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  1. KTM 500 exc f

    "Gentleman "????
  2. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    I've never tried this yet but carry it with me just in case. Some swear by it. Spray under the tongue when you get a cramp. Magnesium and salts apparently
  3. Set the sag

  4. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Grand Final ride, the Fibula ride. Did mine on this ride last year.
  5. Cruiser`s Big River ride

    #Feeling Blessed. Part one of the Big River weekend was nothing short of spectacular, arrived Friday afternoon to find Scottland and Cujo muscling a poor bloke off his campsite, as near as I can tell they reversed over his campsite and gear and "then" asked if we can park a base station here? # Feeling embarrassed, he seemed cool with it so I opened a beer and assisted where it was needed most on a camp setup, "supervision" # feeling superior. Lots of staff fronted up on Friday night and many lies were told (mostly by me) there was snow and ice on the pinch from Marysville to Big River at lunchtime and not surprisingly it was a little cold that evening #feeling cool. Luckily our man Cruiser was at the camp from early in the day and amongst his other activities he went out and gathered 10m2 of firewood and along with some other campers built an engineered 3 meter high wall of firewood designed to fall into the fire as the night went on #feeling warmed, I questioned the structural integrity of the fire and tried to contact the local council about my concern's but alas no phone service #feeling concerned. Riles found it necessary to cook us all dim-sims ,rice and a Golden syrup pudding! and cant help but say it was fantastic and very very well received #feeling grateful. Some well known faces and some less so, but I think I had met everyone that turned up at least once #feeling familiar. Freezing cold, more than enough beer, well fed, good company and a bunk bed in a caravan # feeling priceless! Having to share that accommodation with Cujo, 5EXCF, Marco 300 2t, red dog and Scottland #feeling less priceless. We were supposed to be geared up by 8.30 and riding at 9.00 on the Saturday but cold wet weather and for some feeling a little second hand meant enthusiasm was minimal despite Cruisers excitement #feeling second hand. I was not aware how many weeks work had been put into the Saturday ride by Cruiser, Dann and Rob over the preceding weeks #feeling uninformed but we soon realised this was no cobbled together loop! These boys had put together some excellent tracks followed by what could only be considered as gold on the 44 gallon drum track! # feeling humbled. I had an absolutely fantastic ride and cant thank these boys enough previous reports and photos give an idea of how good it was #Feeling privileged to be on this ride. So many thanks to Rob for sweeping, but even more respect for doing it with essentially no front brakes, Respect!! #feeling impressed as I probably would have bailed! (ps glad the brake fix I suggested for you worked Rob) #Feeling Smug At this point I should point out my fairly new Kato had basically no clutch at the start of this ride but resident engineer Cujo fixed it for me in the morning and it caused little to no drama on the ride (to be continued on the Stockmans report) #feeling suspenseful. Big thanks to everyone for just being there and top blokes, but special mention to Scotty, Cruiser, Rob, Riles and Dann for making this possible. Less thanks to Marco and Sean for filling me in every time I came within 100 meters of their back wheel!! #feeling caps-lock and bold font.
  6. Stockmans Rally

    Toys: What can I bring? Scottland: An axe, some chicken and some petrol!! Don't set your expectations too high about the quality of food that may be on offer!
  7. Glenmaggie 10/9

    Thanks for posting up Mick (makes it easier for me to get permission when it's someone else's ride) Apart from the equipment issue that occurred when we unloaded was a top day, but just a little bit short. For anyone that's interested Mick is now the new Glenmaggie oracle, he knows all I do and more! I might have been leading but he has been down every track I know!! Young Jake was smashing it, a combination of no fear and enough skills to get by saw him going up stuff that that experienced riders might struggle to have the guts to attempt, no moaning about anything if anything was a problem he just got on with it. Thanks to Mick 501 for sweeping the first part and the completely unnecessary Coronas he brought along with him. much appreciated!! Just as Mick said no photos but that is often the way when you're having a good time on the bikes just no time to stop for photos!
  8. Hema Explorer VS Garmin Gps

    I suggested to a mate who can use them he gives me gumby classes
  9. Hema Explorer VS Garmin Gps

    Glued a rubber phone case to a home made mount.
  10. Fmf gnarly pipe

    Best I sell mine then!!
  11. Fmf gnarly pipe

    Keep telling yourself that Gypsy, I'm not saying your wrong but the first time I rode my 1977 TT500d (that I still own) and could not keep it in a straight line every time I accelerated I was sold. 500s the best bike maybe not, easiest to ride maybe not, tiring yes but the fact they are so much fun is undeniable.
  12. Sourcing Mousse Tubes

    Probably for the best, TTR's are a bit of a weapon.
  13. Sourcing Mousse Tubes

    You sure it won't be to much for you?