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  1. They don’t call him slippery @Scottland for nothing. slimey but smart. He impressed me that day.
  2. Larry’s Place: Westside 16’ Similar sort of adventures by the looks of it mate. You have a favourite out of the two?
  3. Thankfully all those photos have been deleted mate.
  4. You’ve lost me bloke. I must be getting old.
  5. IMG_0762.MOV tried to post up a video but no good.
  6. Just a bit of tongue in cheek from my end pal. Was a solid 3+ ride as posted but due to my lack of skill and stamina it felt like Erzberg to me.
  7. Dunno. That’s just what it felt like to me. It was posted at 3+
  8. It’s been a while since I did a ride report or even went for a ride for that matter. I’m tired, emotional and at a loss with the world in general at the moment. Good news though. You don’t have to continue reading if you don’t want to! How goods that. I love to learn, it’s both a hobby and a passion of mine and what I learnt today. That if BLM then so does proper bike setup, especially if your going to ride with GypsyTpi. Fair bit of time off the bike for me over the last year as mentioned above but with the recent purchase of a new bike and some more time to get out there, it was time to throw myself back into the game. In hindsight I should have spent even just a little bit of time setting the bike up to my liking but no. Straight from the shop and straight into what I thought was going to be a nice, flowy ride. 5 punters today with the standard start to any ride. Sun was out, spirits were high and the banter was...... friendly. It become apparent quite quickly that I was going to be the shittest of the group so I quickly decided to, huhh hmmm, let the other guys have a run while I got used to the new rig..... Quick group all capable riders, sensational tracks even though very wet from the rains over night and early morning. The hills. The bloody hills. All though challenging I did get through them better than I thought yet I am giving the credit to the bike and the tyre as there was zero skill involved. The confidence grew throughout the ride as did the grip and comfort levels. There was a particular point where even though we all agreed to take it easy through an upcoming section, before long there was a full on bar to bar race to the finish line between us all. I pulled out after old mate wombat ran out and bounced off my front wheel followed by my back wheel and took this as a sign to just pull it back a touch. Some highlights: Meeting Marty and him just rag dolling his Beta 500. A 2WD Ford Focus showing a Ford Ranger the way out of somewhere neither of them should have been. Gypsy nailing some stupid hill climb like a boss. (3 attempts though) First time at the look out for myself and finally, having the experience of walking up a hill that is physically impossible to ride up. The beauty of this stinken hill though, it’s the last one just before the cars! And there’s no other way! And it’s absolute rubbish! And i couldn’t ride up it! At all! Thankfully Gypsy got it up to a point where I could stumble my way out and at that point that was more than enough for me. A challenging day for me yet a good day and was a humbling reality check for myself in particular. Work to do. Big thanks to all involved today, great crew to ride with and looking forward to the next one. Just not out at Carroll’s Lane. Or with Gypsy running a 3+.....
  9. Sink

    BenG is a hero

    Amazing mate. Superhuman effort. Well done Dare I say it? Thank goodness for tights
  10. Haha. I had forgotten about that. More luck than skill there. Was that the ride with the horse lady to?
  11. Bro. I Say this in the nicest way and I’m sure you think your front wheel was in the air but...... 😉
  12. Linkage is good bro, get on it. Can u setup a pole and ask how many people have ever smashed a linkage or caused them grief? Only people that have had one though.
  13. October 2013 - Springhill pub run Twincam sporting those lovely orange locks and when he could ride. Sabo when he couldn’t ride often and used to suck in the oxygen. Chris when he was fat and rollin the big 450. Juzzie on the pegs day, didn’t sit. Sabos wingman on the WR. Beau when he had some hair left.
  14. @mick if your leaning that way don’t discount the 250 mxers for the bush. Enduro them up of course but just a bit more punchy. Light, rev for days, stop on a dime. I’ve done a 250 & 350 sxf and also a YZ250f which is probably up there with the best bush bike I ever had. Just didn’t have the electric leg when things went bad up a hill so had to go. Oh then I found my manhood again so had to back up a few CC’s
  15. 1973 Yamaha DT3 250 - Happy 1974 Honda XL 250 - Happy 1986 XR 250 - Happy (except when it fell over and had to restart.) 2000 YZ 125 - Very very Happy 2002 CR 125 - Very Happy 2014 250 exc - Very unhappy 2018 TX 300 - Gee it went well at that Dissa Xmas ride. - Unhappy! Until I was fortunate enough to have a very generous fellow rider point me in the right direction. Happy - but didn’t find it had that bang, most likely my riding abilities though and not the bikes fault. Great post @kmatts55 be interested to see the results.
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