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  1. Bit of a scouting ride this one... achieved a few things, many new tracks ridden, and some link ups sorted for later.. Thanks to everyone that rode. 9 of us rode out.. Any how, a curizier ride than of late, for sure... but we still tackled some great stuff, hills, rocks, logs, you know, all the good sh1t.... And im not sure if it was "The Hoff" being a gentleman, and rushing to the cause,,, or if it was pure skill of some very new Girl Riders,,, but dam every time i looked over my shoulder, they where allocated a corner.... To be fair, I / we, stopped at a few "tricky" spots, thinking, better "man up here" and give the girls a hand.... be stuffed, they made it look easy.... (might have been scared of "The Hoff" helping again?? [emoji848][emoji848] who knows?) All ill say is,,, Top crew, Top attitudes, and if you ever read this, .. total respect, would ride with each and everyone of you again... and enjoy it. Kage, mate, sorry... i was feeling the hours, and took a few "chicken tracks", i know you would have preferred the "whole show"... but did you see my tier???.. good to catch up again mate... we should do it again soon.. Fabs.... 3 out of 5 and you finished one... thanks brother for the sweeping,, always keen, always putting in.... respect... Nasty.... we now know what rides brake you, and what rides dont.... lets get back out soon and push those limits... im sure you have done 2 or 4 of the last round, and always with a smile... Peace love and mungbeens,,, i promise to get you to average 125BPM next time. Hoff... "The Hoff"... What can i say,,,, the smile, the helper, "mr smooth" with the ladies... Some of us are single ya prick, give us a chance.. Thanks all for a great few weekends,, and a great time on the bike.. See ya when im riding with ya.. [emoji108][emoji108]
  2. Throw a bucket of water on Noodles and make him ride..
  3. Bloody carburetors.... Fuel issues saw us pull this ride up a bit short, , but Judging by the amount of fuel left in some other bikes, im either,, Not the only one with issues, or 2 of us need to stop dropping bikes so often, .. Thrown chains, and lack of fitness saw a couple more stops than desired, but all in all a good enough day out.. With a few rides in, and some fitness returning, . Will be looking forward to a 80 -100 klm day soon, Thanks fellas for coming out to play, Top crew..
  4. Tiny. HB. For today and to all the other boys i have missed in the last few months
  5. Thanks fellas, Knees about 95% today, full movement, feels good, just feels like i have finished a ride kinda thing... So pretty happy..
  6. Even i dont know what my "Usual" loop is... Glad you had fun mate...
  7. Hmm... ill put a ride on it and see how i pull up.. Cheers mate.. PS, hope you and the family are well, will have to cross paths soon....
  8. Nar,,, nothing,,, but i put it through a few paces this afternoon.. (not on the bike)... and it has improved heaps.. ill just keep "making it work",, seams to be doing the trick...
  9. Ill need to work on those "low" bits..
  10. Had a great ride the other day... Couple of small "Offs" ... nothing major.. Came back tired, but fit enough.. Any how, About 3 hours later, the knee starts locking up,,, sore as buggery, .. and can only get very slow, very sore movement.. Knee takes full weight fine, its just movement.. Kept it warm all night, but moving still hurts like. ."Funk"... Yes i wear Pods.. Question is, im thinking the only way to fix it is to strap it up and put in a couple of hours bike time to loosen it back up?? Any other easy solutions??
  11. The Boys proved to be part mountain goat today... As is standard, and basicly cause im slow, mostly technical today, few old faves, bit of new, ... 22 on the list, 14 showed up to the Game... (BUT, Respect, all the pull outs let us know)... A few early offs saw the day start quite slow, and we lost Tiny early due to pain, even though he tried to stick it out.. (just spoke to him, hes fine,,, sore and cut to bits, but doing well).. Tiny was quickly replaced by a ring in, who stuck it out for awhile doing his race prep for Wild wood... Think we started losing people not long after... and the time, a boiled bike, a tricky new section saw us calling an Early but late lunch... A few sore bodies, and afternoon deadlines ment a dash for the cars not long after, well, a dash with a few flowing trails along the way of course.. Think 9 finished? And although i had more planned, i was happy to see the cars... Riding with you guys is trully something i love... No wingers, Smiles for days, and a crew that you can trust on your tail... Sweeps, and by the looks, thats a few of you, thanks heaps... and to everyone else that, pushed, pulled, took photos and just had fun... THANKS HEAPS. See you on the Trails soon..