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  1. Hope mine lasts longer than yours maybe try taking up or off in 2 nd might get longer
  2. No I won't forget the bad memories mate keep same user name
  3. Boy these ktms have great balance ps sorry about pic keeps loading upside down
  4. Top ride top crew had a ball when I dropped my tyre pressures thanks mate make Enfeild happen
  5. I only like it because it has blue on it
  6. That's same numbers as motorcross map
  7. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Shit if it was a jayco it would be up and priced
  8. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Do it for the 450 club
  9. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Make it the 6 day thread
  10. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Put up the photos scotty
  11. Bring it on and next time bring your 450
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