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  1. Toby, thanks for putting on the ride. The new additions by the track fairies certainly made it challenging in places given the conditions and i was thankful for the assistance provided by the others here and there after a long lay off. It amazes me how much your riding has improved and your determination to conquer Willys was a sight to behold. Thanks to everyone who came along. It made for a memorable ride especially with the special guest appearance by the koala. cheers Karlo
  2. Biggie, Sorry to hear about the extent of your injuries. Wish you a speedy recovery along with your son and his broken arm. That was one epic ride . Thanks for the invite Biggie. Thanks also to Central Vic for leading an awesome ride and to the rest of the guys for making it a great day out on the bikes
  3. Thanks Biggie for putting on yet another terrific ride . Minimal transport , great tracks and the riding in and out of the gullies was a highlight that I didnt want to come to an end. Thanks also to Daniel - you have a knack for finding so many good tracks and to Jetmani and Beeaye for being part of a memorable ride.
  4. Thanks Biggie for putting on the ride. Great tracks and just a good bunch of guys to be riding with . Pete i hope all goes well with your surgery and you make a speedy recovery Karl