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  1. Everybody is buying new old stock three year old 2.3 Portugal six days apparently.
  2. When's the next OS trip? Soon! (practicing monos now)
  3. After a lifetime of living in the shadows I was blessed that my life has been documented a couple of seconds at a time since about 2014 by faultline 20 films. At the wrong side of 55 having some video history of my life on local and international rides (no matter how embarrassing) kept for posterity is something I am very grateful for. I was privileged to loan him my bike in 2019 as a small repayment of friendship and good times riding bikes (although was disappointed that I broke my foot and his bike breaking down that caused the loan). Checkout his videos, if it doesn't make you want to ride you may be in the wrong sport. Cheers for the years Eammon!
  4. Even more so for me, he's on my bike!!
  5. I don't have one but of all people I should, years and operations later this is still useless. Big up for the force radiator guard scars though.
  6. Neerim, sorry just saw the previous reply. Keen to see where
  7. No the bike is the key Cruiser, and the dedicated places to ride them.
  8. You're right Mick was there late last year and going up is totally chopped out, we made a line to the right.
  9. Am I allowed to guess? Won't be a guess though.
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