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  1. Does anyone know of a decent camp spot on the Loddon river? Around Bridgewater or any where really?
  2. Hey mate, I tried a 12.5oz weight and it works very well. I highly recommend them.
  3. Ok. Mine is 18, they will be completely different set ups.
  4. Another tip. If you can’t use 2nd and third gear on singles and hills you may need to look at jetting. I also run green spring and use the clutch heaps. You could also drop a tooth on the rear. Another idea is to add a map switch, this will help second gear singles, it takes out the punch, it’s no good for hills though. I haven’t tried a flywheel weight yet. It could be a good thing.
  5. Xc has a different 1st and second gear ratio than exc. don’t use 1st gear.
  6. Thought I would share my experience with the shinko fatty. Although it’s only early days with two rides on it. I’ve found I’ve had to slightly change my riding stile. I’ve had to change the way i steer into corners. 90% of my ridding is tighter stuff. It’s made my riding in tighter stuff smoother and this makes it feel slower. Wether it is or not I’m unsure. I’ve made a couple tweaks to the front end, so I’ll see if this has changed things for the better. The upside is you can ride straight into almost anything and it soaks it up like there was nothing there. Note, I’m on a two stroke though
  7. Hey mate can I come and have a look at it , Im in Tecoma