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  1. Hope mine lasts longer than yours maybe try taking up or off in 2 nd might get longer
  2. wrf12

    Tazzy's What's Made You Happy Today Thread

    No I won't forget the bad memories mate keep same user name
  3. wrf12

    Tazzy's What's Made You Happy Today Thread

    Boy these ktms have great balance ps sorry about pic keeps loading upside down
  4. wrf12

    Creswick - Got It Done

    Top ride top crew had a ball when I dropped my tyre pressures thanks mate make Enfeild happen
  5. wrf12

    The 450 Club

    I only like it because it has blue on it
  6. wrf12

    Gytr Tuner Maps

    That's same numbers as motorcross map
  7. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Shit if it was a jayco it would be up and priced
  8. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Do it for the 450 club
  9. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Make it the 6 day thread
  10. wrf12

    2 Long Weeks

    Put up the photos scotty
  11. wrf12

    Enfield, It Was Good Until ....

    Bring it on and next time bring your 450