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  1. Great ride Fab and ditto a very good nights sleep. Feeling it this morning!
  2. Don't know what gave me the biggest fright of the day - Howard doing some sight-seeing and doing a cartwheel with his Beta or the fact that John's fanny pack barely fitted me . . . Glad to hear Johns OK. Time to re-schedule, as the bits we did were awesome!
  3. Too true! But I agree RE Yamaha, unfortunately I think the yfx250 is no good in this kind of snotty terrain where you need a snap op power and a light front end. Methinks he will have had no issues if he was on a 3002t - any 3002t.
  4. Comedy gold. No worries Fab, we have all been there at some time, except most of us handled it far worse than you did. And big thanks to HT for the 2 minute sprocket change. Brilliant ride.
  5. Was a lot of fun bushwhacking some tricky terrain until something nasty bug(?) got hold of me and I had to wet-fart my way to the car early. Steve - pencil me in for the next one.
  6. It's all true. Bloody marvelous. Thanks.
  7. Super ride with a nice group of guys - thanks Pete for organizing. Broken finger didn't slow MattyJ down much
  8. Yep, and how long did the new sprocket last? RIDER uses sprockets like I use 2-stroke! Top day and some fun fast riding - thanks to Scotty for showing us around your back yard.
  9. I remember a gentler time when Jason's rides were a thing of pleasure – a modest pace and just enough lumpy bits to keep it interesting. Today the bugger nearly killed me! Alas some have peaked, others just keep improving. Actually absolutely loved it
  10. Brilliant ride but I am pretty knackered - don't think I have ever had so many unplanned lie-downs ever. Those little angled logs are evil!
  11. Great ride that started by moonlight Super-slippery in some places, and ended on my arse a few times.
  12. Brilliant ride and the Beta made it back to the car on fumes! Thanks to Fab and the sweeps. Loved the little riverbed section
  13. Brilliant ride but fast pace - totally rooted. Jason and Dad - thanks for the feast.
  14. Depends what type of riding you enjoy - for more open and medium tech it is a brilliant bike but needs a bit of aggresison to work well. For really technical riding (slippery rocks, logs and hills) it lacks a bit of low-down grunt and tends to stall more than a dedicated enduro 2t (and always when you are in a compromised position), and then the kickstart is a bitch. Loved my yz but my 2t Beta is much much easier (and therefore more fun) to ride in the snot.
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