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  1. toysrus

    Ktm Shane’s Birthday ride at Neerim 19/7

    As mentioned already weekday rides are the go! Shane did a top job as fill in lead after a late scratching, a possible charging problem and a battery swap on Shanes bike gave me a chance to listen to some banter between Zig and Zag (Bruce and Bear MX). A recurring topic for the day was Bears totally bald Chinese front tyre that he bought five years and four bikes ago for 26 dollars from torpedo seven. We are now a little clearer on why Bear keeps bagging his Kato "it's not getting the love"! It was an all KTM day apart from Big Pete on his Yamaha who swept the first half of the day. Around the same time Pete swapped with Eagle for sweep duties we went on to lead rider no 3 "Pete markII" (Big Petes plus 1) who seems to know the area quite well and took me on some tracks I've been on and some I haven't, some done in reverse that I've ridden but did not recognise and he was definitely not running at a level two pace! Even with Pete MkII running pretty quickly there was no long waits on corners and I hope everyone enjoyed the ride as much as I did. I forgot that I smashed my brake lever tip on my last ride which made riding that little bit more interesting brakes still worked but getting your foot on to the lever was not guaranteed. Thanks to all who came and the multiple leads and sweeps, a great day out in absolutely perfect conditions. PS Bassman there was cake it was spectacular! we ate it back at the car park as you were getting towed back with your radiator problem.
  2. toysrus

    Peak hour traffic

    Before the war it was 20 mph over the limit.
  3. toysrus

    Peak hour traffic

    I think you'll find it was fractured gonads.
  4. If you are waiting on a new bike and the old one is gone there "will" be a delay.
  5. toysrus

    KTM Rubbish

    Riders make the real difference, bikes a minor part of that. But for all the KTM haters, first four places at Finke and 6 of the top ten just confirms how bad they are!!
  6. All substance no style All style no substance
  7. Yes, good ride that was. For some!!
  8. toysrus

    Smokers Lounge

    No Problem Dan
  9. toysrus

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    I know some blokes who are already practicing leaving the bikes out to charge.
  10. I have to check my tubliss every time before I ride, they are well known for leaking down. If the inner was still at 100psi it is impossible to knock the bead off the rim so either a puncture in the tire or just the regular slow leak.
  11. Lightweight techy wheels with Tubliss replaced with heavy dopey Talons and ultra heavy-duty tubes. New bearings all round for the HCR.
  12. toysrus

    Smokers Lounge

    I was in Mornington twice today, yell out if you've got time for a beer when it comes time for pick up!
  13. Straight shafts are usually a precision to interference fit. A taper shaft has no such facility and as such relies on the tension from the nut or bolt to lock the two tapers together, any lubricant or agent that puts even the thinnest spacing between the two tapers is to be avoided. Always totally clean and dry usually with a wipe over with petrol to ensure this. You could put anti-seize on the key but we never did. Straight shafts on the other hand always with anti-seize as you may be the poor bastard taking it apart next time!
  14. toysrus

    Show Us Your Bike

  15. toysrus

    Show Us Your Bike

    Can do rear should go straight on front will need a new spacer set.