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  1. ill know about 9.30 tomorrow morning
  2. im around , where do i pay ? what's the fine if I cant get the 200 tomorrow and put new tyres and a wheel bearing in it in time ?
  3. No good to hear , hope for the best in your healing
  4. little update , after 8 weeks of hospital they finally let me out , not sure if it was the continual laps I was doing around the hospital in the wheel chair , the wheelies or the lock ups on their carpets and vinyl floors that finally had them sending me home , Im now allowed to partial weight bare , which means i can get around with a zimmer frame , not the fastest way to move , but good to be upright finally, was doing rehab in hospital , but very restricted , now im home its the pool everyday for a couple of hours , my physio has upped what im allowed to do , so hopefully in another 3 weeks I can walk un aided , then its time to see about getting back on the bike if they give me the all clear ( being TAC have to have approval otherwise I won't be covered if something goes wrong ) Hopefully back while the conditions out there look great , stay upright
  5. Welcome to the bench Son , hope they sort it quickly, and you can get back out there
  6. This is a family friendly site Scott, I’ll just say I had my own eggplants [emoji533]
  7. Yeah easy to try when your not injured, but I’m going to be in it for a while , so we will see
  8. Well It looks like I have joined the bench again, this time for a while , a silly brain freeze , and I ended up in a helicopter joy flight to the Alfred hospital, couple of cracked vertebrae and a broken pelvis ( bookcase or something they called it ) , Firstly I would like to say the Ambos were amazing and went about their task with unbelievable compassion and skill, the staff at the Alfred did a great job on getting me back together, can’t recommend the place for food, but considering the stress the hospital is under with an unbelievable amount of traumas coming in , it amazing, I am now 2 weeks into the first part of my rehab and have been shifted to a rehab hospital, I am not allowed to stand for the next 4 weeks, non load bearing, the physios are helping me try to retain muscle tone in my legs until I can stand , I have got myself into a wheelchair and have started doing laps of the hospital ( think they will take it off me soon) long road to recovery, but in 10 weeks I should be walking again, then it’s a matter of getting back on a bike , Stay upright crew
  9. how did it go for you on Friday Scotland ?
  10. 2 things i note on that video are 1: how perfect were the conditions ? no dust no rain just prime 2: that was 9 minutes of pretty well continuous climbing , bill hills at The Pines
  11. Also Gypsy501 wanted a highlight , there were to many but one was the quarry section , chasing Kmatt and PeteV, till that deer joined in
  12. Cheers Habs for putting on this ride and allowing me to stretch my riding ability and fitness , cheers Cruiser and Noodles for sweeping ( just remind what you guys actually did lol ) I have to agree with Mick , those young guys showed how easy it could be , if only I had their skills , I did thank them after the ride for 2 reasons , firstly showing me how you can ride a bike and secondly bringing along a guy slower than me , ripper weekend, great crew and great to see the other ride has as much fun , now to get some more time on the bike , there was a little moment on the way back to camp where I was considering leaving my bike and walking out , a few guys passed by as I sooked to myself in my helmet, but I got it together and carried on , cheers again great weekend
  13. was heaps of fun in that really tight rocky stuff , blew the fork seals once i hit a few erosion mounds on the open trails ,
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