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  1. Hey bro. Stear clear of the te but definitely jump on the 250. You will learn heaps and they are a heap of fun to ride.
  2. Sink

    Investments Here you go fully. You we’re right. You we’re right. Why oh why didn’t I listen. Can some baby boomer please let me live in one of their rentals. We’re all doomed. Doomed i tells ya. I just have one small question, seeing you are the prophet and undeniable property/finance forecast guru. Where the f... do you think everyone is going to live in this new apocalypse? Not trying to be funny, I just want to pick out a good spot is all. Preferably with a view.
  3. Just watched Marko’s video. Awesome footage I observed Buzz having a very good go at 3rd gear hill and was just curious. How did he go leading the level 2 ride and was just wondering if anyone made it up or if they all had to have 3 or 4 goes at it? Top effort Buzz by the way, you nearly got half way up. Just awesome. Can’t wait to one day give it a crack looks epic. Those level 3 guys made it look easy ay!
  4. Sink

    Goughs - Level IV

    I’d like to thank my sponsors: @HusqvarnaAustralia @JaycoBallarat #FoxHeadAu,#Oakley,#BridgestoneMX,#AlpineStars(all the protection u need)
  5. Wow wee. Top ride, top crew, some very elite riders and unfortunately, just not enough juice to get the job done. Thanks Buzz and Gypsy501 for for taking the reigns. Was good to meet some gun riders that I learnt plenty from. You guys rock. See you all again on the next extravaganza.
  6. Gee it was a cracker of a ride. Still buzzin
  7. Sorry. Got this one to. Just before Gyps laid it over in the river. Don’t worry coggs it wasn’t in the drink for long.
  8. Wow wee. Still buzzing from yesterday, it was just super. Could have ended before it even started though. A very good on again off again friend of mine advised me to bring a back up battery just in case my current one wasn’t up to the task simply because the bike hasn’t done much work over the last 6 months. “Nah she’ll be right, hasn’t been that long”. I fired the old girl up the night before, no problems and to me it sounded fine. I’m sure it will be right. Right? No. All dressed up with a dead 450 by side, luckily my friend from across the ditch says “here u go buddy I brought a battery for you!” Thanks Gypsy, your not actually that bad a bloke. The ride itself was just sensational. Fast, flowing, no mucking about but still a hell of a lot of fun with plenty of laughs along the way and jam packed with some pretty quick boys. I’ve never done Blackwood before but it is right up there, do yourself a favour. Well done Dylan and thanks for putting in the time and effort as well as leading us around. It’s a ripper of a loop. I had a few indiscretions that i would like to clarify. The inverted super man over the log was due to a “flame out” wouldn’t have had anything to do with my amazing clutch control. The cross rutted debacle that ended up with me pretending to be a fish was due to a front tyre with only 20% grip left. Nothing at all to do with lack of balance and general riding skill. There were a couple other incidents along the way and I could go on but trust me, they were all due to mechanical failure as well. Not many pics as there just wasn’t time but if you stare at this picture and blink really fast you can imagine what it would have been like. Thanks everyone who came along, great to meet a few new people and thanks Coggs for letting Gypsy give your bike hell all day while he swept. I’ve never heard the sweep rider spend so much time on the limiter. That was so cool Gypsy when you were smoking up that rear tyre at the end of the ride. Spewing I couldn’t get my camera working.
  9. Sink


    Do you have a spare room for small family. 1 boy, 1 lady, 1 nine month old devil. Clean, can cook, no pets. Let me know ASAP ive got to get out NOW!!
  10. Sink


    @FullySick your on!!!
  11. Bang a rekluse in her mate, soften the suspension up and you will have more good times than bad. They don’t like creek beds, anything else pretty much depends on you. Everyone should at least have 1 450 in their life at some stage. Get on it
  12. Brown who? Didnt he move to Tassie to do Jenny Craig ads or something?
  13. Just call the hard rides level 4. Not 3 + Just good old fashioned level 4. 4 is a good number, use it. You might like it. It feels good. 4. Four. IV.
  14. Cmon Daz. Fire up mate. We all know your never going to part with your little zuk but it’s time. Hang it up on the wall, go out and get yourself a Beta x trainer or something with an electric leg. Join Honest Tom, Riles and Toys in the senior citizen class and keep riding. It wouldn’t be the same with out you.