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  1. QLD for the minute mate.
  2. [emoji444][emoji445][emoji445][emoji444] 9 days on the road ,, and I'm a Gunna Make it Home tonight [emoji445][emoji444][emoji445][emoji444]
  3. As one part of this Journey comes to an end for Many.... For some of us, it's still a few more Days travel to make it Home... Good Morning Melbourne..
  4. Clutch... Frig I Loved little Angry.
  5. Coming home on the old 350... Long time since I sat on a 4T
  6. Angry Died... I Killed It...!
  7. Another one Bites the Dust..
  8. PS.. Blown out the back of the Muffler on the 200... Spooge has now covered the rear swing arm, but the brakes are holding in for now..(I definitely don't need that oil on them).. Bikes running fine,,, just lost a lot of Top in the more open stuff. Happened late in the Day,, So let's see how "Angry" holds up this morning...
  9. Toys Out.... Broken Foot... Faultline , riding Toys 500, The Beta didn't survive., CW, close to calling it with a failing Body.. Pappa Smurf,,, (65) holding on strong after a few nasty little Offs... The usual crew, mostly running a sore bone or Butt from something,, And all the Top riders Crusing to an easy finish.... Some time Before Lunch yesterday, I did a Full Scorpion over the Bars when a little creek Jump in 4th Gear ended in a very sudden stop as the front wheel Dug into the opposite Bank.... Finishing the Day,, But the pain and stiffness in my upper thighs will make going hard
  10. Day 2 Lunch.. One Sick Bike, still in the Race.. One man out... (foot)... and a very destroyed Helmet... A few pics
  11. Words will come... But for now , it's Rum... Have a Pic
  12. Finally... The Day has arrived...
  13. Who's Keen...[emoji848]
  14. How good is this....[emoji16]