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  1. Struggling working out the sizing. 58cm across the chest 70cm length. I usually wear 2xl. Help please?
  2. Thanks Greaser for a great day on the tracks. Thank you sweeps and to Mick for getting my bike up a snotty hill when I was exhausted. Yep, walk of shame for me today.
  3. Note to self: When riding on bluestone tracks, 40 feet is still too close to a KTM500 with the power switch set to "hell yeah!"
  4. Good work Ozzyla and Brenagade for putting on this ride. I've been riding out at Neerim for a while now and have not come across a few of these tracks. You put together a good mix for level 2. Was the distance that hit the stamina of a few. As usual Dirtriderz has brought together another great bunch for a fun day in the bush. Was good catching up with Longy after many years and good meeting Harry and hearing his yahoo call....... A sign that he was having a lot of fun. For those who struggled in spots, don't stress, just keep on challenging yourself and in no time those obstacles become less daunting. Wayward 1 I have never ridden out of Cowar. If you can remember I would love an invite. Thanks all.
  5. Rost engineering online shop. 62/64 mount availvable. http://rostoffroad.co.za/product-category/gps-brackets/
  6. Bill, Would been keen to get an idea of what DELWP are planning with the tracks. can you tell us what you know?
  7. Great work Kossy and crew. Not just true Dirtridez spirit but the spirit of a good human being.
  8. Some people would call them a waste of money and then go out and spend $700 or more on an exhaust pipe, even when they cant ride their bike to the max anyway. Go figure. For those dollars I would prefer to start with suspension or riding classes.
  9. All depends on your riding position. If your standing and have your knees bent they will tend to be level or tilted forward going up hill. For down hill they will be level or tilted back depending on your body position.The angle they tilt at is not huge. They are designed to keep maximum grip on the boots as much as possible. Hills were the reason I got mine and for me they make a big difference. I have Steg pegs too but I tend only to notice them when I put on a squirt of power. Stegs and pivots work together once you get used to them.
  10. I have pivot pegs and have had none of the issues quoted above. Each to their own. I don't ride on the balls of my feet cos I'm a fat bastard. As Cluffie said none of the pros use them, but i'm not a pro and never will be. I just like them
  11. That's my footage. Thanks to Mr Noodle for leading us around and Stinky on sweep.
  12. I've got plenty of tool I may never use again. That's what being a bloke is.
  13. Come on Biggie. Get rid of that Hardly and get back on the dirt. You know you want to. :)

    1. MrNoodle


      Unfortunately someone decided to take it off of him when he was sleeping! Got stolen the other day

    2. GrahamCRF450x
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