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  1. Its been welded before and I have blown dints out before using compressed air and the oxy torch, its looking pretty second hand, and had a hard life. I will show you some pics
  2. Does the Gnarly pipe fit onto the standard muffler?
  3. I have touched base with them, however I'm seeing my local engineering place tomorrow who Tig welds Yes that was on my radar
  4. Up until today, I was all prepped to buy myself a new bike carrier, as per my previous post. That's until I discovered my exhaust pipe has seen its last day. So now those funds need to go into a new exhaust. Here's my predicament, I have a brand new force accessories pipe guard to fit a standard pipe, never been used, but the only pipes I can find online are Fatty's or Gnarly's etc, which I understand won't fit my pipe guard. If I purchase an aftermarket pipe, do I need to upgrade my muffler as well? Do any other style pipe fit in the Force Accessories pipe guard other than
  5. That would be awesome if you could get some pics please. I'm running an ML 3.2 diesel, tow capacity is 2.5t so im guess its the heavy duty
  6. Hi All, Apologies if this has been covered before. I'm looking at getting a bike carrier like the mo-tow or something similar. Can anyone offer any advice on what to avoid, what styles are good/bad, is there any mods to the carriers I should be doing. I'm currently looking at Mo-tows, Ballards, and generic brands. It will be riding on the back of my triton. Cheers Mat
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I ended up scoring a Force Accessories, looks like I'll be happy with performance. 2t, I emailed and the confirmed what you mentioned, the manufacturing for early model bikes. Cheers everyone
  8. The tax return is in and I'm looking for a pipe guard for the Kato300 '13. I'm eyeing of the Force Accessories, any other brands to consider. Apologies if question has been raised before. Cheers
  9. Awesome thank you. Ill explore some of the RAM options
  10. Hey I'm in the process of buying a new GPS and the Garmin 64S is on my radar. 1. Is there a better or equivilent GPS I should be considering? 2. Can you still buy the aluminium brackets which fix to your handle bars and GPS cradle? I'm having trouble locating one on-line
  11. Yeah I have entered but already have a partner. Do you know if you can use tear offs?
  12. Hi all Does anyone know a reputable place I can download or obtain a repair/workshop manual for a KTM 300 2013? I'm happy to pay a few bucks for a download but there are some many dodgy sites you don't know what your getting until you have it. Thanks in advance. Mat
  13. I'll be jumping on this ride as well. I have done a fair few rally's but not this one. Unsure if I will camp the night before