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  1. I don't have one but of all people I should, years and operations later this is still useless. Big up for the force radiator guard scars though.
  2. Neerim, sorry just saw the previous reply. Keen to see where
  3. No the bike is the key Cruiser, and the dedicated places to ride them.
  4. You're right Mick was there late last year and going up is totally chopped out, we made a line to the right.
  5. Am I allowed to guess? Won't be a guess though.
  6. My riding mate had the 79 250cr, couple of shots for you to remember the old bike. Practice track at Devon Meadows and two bikes at Australia day parade Frankston.
  7. Yes Vendraminis but the 1980 got the 21 front wheel only the 79 RZs got the 23 and yes Longwarry.
  8. 1980 Trevor Williams at that meet was on some tricky Kawasaki gear!
  9. Here's some Eagle will know be surprised if he wasn't at the same meet, you know where Brian. 1980 CR125 RA (twin shock) Mojo, with number 5 cos I wanted to be like Ron Dinsdale, but I was not like him!!
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