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  1. zimrider

    Sag & click

    I have just put the correct springs in for my 110+ with gear on weight. I have set the sag with all my kit on with the help of a mate. My question is this.... What do i do on the front end to get it right? This is my first time really making an effort to set up the suspension and the front end is where i struggle. Is there a basic starting setting to go from then work from there? Any advice appreciated. Its a 2016 KTM 300XCW
  2. zimrider


    Also an XCW. I missed the bike, someone else took it. I bought a 2016 instead now. I am ordering heavier suspension but in the meantime what is the best way to set up the stock suspension for a heavier rider?
  3. zimrider


    Will the suspension from a 2012 KTM 300XCW fit into a 2015 300, looking to sell my 2012 to buy a 2015 and want to swop the suspension as mine is heavier.
  4. zimrider

    Neck first.

    I have recently bought an R4 PRO neck brace and am currently forcing myself to "love" it. My old EVS G6 armour does not work with the brace so have been riding with the just the neck brace on upper body. I have decided that the neck comes first and everything else must fit in around that! I am now looking for something that will fit with the brace. My question is not which is the best one to match this brace but how much more protection does a full zip up like the G6 offer over a roost type deflector? Do the integrated kidney belts etc make a big difference in the zip ups? I have never worn anything but a full zip up so have absolutely no experience of the other side. Am i right is saying that if it is advertised as a "roost deflector" then its not much use when you come off but just to...deflect roost?
  5. What is the best fitting chest protector to go with an EVS R4 PRO?
  6. zimrider

    Honda XL600R

    I have an option to buy an 83 XL600R for $500. I am told it was running and then started to get compression issues and it has sat since then. It looks clean, no oil leaks etc that i can see. I am thinking valves or piston. Does anyone have any experience of these old beasts good or bad?
  7. zimrider

    riding shorts

    Anyone got any recommendations for padded riding shorts?
  8. Did my first enduro on my 300 ktm over last weekend. Absolutely loved it and the bike even more. There were a lot of rocky climbs some going up 150-200 meters with LOTS of soccer ball size and smaller loose rock on the ups and downs. What is the best way to ride this? Secondly i was always used to using engine breaking on four strokes when going down hill. Anyone got any tips on doing this is on a 2 stroke?
  9. zimrider

    Xcw Vs Exc

    Now they are telling me that possibly it's the the SX plastics! Does anyone which plastics will fit my bike from another KTM?
  10. zimrider

    Xcw Vs Exc

    Can anyone tell me if the plastics from a KTM 2012 300 EXC will fit a KTM 2012 300 XCW. I am looking for new plastics in black and am talking to acerbis in the states and they don't know if they are the same.
  11. zimrider


    I am getting the suspension done on my Ktm 300 xcw. I am around 108kgs with gear on. The company I am talking to about doing the suspension are telling me to put a 72 rear spring rated to 95 kg's and set up the bike with that as they say to go bigger is a big jump in price but is not a big difference in performance. Any thoughts on this?
  12. zimrider

    Spring Help

    Please could someone tell me what the WP 85-250 on the back spring means weight wise. It's on a ktm 300 xcw. I am 110 kg's with gearm is this spring suitable?
  13. zimrider

    450 For 300...

    I was on her a while back looking for a replacement for my KLX450. I never did get a decent enough offer on it to sell so have been riding it till now. I now have a decent offer and i am umming and arring about what to buy next. I know that last time guys were telling me the WR250F however i finally got to ride one and didn't feel much for it, it actually felt a bit underpowered for my weight. Now something that i have never thought of have has entered my mind. The possibility of going to a 2 stroke! A KTM300 XCW to be exact. I did and enduro recently in my home town and every second and third and fourth bike was a KTM300XCW. Got me thinking...this must be for a reason. Can anyone help me out with why i should or shouldn't get one? I am doing my best to locate one to have a ride on but haven't succeeded yet and may now before its time to buy.
  14. zimrider

    What Jets

    That is the altitude give or take a bit where I live. No other mods. I am looking at the jetting to try and help with the bike overheating.
  15. zimrider

    What Jets

    You are right , I was thinking ahead of myself there when I wrote that question. The other forum I was writing on has the model specific section ! Kawasaki KLX450R