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  1. Hey mate, I tried a 12.5oz weight and it works very well. I highly recommend them.
  2. Ok. Mine is 18, they will be completely different set ups.
  3. Another tip. If you can’t use 2nd and third gear on singles and hills you may need to look at jetting. I also run green spring and use the clutch heaps. You could also drop a tooth on the rear. Another idea is to add a map switch, this will help second gear singles, it takes out the punch, it’s no good for hills though. I haven’t tried a flywheel weight yet. It could be a good thing.
  4. Xc has a different 1st and second gear ratio than exc. don’t use 1st gear.
  5. Thought I would share my experience with the shinko fatty. Although it’s only early days with two rides on it. I’ve found I’ve had to slightly change my riding stile. I’ve had to change the way i steer into corners. 90% of my ridding is tighter stuff. It’s made my riding in tighter stuff smoother and this makes it feel slower. Wether it is or not I’m unsure. I’ve made a couple tweaks to the front end, so I’ll see if this has changed things for the better. The upside is you can ride straight into almost anything and it soaks it up like there was nothing there. Note, I’m on a two stroke though. My previous tyre was a mx3s, and I really rate it. So I’m a little on the fence but I have a feeling I might stay with it.
  6. Hey mate can I come and have a look at it , Im in Tecoma

  7. Nice work. Any chance of seeing a photo of the head bowl?[emoji106]
  8. This article is in the tech section. If you remove your shock you will know exactly where to adjust your chain in the future. Proper Motorcycle Chain Adjustment: The condition and adjustment of the drivetrain has a significant effect on both the handling and engine performance of the dirt bike. The simple chain-and-sprocket is still the most efficient way to transfer power from the engine to rear wheel on a motor vehicle with 12+ inches of suspension travel. The forces transferred through the chain and into the suspension can have a very positive effect on handling. During acceleration, the chain forces the rear wheel into the ground. Motocross racers depend on the chain forces when pre-jumping and landing. Racers land from a jump with the throttle-on to provide more resistance to the rear suspension to prevent it from bottoming. If the chain adjustment is too tight, too loose, or the wheel is not aligned in the swingarm an experienced rider will notice the difference. An improper setup or poor chain/sprocket condition can absorb as much as 5 horsepower at the rear wheel on the average dirt bike! To set the chain adjustment first start with a perfectly clean chain to get a truly accurate reading. Next disconnect your rear shock to determine where the tightest point in the swingarm travel occurs. Adjust the chain to have approximately 0.5 inches of free-play at this swingarm location. This location is when the swingarm is parallel to the ground and the rear axle is at it’s farthest point from the swingarm pivot. Next ensure the sprocket alignment is correct. Use the swingarm markings as a guide but in production there are slight tolerance differences in these marking which can make a difference to the racer. Most race mechanics prefer to use an alignment gauge, which fits into the centers of the rear axle and swingarm pivot bolt to get this correct.
  9. Haha: if i remember correctly, whilst I was up the top waiting for your bike to get going there were a few choice words getting passed around from someone up the top and someone down the bottom. I keep wondering how old mate with the leg went. I heard the mussels died in his leg.
  10. It wouldn't be the toolshed ride from hell? The ride where two riders copped a broken leg and another a broken wrists.
  11. Not with ktm.. If your going for an older bike I would be trying to figure out how many hrs it's done. And don't believe the odometer. Big ends are not cheap to do.
  12. That's the challenge part. You've go to love a challenge. Is there any years in which is should stay clear from? Or are they all the same of than cosmetic differences and the magic button on the newer 2t? I think 07-2011 are very similar. I've only ridden 2010 and 2016.. I have ridden a 2002 300 and that was a handful unlike the newer models. And I've ridden a few 200's they are good no matter what year you get. But you can probably set any 2 stroke up the way you like them to work. Everyone is different.
  13. If bike sales are so competitive why do they only knock a few hundred off RRR. That's a discount of 2%.. Better than nothing but it's good that all the dealers stand by there pricing, it makes people buy bikes off the dealer they prefer as opposed to the cheapest. I remember there was a rogue yami dealer back in 08 that was selling them 2k cheaper. He only lasted 1-2 years. I'm not sure exactly why he went, but I did see him working in ps after.
  14. That's the challenge part. You've go to love a challenge.
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