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  1. Set the sag

    how did it go for you on Friday Scotland ?
  2. 2 things i note on that video are 1: how perfect were the conditions ? no dust no rain just prime 2: that was 9 minutes of pretty well continuous climbing , bill hills at The Pines
  3. Ps Rustys log hop Pss the young guys tree jump
  4. Also Gypsy501 wanted a highlight , there were to many but one was the quarry section , chasing Kmatt and PeteV, till that deer joined in
  5. Cheers Habs for putting on this ride and allowing me to stretch my riding ability and fitness , cheers Cruiser and Noodles for sweeping ( just remind what you guys actually did lol ) I have to agree with Mick , those young guys showed how easy it could be , if only I had their skills , I did thank them after the ride for 2 reasons , firstly showing me how you can ride a bike and secondly bringing along a guy slower than me , ripper weekend, great crew and great to see the other ride has as much fun , now to get some more time on the bike , there was a little moment on the way back to camp where I was considering leaving my bike and walking out , a few guys passed by as I sooked to myself in my helmet, but I got it together and carried on , cheers again great weekend
  6. Freeride Reliability

    was heaps of fun in that really tight rocky stuff , blew the fork seals once i hit a few erosion mounds on the open trails ,

    how wet is it down your way , was down this week without the bike , there are lakes where i have never seen water before, enjoy the new bike
  8. Primo Creswick .... Great crew

    I didn't see this posted in organise rides , i will have to keep a closer eye out , I have been looking at organise rides for the las SIX DAYS !!!
  9. What do you take riding?

    i take a motorcycle , seems to make it a bit more fun
  10. Instagram

  11. CRF250X to 200 EXC thoughts.

    Go for a 200 , it has plenty down low , I love mine , and apart from flat out fire trails it does everything with ease , actually I do remember passing a berg 300 , flat out at Anglesea once ( Habs) , on a wide open trail , light agile and will put a huge smile on your face each time you ride it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Inappropriate wearing of mx gear

    It was ripped and tattered , covered in dirt stains , my mum threatened to throw them in the bin , so i had to hide them
  13. Inappropriate wearing of mx gear

    when I was a kid I would wear my MX jumpers all the time, back then the manufacturers didn't make casual wear, I rode dirt bikes , #dirtbikeridingisawesome , Hence I wore my Jumpers ,
  14. Epic moto rides/tours

    Baja Trans America Trail
  15. Lost and Found

    LOST : 2 testicles : I know its a long shot because it was nearly twelve months ago , I was out at the Strathbogies and fell off braking my collarbone, At the time i didn't notice the missing testicles , but since getting back on the bike I have noticed that I am struggling with out them , people have told me to " Grow a pair " but at my age that seems to be taking forever, As for the Bike shops and on line , no help at all in finding replacements , Any help finding them would be greatly appreciated , at the same time I also seem to have misplaced MY BIKE FITNESS, I was hoping to find that in the bottom of my gear bag , but to no avail , Again any help in locating the above mentioned items would be greatly appreciated !!! cheers JT