar for supplying cold beverages at the end of the ride. Always go down a treat after a warm dusty day. Mevstar, next time its my shout! I've included a few pics of the boys playing bush mechanics with Mevs new modified pipe. Hopefully get some footage up by the end of the week. I don't have great deal as I didn't realise my helmet cam battery was half flat.
  14. Hi guys as posted in previous threads, i recently purchased my first 2 stroke being a ktm 300 2013. Before this it has always been wr's Ive been on a couple of short rides and im happy with the bike so far. I do need to get use to the power delivery compared to the four stroke. Between the intial openjng of the throttle and say 1/4 quarter throttle positiob there is a big difference in power delivery. Can make it challenging on throttle control when doing steep uphills and technical single trail. I'm unsure if my power valve spring needs to be adjusted for my liking. If my jetting isnt quite right ( although there isnt any lag across any of the range ) . Or this is the 2 stroke normal . Is this something i need to get used to My next step is to install a map on/off switch to see if this makes any difference when on mild. Im first going to try adjusting the power valve before changing spring tension. Im pretty sure it has the standard spring in but i will have to check. ( would the powervalve come in this early of the rev range ).. Advice will be appreciated
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